Christmas Time

The Thanksgiving/ Black Friday rush is officially over; however, our shopping endeavors are just beginning. Choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your list is no easy task, fortunately, our helpful furniture experts here at Mor Furniture for Less are here to help with all of that. This week we’re outlining the perfect gift guide, we’re sure it’ll have something for everyone on your list. 

Dearest Dad

The man, the myth, the legend- dear old Dad. This is the guy on your list who probably has everything and choosing the perfect gift is far from simple. You’ve already exhausted your efforts on wallets, belts, picture frames filled with pictures of the family and grandchildren. Now what? Get Dad something he’ll really treasure, especially after a heavy holiday meal- a brand new recliner.

Living Room

Over here at Mor Furniture we’ve got plenty of options to choose from. From power recliners to a good old fashioned chair and ottoman, we’ve got something for all of the dads in your life. The Desmond living room comes with a reclining sofa and loveseat. We’ve also got the right people to help you pick it out. Like we said- we’re the experts! 

Oh Mother Where Art Thou?

Mom, our rock, guardian of the kitchen and the perfect holiday meal. Where would we be without your famous apple pie and cornbread stuffing? How do we even begin to shop for this special lady? We’ll tell you, nothing will warm a mom’s heart like a gorgeous dining room table. If there’s one thing we know about our mother hens is that they love getting all of their chicks together under one roof and around one dining table.

Panel Doors

With so many options to choose from, we’re sure we’ve got something for mom. Make this holiday season a memorable one by sharing your holiday meal around a brand new dining room set. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja… Oh Wait

They’ve been begging for a space to call their own, you know, other than the entire bedroom mom and dad have so graciously provided them with. Teenagers, what do you do with them? Luckily for you, Mor and our team of experts have a few tricks up our sleeves. Turn unused rooms, loft areas, and basements into a teenage paradise. Outfit rooms with an entertainment center and sectional to match. We’ve got tons of options to choose from, get something that’s water and stain resistant because- teens.

Entertainment & TV

Our entertainment sets have enough storage space to house all of their tech devices so, parents, you’ll be able to keep the place looking respectable. Now for the smell, you’re on your own.

Something for the Little Ones Too

We can’t forget about the little ones! Without them, the holidays just aren’t as magical. This year go for gold and gift them something they’ll really get excited about- bunk beds! Mor Furniture is the place to go for kid beds in general, let’s just say we like to keep it on the creative side. We’ve got everything from school bus beds to full on beds shaped like mini houses. It’s every child’s dream come true. If you’re hoping to stay the traditional route we can help you with that too, we’ve got great sets of kids and teen bedrooms that will grow with the kiddos. It’s a gift that will also become an investment and our helpful furniture experts can help you choose the right one.

Bed House

That’s all we’ve got folks, but we’ve covered a lot of ground here. It’s not a traditional gift in the grand scheme of gift giving but furniture is one of those purchases that give back time and time again. A new dining room set can bring feelings of love and joy as you sit down every night to share a meal, new bedroom sets remind the kids of how cool their parents are for choosing such a fun bed to sleep in at night and of course a new living room set can bring the family together every night for movies and games. While these aren’t the most traditional gifts they can be some of the most special. We hope we’ve inspired some ideas for the season. Happy gifting!