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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/4 Best Bookcases of 2022

4 Best Bookcases of 2022

The best bookcases of 2022 feature function, style, and trend. Not only do they meet the need for storage and organization, but a great bookcase can show off your unique style and serve as a decorative focal point in your space. Whether you're looking to add a new bookcase to your work-from-home office, library, den, or living room, it's essential to determine your needs and find a piece that suits your personal taste.

There are several essential elements to consider when finding the best bookcase for your room. From finding the right construction material to determining the correct size and dimensions to fit your space appropriately, we're here to help you through each step of the process. Our friendly design experts can provide insight on which style will best match your existing furniture and suggest pieces with additional features that can make a huge difference.

Our friendly and knowledgeable associates are here to share their best tips and tricks for finding the best bookcase and highlight their favorite pieces from the Mor Furniture for Less collections. One thing is for sure; you'll find a bookcase you love at a price you can't beat right here at Mor Furniture.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bookcase

Before purchasing a piece of furniture for your home, there are several essential things to consider. Knowing more about what you're looking for before you even start browsing potential pieces can help make the purchasing process quicker and easier. Follow the guidelines below to help decide when buying the best bookcase for your home.

Construction Material

Bookcases of the past traditionally featured grand wood construction. However, these days, there are countless options on the market. While you can still find the classic wooden pieces you love, your space may call for something different.

Now, you can shop collections that include industrial-style mixed mediums, such as sleek, modern metal frames. Or, choose from minimalist bookcases with beautiful glass shelves.

The key to selecting the best bookcase construction material for the new addition to your home is to evaluate the existing furniture in the space. Finding materials that match the rest of the room creates a cohesive appearance, giving off the vibe it's simply meant to be.

Type of Bookcase

There are plenty of choices at Mor Furniture for Less, from complete media consoles to library walls and traditional standalone bookcases. Determining the type of bookcase you need will depend on several factors. These factors include how large a space you're looking to fill, how much storage you need, and whether you're looking for a vertical or horizontal arrangement.

Some bookcases allow room to hang a television, while others only provide functional and straightforward shelving. Library walls feature an "L-shape" design to provide storage and decor along two walls, while others serve more compact spaces. Knowing which type of bookcase you're looking for can help narrow down your options, making the shopping process more straightforward.

Bookcase Capacity and Features

The best bookcases are no longer simply bookcases. Now, many come loaded with extra features that complete modern homes. For example, choose a piece with 3-way touch, adjustable angle dimmable LED lights to spotlight your favorite items.

Other key features include ladders to reach even the highest shelves and cabinets to keep clutter and extra items out of sight while remaining close at hand. An entire library wall includes endless storage options to include your complete book collection, favorite mementos, photos, awards and diplomas, house plants, and more. Meanwhile, a smaller shelving unit allows you to store precisely the items you need without taking up unnecessary floor space.

It's a good idea to take an inventory of the items you're looking to keep on or in the bookcase to determine the appropriate capacity and features you'll need to look for while shopping. Additionally, complete measurements before looking at potential pieces to ensure a proper fit. While you don't want your home office or library to appear too crowded, you don't want your bookcase to look like it's floating on an island of its own, either.

Bookcase Style

Another important point to consider is the overall design style of the room in which you plan to place the bookcase. Is your style more formal and traditional, with intricate and ornate wood carvings? Or do you have an industrial-style space with bold metal hardware and natural wood grains?

You'll want your new bookcase to stick with the style of the room, including the color palette, texture, and materials. At Mor Furniture for Less, you'll find a style for every taste. From traditional to transitional and modern to contemporary, we have it all.

The 4 Best Bookcases at Mor Furniture for Less

While this is not a comprehensive list of our offerings, we're here to share a few of our favorite bookcases to spark your imagination. We have the best bookcases for everyone with many different styles, finishes, and features.

The Frankwell Tall Bookcase in Brown

If you're not looking to break the bank but still want to make a statement, this bookcase is for you. It features five fixed shelves and a super modern geometric set-up. This bookcase checks all the boxes and more for all those eclectic, contemporary art lovers out there. It's one of our favorite tall bookcases in terms of both style and function. The Frankwell Tall Bookcase can serve as a decor item all on its own.

The Pure Modern Library Open Wall Bookcase in Moonstone

Complete with two bottom storage drawers and four open shelves, this is one of the best bookcases for modern spaces with multiple needs. Arrange books, family photos, and the items you use daily on top while storing files, folders, and electronic cords safely away. The gray finish is contemporary and on-trend while remaining neutral enough to match countless color schemes. At just 36-inches wide, it's the ideal piece for smaller spaces or areas limited on floor space.

The Provence 11-Piece Library Wall in Vintage Alabaster

Are you looking to make a grand statement in a large space with many different storage needs? You can do just that when you incorporate this caddy-corner bookcase that includes a dedicated workspace. The Provence Library Wall completes complete with dimmable, adjustable LED lighting, detailed wooden scrollwork, more than twenty shelves, bottom row cabinets, a TV display area, and more. A ladder is included to reach the upper shelving, so there's no more straining and stretching to get the items you need.

Included in this 11-piece set is: One Library Wall Desk, Two Library Wall Hutches, One Library Wall Bookcase, One Library File Cabinet, One Library Wall Bookcase, One Library Wall Corner, Two Library Wall Bookcases, One Full Media Console, One Additional Media Hutch, and Two Library Wall Light Kits.

The Huntington Library Wall Bookcase

Are you a fan of the classics, with a room decorated with high-quality wood furniture? Look no further than the Huntington Library Wall Bookcase. Perfect for keeping valuable antiques, heirlooms, and your favorite books in an organized and beautiful fashion, the bookcase spans 32-inches.

While it retains a traditional feel, this bookcase includes modern features such as touch dimmer button lighting. Additionally, store items on one large open shelf or the three internal shelves behind beautiful glass doors. The bottom level features wooden cabinet space to stow away things you don't use regularly.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

To find the best bookcases at the most affordable pricing, shop Mor Furniture for Less today. Our Double the Difference Guarantee ensures that you won't find a better price in town, and if you do, we'll refund you the difference in cost times two. That's a deal you can't deny.

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