We know that if you had it your way, you wouldn’t be lugging your ugly sofa around from place to place. But chances are, it’s a hand-me-down that’s still in good shape and saving you money, so you might as well make the best of it, right?

Though your ugly sofa may not be pleasing to the eye, there are ways to decorate around it and enhance its looks, which may be exactly what you need to achieve the living room you’ve always wanted. Here’s what you can do to decorate your living room around a sofa you don’t love.

Choose a color scheme

If you’ve been graced with a patterned sofa, it’s best to choose one color within the pattern that you like and use it as a color scheme for the entire room. On the flip side, a neutral-colored sofa can be accented with brighter colors that draw the eye elsewhere. Have a sofa in one solid, hideous color? It’s best to decorate around it with neutral shades.

Define the fabric

Different textures can provide a distraction from your sofa’s unfortunate appearance. Shag area rugs or fringed pillows can capture attention while a variety of solid and pattered accent pillows can actually make your sofa’s design look intentional – as long as the result looks cohesive.

Change the focal point

When your sofa is an eye-sore, it can be tough to look away. Bringing in newer furniture can distract you from your sofa and blend it into the rest of the room. Try placing a contemporary coffee table in front of your sofa and a couple of floor lamps on each side. Metallic decorations can also grab and direct attention away from your couch as well as an accent chair that incorporates a different pattern than your ugly sofa.

When in doubt, block it out

If your ugly sofa still manages to show through all of your decorating trials, it might be best to hide it with different accents. Pile your sofa high with complementing pillows, and casually place throw blankets over the back and sides. When all else fails, buy a slip color that matches the color scheme you want for your living room.

How have you gone about decorating around an ugly sofa? Let us know by commenting below, and be sure to pick up the accents you need at Mor Furniture for Less!