Labor Day weekend is all about you – a celebration of the work you’ve accomplished throughout the year. To repay you for your efforts, Labor Day gives you the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy an extended weekend on your favorite piece of furniture.

We all have it – that chair or cushion that eliminates the stresses of the day as we sit – but why is it that we favor certain seats in our home, and which ones do it best?

Chances are we’re drawn to the seats or seating positions that take pressure off of our neck and back, as these are the areas typically strained in various work environments. Although the most ergonomically sound position comes when we sit up straight, extending our bodies after a hard day’s work can help us find bliss.

Recliners offer the best of both worlds when considering an ideal seating position. According to The New York Times article “The Ergonomic Sofa,” a recliner can hold you upright and align your ears over your shoulders and hips – the healthiest position for sitting. And when you want to lounge, you can lean back and prop your legs for additional support.

Chaise lounges provide support as well, though not to the same extent as a recliner – you’ll need to make sure you give your body a break by standing up and moving around the room. But with an upright seating-back and an extended cushion, you can sit in a position ideal for those who love to relax and read. You may even find chaises with a curved base that raise your knees slightly as you sit, increasing blood flow through your lower-body.

Those who enjoy a routine massage, but don’t have the time to stop by a parlor may benefit from a massage chair whose components are designed to imitate that of a Shiatsu or Swedish massage. Of course nothing can compare to the feeling of professionally-trained hands, but if you’re looking for immediate pressure-point relief, a massage chair is a great investment.

Don’t forget about your mattress either! Thanks to modern technology, not only can you lie on mattresses that contour to your body’s specific shape, you can also purchase adjustable foundations that promote rejuvenation and improve circulation – some even have massage features!

Your home office furniture is another way to find comfort with desks and chairs that are designed to keep you from slouching. Find a desk chair that supports your spinal curves and adjust the seating height so your feet rest flat on the floor. Likewise, choose a desk where your thighs and knees have plenty of clearance and place your computer monitor (if you have one) at eye level and within arm’s reach.

So where will you lounge this Labor Day weekend? Let us know by commenting below! No matter which seat you choose, our hope is that you find a space that keeps you comfortable, relaxed and healthy! Happy Labor Day!