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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Bringing Nature Indoors: Decorating with Plants for a Green Home

Bringing Nature Indoors: Decorating with Plants For a Green Home

Decorating with plants is a wonderful way to enhance any room in your home–and it's easier than you may think. You can bring your space to life from the kitchen or dining room, bedrooms to bathrooms, and every area in between. You'll step inside and feel a fresh breath of air, almost literally, when you find yourself surrounded by the pure appearance of greenery. Turn your home into a peaceful refuge that looks like a beloved sanctuary with a delightful assortment of decorative plants.

One of the best things about decorating your home with plants is that you don't have to be a gardening buff to achieve the look you're going for. You don't have to keep track of watering schedules, which plants require sun, trimming, and dying leaves that litter the floor. Instead, using faux greenery accents with the proper placement achieves the same feel while lessening stress and maintenance.

Benefits of Using Greenery Accents Inside

Bringing a sense of nature indoors provides more than a decorative element to your space. There are psychological elements that make the process even more worthwhile. Experts say that surrounding yourself with greenery can significantly reduce stress and cortisol levels. It provides a sense of natural comfort and causes some people to feel a deeper connection to the nature that exists outside.

Studies show that people who regularly expose themselves to plants and greenery generally report a better sense of well-being than those who don't. It can help lower levels of depression and anxiety and even aid energy levels, and improve your ability to concentrate.

You may notice a more incredible spark of creativity when surrounded by your inside plants and experience an energy boost. Some studies suggest that these effects can occur within just 20 minutes of spending time around greenery.

To finish it off, houseplants look amazing. They bring a light, happy feel to rooms that may otherwise seem stiff and overly formal. Whether you bring in small accents like tabletop plant decor or choose to go bigger and add standing floor plants, you can't lose.

Here's how to achieve this desired sense of tranquility in your home by decorating with plants. Check out these eight tips below.

1) Focus on Lighting in the Room

Is there a room in your home that doesn't get a lot of light or appears stiff and dull? Adding touches of faux greenery here and there can completely change the mood. Or, perhaps, you have an open, bright, and airy space. If this is the case, house plants are a natural touch that augments the happy, light feel.

Remember that with faux greenery, the amount of natural sunlight an area gets isn't an issue. The plants you choose will remain looking fresh and lively at all times. If you're in a room that doesn't have a lot of sun, choose plants with a lighter color to offset the darkness.

Check out this Glory Orchid, featuring silk flower petals, a clear glass vase, and light green accents. It will stand out in a low-light space and be the perfect accent.

Or, if you want to decorate with plants in a bright room, you can bring in darker tones for a pleasant contrast that retains that natural feel. The Tree Topiary Preserved Boxwood plant is a great option here. The greenery is a little darker, and the wooden base looks effortless.

2) Decorate in Odd Numbers

Coming straight from style experts, an important tip is to add greenery to spaces in odd-number arrangements (such as an arrangement of three plants versus four). Having even numbered arrangements can give off a too-planned-out look instead of the effortless style you're going for. It can make the accents look too symmetrical, formal, and rigid.

Try adding a set of two Country Ferns along with one differing faux plant, like the Blush Orchid, for a look that matches and maintains a theme that you can arrange in a visually appealing way.

3) Use Different Plant Heights

Just as adding an even number of plants can give off a stark, tight look, having greenery where every item is the same height doesn't always look good. It may draw the eye to the top of each piece, limiting your scope of view instead of adding beautiful touches that attractively catch the eye.

This matching set of Oval Domes in Preserved Boxwood creates a seamless and cohesive look without appearing too matchy-matchy. They're a great way to create an arrangement with another unique piece, such as this Celia Magnolia Plant.

4) Use Different Leaf Shapes and Spans

This is another way to decorate with plants in a stunning fashion that adds a bit of pop to the room. Some plants have a standing, spreading arrangement, like a Evarado Aloe Planter. Others, like the Alverio Succulent plant, have a more short and stout appearance.

Using plants with different leaf shapes and heights is another way to avoid making an area appear too stark.

5) Add Pops of Color

Decorating with plants doesn't have to mean that you can only use the color green. It's an excellent opportunity to bring some color into your space. If you already have a "pop" color in the area as part of your color palette, use faux houseplants to complement that scheme.

If your color theme is more white and beige all over, this is your chance to get bright, bright, bright. Bring in floral arrangements that feature vibrant yellows, hot pinks, royal purples, and more. You can tie it all together with a clear vase and some faux white baby's breath for a look that's well put together.

Some people prefer lighter touches when decorating with plants, which also works. You can choose pastels like blush, baby blue, and sage greens.

The Valdive Orchid is a prime example of lighter colors that hold onto that outside element.

6) Don't Be Afraid of Vines and Hanging Plants

Sometimes, a sprawling vine of leaves works perfectly as an accent when carefully placed. Many people choose this type of faux greenery over mantels, on the sides of bookcases and entertainment consoles, or over hutches in the dining room. This look is a little bolder and requires close attention to its arrangement to ensure it doesn't obscure the view of other key items in the room or look overwhelming, but it's entirely possible to hand once you find just the right spot.

7) Use Decorative Vases

Some houseplants come with their own vases, but that doesn't mean you have to keep them there. Others come as arrangements with no vases at all. You can level up your greenery with fun choices and vase colors. This is also a great way to design a look that complements your space in terms of color, pattern, and material.

The awesome thing here is that your options are virtually endless. If you love that weathered and distressed look but are still looking for something elegant, try a set of Meghan Ceramic Vases. They feature a super funky and unique pattern that appears distressed but adds a sophisticated touch to the glowing tan body.

If farmhouse decor is your thing, this Moorestone Small Vase will fit right in, with the deep gray color that perfectly contrasts a room with distressed white furniture and natural wood. The stone composition sticks with the rustic look of your room, while the greenery will add a nice pop.

8) Use Other Natural Accents to Accentuate the Greenery

Since you're already bringing nature inside, here's your chance to use additional home accents to complement your greenery. Decor items composed of natural wood, stone, and more are perfect for adding to your arrangements or placement throughout the room.

Teak Leaf Bowl, for example, has a light wooden tone and serves as a fantastic catch-all dish. It can also stand alone as part of your decor design.

Another way to complement your greenery is by adding a Payson Clock as a wall hanging. Again, the real wood and galvanized metal finish give an outdoor feel inside the home. See how it sits well with light greenery effortlessly.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

At Mor Furniture for Less, we're known for our wide selection of high-quality furniture at amazing prices. However, we bring you so much more than that. Complete the look of an entire room, complete with decor, right here. With home accents like faux greenery, colorful and eclectic vases, and so much more, we help make decorating with plants fun and easy.

Browse our selection online today or visit your local showroom to see your favorite pieces in person. We're happy to provide guidance and help you find products you love that will brighten your home, lift your spirits, and add the ultimate style to any room you're decorating.