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Mor Furniture for Less has the best mattresses for sale, backed by our SleepMor experts. We're here to help you decide which size mattress is right for your space, provide information on the dimensions of each standard size, and more. We'll help you learn when it's time to buy a new mattress and how to keep your bed clean and in good shape so you get the most years out of it (saving money in the long run).

With our unbeatable pricing guarantee, know that your mattress sale gets you the most bang for your buck. In fact, we're so sure that the Mor Furniture for Less mattress store will refund you the difference times two* if you find a better deal at another local retailer.

Mor Furniture for Less: A Premier Mattress Store

If sleep is paramount to your well-being, it's important to invest in the right mattress. We understand that no one sleeper is alike, and at Mor Furniture for Less, we offer a variety of quality mattresses to suit your sleep style. Whether you're a side, stomach, or back sleeper, we carry a selection of top brands guaranteed for a restful night's sleep. Our bestsellers include Tempur-Pedic and Serta memory foam mattresses, as well as other name-brand pillow-top and foam mattresses like Sherwood Bedding.

With our selection, you can expect everyday low prices, affordable express delivery, free removal of your old mattress, and of course ample amounts of comfort. We hope that you will take the time to browse and find the mattress of your dreams.

At Mor Furniture for Less, our friendly design associates are always here to help you should you have any questions. Whether you know precisely what type of mattress you are looking for, or want to browse the entire selection to see what best suits your needs, we're here for you each step of the way. Our sleep experts can help guide you on the best material, level of firmness, size, and style of mattress to purchase based on your unique sleep habits and bedroom furniture. Of course, if you are looking to design an entire bedroom we can also help you find the perfect matching bedroom set to go with the purchase of your new mattress.

Tips for Mattress Shopping

We know that buying a new mattress is a big decision. After all, you use your bed every single night and your quality of sleep directly impacts how you function in everyday life. You need to ensure that when you take a new purchase home from a mattress store that you are getting a bed that enables you to sleep restfully through the night, with as little tossing and turning as possible. You want to wake up energized each morning, free of aches and body pain. Your mattress plays a crucial role in this routine.

When shopping for a new mattress there are several things to consider. First, note any areas on your body that experience pain upon waking. This will help determine which areas need more support. Next, think about the position you sleep in most often–is it on your back, your side, or your stomach? Also, think about other elements that impact your sleep–do you frequently wake up feeling very warm, for example. These factors will help our sleep experts know what direction to point you in.

There are several different types of mattresses, and each material has its own list of benefits. Memory foam, innerspring, and adjustable air mattresses are a few. Come into the Mor Furniture for Less mattress store today to browse our selection and speak with a sleep expert to find the one that's right for you.

Tips on What Size Mattress to Buy

With so many mattresses for sale, you may be wondering which size is the best option for your sleeping space. If you're in a compact apartment, you may only have room for a twin or a twin XL. Or, if your room is spacious a California king may do. Additionally, whether you're sleeping alone or with a partner makes a difference, too.

Youth mattresses are a great smaller option when sleeping multiple kiddos in a room or using bunk beds. It's important to consider the rest of the furniture in your bedroom to make sure you can walk freely without bumping into things and open all drawers without clunking furniture or making the room look too crowded. Taking measurements beforehand is always a great idea.

Standard mattress sizes are as follows:

  • Twin: 38" W x 75" L
  • Twin XL: 38" W x 80" L
  • Full: 54" W x 74" L
  • Queen: 60” W x 80” L
  • King: 76” W x 80” L
  • California King: 72” W x 84” L

When Is It Time to Buy a New Mattress?

Mattresses don't last forever, but you can usually get seven to ten years out of one when you care for it properly. Keeping it clean, in areas without high humidity, and placing it on a well-supported bed foundation or base are the best ways to get the most wear out of your purchase.

However, a time will come when you need a mattress replacement. It may be before that seven to ten-year mark.

Signs you may need a new mattress include:

  • Sagging, or permanent "indents" in the bed where you lay, or in the middle.
  • New aches and pains upon rising.
  • Sudden restless nights with tossing and turning without other explanation.
  • Pain points in the mattress, like springs poking through.
  • Mattresses that have odors you can't get rid of.
  • Mattresses with excessive dust mites and allergens that lead to coughing, sneezing, or aggravate conditions like asthma.

Visit Mor Furniture for Less mattress store, and we'll help you find a new mattress so you can get back to dreaming peacefully.

Tips for Keeping Your Mattress Clean

Since some of the most frequent reasons for mattress replacement include odor, allergens, or spills and stains, it's important to know how to keep your mattress clean. This improves its longevity so you won't have to worry about frequent replacements.

Tips for keeping your mattress clean include:

  • Purchase a waterproof mattress protector–not only does this help prevent damage from spills, but many minimize the amount of dust mites that get inside as well.
  • Vacuum your mattress regularly, especially if any crumbs get in the bed.
  • Wash your bedding frequently.
  • Use baking soda as a natural deodorizer.
  • Perform a routine cleaning twice a year, complete with spot-cleaning, vacuuming, and the baking soda application.

Why Buy Mattresses from Mor Furniture for Less

Our furniture and mattress store guarantees you get the very best in all things sleep. Our special SleepMor experts will guide you through finding the proper-sized mattress, the right level of firmness for your needs, and advise you on any extras you may want to purchase (like supportive pillows, comforters, box springs, and mattress protectors).

When you shop with us, you get our double-the-difference guarantee* on pricing, the option to purchase SafeGuard Mor protection plan coverage warranty, flexible financing for those who qualify, and white-glove delivery service at real-people pricing.

Visit our showroom today to browse all mattresses for sale.