Here are the main questions you should be asking yourself:

1. What does your room look like?

What style are you going for? Your recliner should match the general theme of your room. The options available to you these days allow you to pick a style that will work with any decor.


2. How much are you willing to spend?

This will be a big factor in determining what material you should be looking at. Recliners can range in price greatly, and a lot of this depends on the material the recliner is made of. Bonded leather is significantly cheaper than Genuine Leather, and microfiber can be a more price-conscious choice to suede. 


3. Who is the recliner for?

If you are getting a recliner for an aging parent, you will want a significantly different style recliner than you would for a young couple in their...

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History of the Recliner

1/20/14 2:43 PM

Around 1850, the French introduced a reclining camp bed that could serve as a chair, a bed and a chaise longue. It was portable and featured padded arm rests and a steel frame. In the late 1800s, many designs were found for motion chairs that were made of wood with a padded seat and back. Designs from France and America included a document or book holder. The first reclining chair was reportedly owned by Napoleon III.

Knabush and Shoemaker, two American cousins, are credited with gaining a patent on a wooden recliner in 1928. The design was the same wooden bench recliner found in other designs. In 1930, Knabush and Shoemaker patented an upholstered model with a mechanical movement.

Daniel F. Caldemeyer is known as the father of the modern day recliner. His invention, as owner of National Fur...

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The Different Types of Recliners

1. Traditional Recliner
The traditional two position recliner is a staple in living rooms around the world. The recliner functions by reclining when a lever or button is pushed that releases the seatback into the down position and the footrest into the up position. This type of recliner is better suited for bigger rooms, as about 3 feet of space is needed behind it to allow the seatback to fully recline. 
2. Power Recliner
The power recliner is similar to the traditional recliner except that instead of a lever or a button that releases the seat back and footrest, there is a power button that eletrically reclines the chair to your desired angle. This allows the chair to be far more versitle, because the user has control over the recline.
3. Rocker Recliner

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Holiday Decorating

"Recycle old Holiday cards. A simple hole punch can instantly turn them into tree decor or attaching them to an inexpensive wreath form from a craft store can make for festive indoor decor. You can also use last years cards as gift tags the next year... simply cut out fun shapes from those designs and save them with your holiday decorations for next year"

"Light it UP! Nothing is more festive, simple to execute, or can be as money saving as just lighting a grouping of candles - you can place them on a mantle with a few large ornaments and garland make for simple Holiday decor. A grouping of pillars in a non-working fireplace instantly casts a great glow in a room. A grouping of your mismatched candlesticks and votives in the center of your Holiday table is a quick and inex...

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Holiday Cookie Party

"Every year I do a Holiday Cookie Party.  Everyone brings at least a dozen already baked cookies with recipe cards attached so everyone at the party can share recipes."

"It's a great way to throw a stress free holiday get-together since the holiday table gets filled without much effort and it's a fantastic way to break the ice with new people.  Everyone asks about each other's baked goodness and people bring their favorite family recipes that they love to share with others."

"It really brings out the Holiday baker in everyone...even people that never bake want to take part in this. Also, you don't get to leave the party without being handed a small brown paper bag in order to make the rounds for take-away cookies!"


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