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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/3 Step Bedroom Design Guide

3-Step Bedroom Design Guide

Decorating your own bedroom can seem like a daunting task and often it's a project that gets delayed for a while or even indefinitely. Let’s end putting it off and let us help you with this easy 3-step guide towards bedroom design-planning.

Here’s a simple yet sure-fire list on coming up with ideas and kicking off your design bedroom plans:

1. It helps to make a list of items that will greatly impact and change your bedroom living area. Consider the following:
  • Furniture – bed, nightstand, chest, dresser/mirror, media table & chair
  • Bedding and other linen items
  • Rug or carpeting
  • Color and Wall finishes
  • Curtains
  • Interior plant
  • Light fixtures
  • Picture frames or Wall art
  • Storage and Hangers for organization
  • Accessories
2. Measure your space and incorporate the dimensions of the room in your design approach. Envision your space and decide how you want this bedroom to serve you. This is going to be a place of rest, safety, and inspiration. Jot down your ideas, themes, and possible changes you believe will make a huge impact on your room’s style.

3. Once you have completed a rough draft of the changes you would like to see, get more inspiration by looking at other people’s room designs online. There are plenty of resources online for exceptional design ideas which you can use to modify or alter your plan according to your personal needs. There are plenty of interior design magazines and home-focused websites available to get visual ideas from such as Better Homes & Garden, HGTV, or better yet just search "Bedroom Ideas" or "Bedroom Designs" and you will find a variety of different sites to assist you with your plans for dramatically changing your bedroom look and overall feel of the space.