Choosing the right

Sometimes our homes dictate where things go, how furniture will be laid out and even what get’s to pull focus. Just when you thought you got to make the decisions, here goes your home doing it for you. Mor Furniture is here to help you through these small trials and tribulations of home decorating, we’ll walk you through deciding what will pull focus and how to adjust accordingly.


The Fireplace

Oh the heart of the home, not exactly what it use to be years ago. Fireplaces are more for decoration rather than cooking and warming the home, one thing that has remained the same- the location. Always found in the main living room of a home and typically it will be the piece that attempts to take center stage in the room and pull all of the focus towards it. So what do you do with these spaces? Well, you could always mount a TV above the thing and call it a day, which is totally fine, but we’ll get to that a little later. Take the time to either install a mantel or decorate one accordingly. If your fireplace sits lower to the ground think about dressing up the hearth- the flooring around the fireplace. This is your opportunity to bring in some of the natural elements already in your home, if you have wood flooring think about adding a stone hearth to stick with a more natural look, we found a great DIY option here.



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Sometimes homes come with built-in focal points, this can be both good and bad depending on the owner. It alleviates any decision making but also limits some of your creative freedom. Typically we’ll see things like shelving flanked around a fireplace or bookcase-esk built-in along a primary wall. When you’re working with spaces like this, if you want it to blend in and pull the focus elsewhere try painting the unit the same color as the rest of your walls. Doing so will help them to blend into the background. Now, if you want it to act as the star of the room think about adding wallpaper to the back of the shelving or painting the trim a bold complementary color so it pops against the rest of the room.


Windows Galore

A window can definitely act as a focal point in a room, especially large floor to ceiling windows or even a beautiful bay window. If you’re looking to pull the focus towards the window the trick will be in the arrangement of your furniture. There are a few ways to do this, first you can create a seating arrangement that opens up towards the window of your choosing or let your sofa rest against the window and bring the attention inward. We suggest making a U shape with your sofa rounding out the bottom of the U and two chairs or loveseats facing each other, one on each side of the U. Ground everything with an area rug and a lovely coffee table in the center, guests will still be able to enjoy each other as well as that beautiful view.



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The Television

We would never say no to excluding the TV as a focal point, but if you’re looking to dress the space up a bit we recommend mounting it to a wall and installing a thin border around the TV for a more custom look. It draws attention to the entire area and makes the TV more than just a source for entertainment. There’s also the option of making the entire area a gallery wall of sorts with your television as the main focal point. We love how our friends over at Remodelaholic painted the wall a deep blue first, makes the entire look more dramatic!


Art wall

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Focal points can be hard to accommodate, especially when they come with your home. Hopefully, we’ve addressed all of your design woes, but if not leave us a question in the comments. We’d love to be of help. Now it’s up to you, what will your focal point be? As always check back with Mor Furniture for all of your house and home inspiration needs. Happy decorating!