Traditional decorating incorporates classic, timeless furniture and the elegance of simple, non-fussy elements. Traditional styles tend to have warm color schemes and simple designs - nothing too bold, stark or cluttered. This design style feels very calm and welcoming, and creates this effect with symmetry, matching pieces, and attention to detail. The overall ambiance of traditional decor is homey, understated, and non-jarring. Traditional style bedrooms feel comfortable for any age group. It's a familiar look that you'd see in magazines, and is by far the most popular style.



Contemporary interior designs can range from sleek and cool, to bright and cheery. Contemporary styles differ from traditional in that smooth profiles take precedence over ornamentation, solid or subtly patterned fabrics are used instead of colorful prints, and accessories are kept to a minimum. Contemporary bedrooms are designed with a focus on open space and natural light, which makes them feel airy and expansive. Those who like their bedrooms to make artistic statements often lean toward a contemporary styling. Because there isn't any clutter, every piece has to count.



Eclectic styling does not mean decor is arranged at random, it refers to a very purposeful and carefully planned mixing of styles. The eclectic look brings multiple styles together in a way that still speaks to elements that will create a cohesive look. The eclectic look is grounded in traditional, but is not limited by this one style. The eclectic style uses elements of various styles while creating a cohesive look through color, texture and/or shape.