Different Tables

You may think that when deciding to buy a table, the most important factors to consider are the color, the finish, and the way it fits into your dining room aesthetic...right? While these are all equally essential, there is something you may have been overlooking: the height of your table. The height of the table can be an important determinant in making your decision, as it brings to light the functionality of the table. Although this is a subtle characteristic, it is also one that can influence the overall image your table will give off. 

There are three major types of table heights to consider:

Standard Height Tables

This is the most common type of table available and ranges between being 28”-30” tall. Standard height tables are often considered to be the most comfortable and most traditional, and can help give your dining room a formal yet simultaneously homely feel. Welcome and impress your family and guests with our sleek and versatile Edgewood Dining Table, which offers a dark wood finish to tie your room together for a more minimalistic look. Throw in your favorite table settings and centerpieces, and you can give your dining room an easygoing and earthy environment--fit for everything from relaxed family dinners to posh dinner parties.


brown table


Counter Height Tables

If you are looking to upgrade your dining area into something more modern, you should consider looking into purchasing a counter height table. These tables usually range between 34”-36” and are perfect for creating a casual and conversational environment for guests. Their height is conducive to guests crowding around the table and chatting for a more light and contemporary feel. These tables are several inches taller than standard height and can also offer easier opportunities for kitchen prep. Our Foxborough Counter-Height Table, accented with beveled glass and a glossy dark wood finish, is perfect for a home looking to add more urban elements.  


Glass Table Top


Bar Height Tables

To create an even more casual and relaxed environment, bar height tables are great for giving your room a fresh and laidback feel. They have the most height, standing between 40”-42”, and also offer the most contemporary impression of the different table heights. These tables are usually smaller and less in size than the others. They are perfect for houses with small dining rooms that need furniture to effectively fill the room. Our Napa Pub Table is simple, elegant, and a great staple to give your dining room a more modern feel.  

Counter Table


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