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The holidays are fast approaching, which means plenty of parties are in route. Though good music, delicious food and fun conversation are all important aspects of a successful party, the set-up of the location is equally vital.

It may seem like an unconscious effort, but the flow of the room where your party is taking place makes guests feel more comfortable. Your home needn’t be permanently set up for entertaining, but temporarily rearranging your furniture can make a space easier for hosting guests.

So if you’re planning a holiday shindig, consider these options for turning your home into the ultimate party space.

Make the entryway intentional: Your guests should feel comfortable the moment they walk in the door. You can ensure their peace of mind by purposely outlining their route to the main gathering area. Use end tables, task lighting or room dividers to create a path that leads to where the fun is happening.

Carve out a maneuvering path: Continue this outlining procedure by arranging furniture that creates easy paths for people to take. Move your couch out of the line of sight to the food, or keep guests from walking through conversation areas by blocking certain corners with tables. Make it easy for your guests to get from one side of the room to the other.

Separate foods and drinks: Placing the food and drink in the same part of the room can create a traffic jam or lead people to congregate in only one area of the house. Try putting the food in the kitchen and the drinks in the dining or living room. This will help keep people circulating throughout the house.

Create a close-knit feeing: Get people mingling by arranging chairs to face each other or by setting up free-standing cocktail tables. Your guests will find a comfortable area to settle in while keeping other guests in view, which will make it easier to ignite conversation.

Ensure enough seating, but not too much: You want your guests to be comfortable, but not so much so that they never leave their seat. Place only enough seating for half your guests so that when they get up and move around, they have a better chance of finding a new place to sit and a new person to talk to. This will keep circulation flowing and conversation starting.

Draw attention away from electronics: In this day and age, it’s easy for parties to become dull with people constantly on their phones. By creating a sense of intimacy in your home, people will feel less inclined to distract themselves with their phones. Placing chairs and tables in small groups is a great way to accomplish this closeness and get people talking, not texting.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll have created a room ready for entertaining – one that flows and allows people to enjoy themselves!

Do you have experience throwing a party at home? Share your rearrangement ideas with us in the comment section!