Mother Daughter

To all of our mothers- we love you, we adore you…. And we’re totally freaking out over what to get you for Mother’s Day! There’s literally a plethora of options when it comes to shopping for mom. Mor Furniture has scoured the land and we’re coming at you with a handful of great gift options for that special woman in your life. Read on and relax, we’ve got you covered.


For the Mom with a Green Thumb

Everything she touches starts to blossom right before your eyes, if this is your mom help her take her gardening skills to new heights and give her a hanging succulent wall. They not only help to fulfill her love for everything green, but the best part of a hanging garden is how it also serves as a great installation piece. If you want to make this a true mother bonding experience, show up with the materials and built it together. Every time she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of you. Kid of the year, coming in hot!



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For the Mom With a Not So Green Thumb

We have to give her credit, she tries really she does, but every great intention to have her very own garden, flower bed or herb garden has resulted in brown leaves and a big mess. It’s time to make her gardening skills foolproof! Give mom a beautiful flower arrangement that will outlive the wallpaper, literally. We’re talking about fake flowers, no not those really plastic looking things, we’re talking gorgeous arrangements. Best part, you can find them in our stores or online! Check them out here and give mom her green thumb for Mother’s Day.

Flower Pot

For the Jetsetting Mom

Typically you’ll find her pouring her heart out over Travel + Leisure, daydreaming about her next big adventure. Encourage mom to start booking her next big trip with a handmade gift that’s sure to inspire her travel itinerary. Custom luggage tags are a great way to show you care about her passion for travel and it’s a great little reminder she’s always got you to come home to! Check out Etsy for some creative and handmade options, the hardest part will be choosing which one to give her.


So it begins

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For the Bookworm of a Mom

She’s constantly got her nose in a book, a magazine or the latest e-newsletter she just signed up for. There are a couple of things you can do here, the most obvious is to give mom something to keep her books from piling up, we’re talking bookends! We have a great selection in stores and online. If you’re going for another handmade option, think about building mom her very own bookshelf and if you’re feeling really creative take a page out of artist, Oliviler Dolle’s book… you see what we did there? Check out the book branch below!


Books On Branch

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For the Mother Who Loves to Cook

For the Mother who has alway been there to feed your soul and fill your bellies give her a timeless gift that reminds her of how much you appreciated her cooking abilities. We stumbled across a really beautiful cuff covered in measuring conversions from Uncommon Goods.



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Still feeling a little lost? Head over to our Pinterest board for even more inspiration for mom, but hurry you’ve only got a few days left! When in doubt a monthly subscription box is always a great idea and a homemade breakfast will never put you in the dog house. As always, check back with Mor Furniture for all of your tips and tricks, not only for furniture and design but life hacks and gift ideas too. Happy Mother’s Day!