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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/2021 Mattress Buying Guide

2021 Mattress Buying Guide

Because there’s no more important piece of furniture than your bed – the place you’ll spend a third of your life – Mor Furniture for Less brings you our 2021 Mattress Buying Guide. We’ve moved well beyond the Goldilocks “too hard”-“too soft” mattress assessment to offer the widest range of sizes and styles and the latest good-sleep technology. Our bestsellers include Tempur-Pedic and Serta memory foam mattresses, as well as other name-brand pillow-top and foam mattresses like Sherwood Bedding.

A great place to begin your quest for a more comfortable mattress is by taking the quick sleep quiz on our website. Knowing a bit about who you share a bed with, your favorite sleeping position and your preference for soft or firm support will help us match you with the mattress that is “ju-u-ust right”.

Mattress Size Guide

Do you and your partner like to read or work in bed? Are you snuggling up with a dog (or two?). Do your kids like to pile into your bed on weekend mornings? Are tired of your feet hanging over the end of the bed? You might want to go bigger – or longer.

In a Split King mattress (side-by-side twin XL mattresses), one partner can sit up and read after the other has turned in. A California King is slightly longer than a standard king mattress (also known as an “Eastern King”), but four inches narrower. If you’re moving out on your own, you’re probably overdue for an upgrade to a full or queen-sized bed. But, if it’s just the two of you, you may even think about downsizing from a King to a Queen-size bed to gain space for a bedroom makeover.

mattress sizes

What’s Your Type?

Soft, firm? It might surprise you to know that the mattress industry doesn’t have a standardized measurement for mattress firmness. Some manufacturers simply go by the Goldilocks model: soft, medium and firm. Others have created their own system for rating soft, medium and firm with incremental steps such as Medium Firm. But often that doesn’t transfer to other manufacturers. These descriptions are guidelines at best. So check measurements and try out a mattress before you buy, either in the store or during a trial period.

Your individual sleep style will determine the type of mattress that suits you best The most common mattress types are the traditional innerspring, memory foam and hybrid.

  • Innerspring: The de facto option for most of modern mattress history, this steel coil system cushioned by a foam topper provides good support and a little bounce, which works well for anyone who likes to sleep on their stomach or change sleep positions during the night. High-quality steel coils are durable and you can add a pillow top for additional comfort. Our Sealy Elm Avenue Plush Pillow Top Queen Mattress also offers zoned support and cool gel foam for more comfortable sleeping.
  • Memory Foam: Developed by NASA in the 1970s for long space flights, memory foam absorbs pressure and contours to your body. Essentially you sink into the mattress, making it an excellent for cushion your shoulders and hips if you’re a side sleeper. It also eases pressure on sore joints and muscles. Because memory foam mattresses don’t have ventilation that innerspring mattresses do, they have a reputation for being a tad toasty. So technology stepped in to fix that. Our Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Medium California King has the next generation SmartClimate Dual Cover System, a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer and super-stretch inner layer.
  • Hybrid: It was only matter of time before a hybrid combining the best of both emerged. Not surprisingly, the majority of mattresses Mor Furniture for Less stocks are hybrid models. The pocket-coil innerspring core of these mattresses provides structural support that encourages proper sleep posture and spinal alignment and allows for more bounce than memory foam. Layers of foam conform to the curves of your body. Working in tandem they produce a sublime feeling of weightlessness, like floating in a cloud. Easy to see why they’re so popular! Mor Furniture for Less carries some of the most innovative technology in hybrid mattresses such as the Bedgear M3 Mattress with a cooling Ver-Tex® cover, layer of foam that conforms to your body shape and independent suspension so you can personalize your side of the bed to four different firmness options.

Affordable Pricing and Delivery and Free Mattress Removal

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 2021 mattress buying guide. Good sleep is essential to your health and wellness, so make 2021 the year you invest in the bed of (literally) your dreams. Take advantage of our affordable express delivery and we’ll remove your old mattress for free.



Featured image: SleepMor Assist Mattress in a Box