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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Kids/Bunk Bed Ideas and Inspiration

Bunk Bed Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for a way to free up more floor space in your kids’ bedrooms, so they’ll want to spend more time playing and studying there, we offer a simple solution - bunk beds - and the ideas and inspiration sure to make them a hit.

What kid wouldn’t be excited to use a slide to get out of bed in the morning, play in a tent or clubhouse and easily pull out a trundle bed for sleepovers with friends? Mor Furniture for Less offers a variety of sturdy loft and bunk beds for kids over the age of four, some with stairs instead of ladders, shelves, ample drawer space and built-in desks. It’s no longer just a bedroom, it’s an adventure!

Types of Loft and Bunk Beds

  • Twin-over-twin bunk bed

Two 38-inch by 75-inch mattresses stacked one above the other is perfect for twins or siblings who are close in age. Our popular Helena Bunk Bed has a built-in ladder and comes in a range of colors. But contemporary bunk beds – and their cousins, loft beds – offer more flexibility, storage and fun than twin-over-twin.

  • Twin-over-full bunk beds

You can also opt for a twin bed over a full-size (53 inches by 75 inches) bed for kids with more of an age gap. Check out our Hayden Bunk Bed, which includes a trundle for extra storage.

  • Full-over-full bunk beds

As your kids get older, they may outgrow their twin beds. Giving them extra room from the get-go means you won’t have to shop for new bedroom furniture in a few years.

  • Futon bunk beds

In the space under a twin bunk bed, you can create a seating area with a Western-style futon couch that folds out to a bed for guests.

  • L-shaped bunk beds

Placing the lower twin bed at right angles to the upper twin creates a small alcove for a desk, bookshelf or storage space.

  • Loft beds

If you don’t need two beds, loft setups carve out extra space by placing a desk, seating or play area beneath a twin bunk bed. Our solid pine Young Pioneer student loft is like a room within a room, with a stylish desk tucked into a semi-private nook below the sleeping area. Open shelves are the perfect place to park backpacks, books, toys and mementoes and five deep drawers may eliminate the need for a separate dresser. This frees up space for a couple of bean bag chairs for socializing with friends or a table for working on science projects.

How to Shop for a Loft or Bunk Bed

Measure. Measure the length and width of the room as well as the ceiling height. There should be a minimum of 30 inches between the two levels of a bunk bed and 33 inches between the mattress of the top bunk and the ceiling – more if your child is tall. Be sure to factor in the thickness of the mattresses – typically between 7.5 inches to 12 inches. Also account for ladders, slides, and space to open a trundle or a futon.

Get your kids involved. Scroll through photos of bunk bed ideas on Pinterest for inspiration and have them create a wish list for the ideal bedroom. For younger kids, that may include a slide from the top bunk to the floor or space to pitch a tent. Older kids may be more interested in a place to hang out with friends. Teenagers are likely to want an integrated desk while younger children might be happier with a separate play table. How much storage do they need? Would they prefer a staircase instead of a ladder to reach the top bunk? (The steps of some loft staircases double as drawers.)

Insist on solid construction. All of the loft and bunk beds we stock at Mor Furniture for Less are made of solid wood such as pine. Wood is sturdier than metal, holds up better to wear and tear and can easily be painted to match your décor.

Make safety a priority. From ladders to guardrails, you can rest assure that our loft and bunk beds meet or exceed the children's furniture standards developed by ASTM International, one of the world's largest international standards developing organizations.

We hope you’ve found inspiration in these bunk beds ideas.

Let the fun begin!



Featured Image: Hayden Bunk Bed in Gray, Twin/Full