For generations, the dining room has been the place where families can come together to share their life’s experiences over a meal, thus strengthening their family bond. In fact, many families have been known to pass down their dining room furniture from one generation to the next, keeping their family traditions alive. So whether you’re adding to an existing family heirloom, or starting your own traditions with your new family, there are a few important items to consider before setting the table.

There are so many things to consider when it comes time to designing a Dining Room space, so take your time and think it through. This short series on Setting the Table with a New Dining Room will give you some things to think about, including size, shape, style, finish and time frame. Are you hosting a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for the entire family or is this new breakfast nook that will be used every day? Do you need the table to expand with the occasion or stay the same day-to-day? Do you need a place to store formal dinnerware or serve multiple courses from or do you need a pub-height table for a casual adult experience?

At Mor Furniture for Less, we are the furniture experts, with hundreds of rooms in all shapes and styles for you to choose from. We hope that this series will help you to decide what kind of dining room fits your home so that we can help you find the perfect dining room to fit your dream. For more ideas and to browse many of the dining rooms available at your local Mor Furniture for Less showroom, visit us in person or online.