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Decorating & Design

Decorating with Black Leather Furniture

Black leather furniture can fit within many different home-decor styles. These styles can range from sleek and modern to retro. Achievement of a look merely requires the right combination of elements to work with the black leather furniture. These might include other furniture pieces, accessories, materials and colors.

Spruce Up Your Entryway

The entryway to a home is the equivalent of a first impression, but it’s typically neglected and left for last when it comes to decorating. However, when we eventually get around to doing something with the space we’re all tapped out of ideas. This is where we come in, we’re helping you spruce up your entryway with several, fun and fresh ideas. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, right?

How to Better Utilize Space in Your Dining Room

Use a server for holding extra plates and bowls of food while you are eating instead of crowding the table. This allows guests convenient access to seconds, without the annoyance of passing hot plates over each other or playing Tetris with your dishes.

Making the Most Out of Your Kid's Old Bedroom

Mor Furniture has come up with a few clever ideas to get you from moody teenage sanctuary to blissful rooms of opportunity.

Working With Color

Let’s face it adding color to our homes can be a challenge. First where do you start? What color do you want to go with? Do you only choose just one? How do you make sure you’re not going to regret this a month from now?

Measure, Measure, Measure!

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying new furniture is not preparing before heading down to the furniture store by measuring the space the new furniture will go into. Taking just a few minutes with a tape measure in your home can save you from hassle and headache during delivery and possibly from years of living with the wrong proportions in your room.

How to Create Contrast and Depth with Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture comes in all styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Use these three tips to coordinate your Leather Furniture with the rest of your room and use contrasting design elements to create a great look.

Decorating When You're Starting Out or Starting Over

You’ve finally reached this point in your life- you’ve bought your first home, moved into your very own apartment, moved out of the dorm room or you’re finally downsizing after all of your kids have left the nest. The reason is yours alone, but the same can be asked for each situation, how do you start to decorate when you’re starting out or starting over?

The Essential Pieces Anyone Needs for a New Home

There’s no question that moving into a new home is stressful, and when it comes to setting up your space, the scene can be quite overwhelming – you may not know where to begin! Whether you’re moving into a four-bedroom home or studio apartment, there are certain pieces you’ll want to have available right off the bat.

What Does Your Furniture Say about You? A Guide to how Different Furniture Styles Speak to Certain Personality Types

Maybe we’re stating the obvious here, but your home is a place where you should feel comfortable. And you can achieve comfort by furnishing and decorating your home in a way that represents your style and taste. But have you ever considered which style you’re naturally drawn to?

How to Create and Lay Out Your Home Office Space

Working from home can be a freeing experience, particularly when it comes to setting up your office space. Where an office away from home can lack inspiration and creativity, an at-home office can make up for any drab atmosphere by incorporating your own style and personal needs.

Extending Your Living Area

As the weather cools down we’ll finally be able to start on all of those home renovation projects that we’re too taxing to tackle during the warm summer months. With the holidays rapidly approaching those renovation projects may include an extension of your main living spaces, with that in mind we’re sharing our tips for expanding on different living areas inside and outside your home.

Staging Your Home When it's up for Sale

You’ve finally reached this point in your life- you’ve bought your first home, moved into your very own apartment, moved out of the dorm room or you’re finally downsizing after all of your kids have left the nest. The reason is yours alone, but the same can be asked for each situation, how do you start to decorate when you’re starting out or starting over?

5 Common Decorating Mistakes & Solutions

Unless you’re a professionally trained designer, it’s hard to figure out the best way to decorate your home. Many times, we’ll overcompensate with too much furniture. Other times, we’ll think that we have too much space when our furniture doesn’t end up filling the room. Simply put, it’s easy for us to make design mistakes while we try to create a space that suits our tastes. And what’s worse is we don’t even know when we’re making these mistakes. That’s where Mor Furniture comes in. We’re here to tell you about some of the more common design mistakes that occur and help you refrain from making them as you decorate.

Decorative Accents in Unexpected Places

Accent pieces and accessories put the finishing touches on your home décor. If you’re wondering how and where to use decorative accents, you can level up your style with these ideas for placing accent pieces in unexpected places.

What Style Living Room Chairs Are Best?

When decorating your living room, one of the most important, and therefore, the most significant challenge is choosing what type of seating you want to use. Here are a few things to think about when shopping for living room chairs.

What is the Best Furniture for Living in a Small Apartment?

If you're searching for small apartment furniture ideas, look no further. Here's how to make the most out of your space. Come into Mor Furniture for Less today and speak with a design associate to help create the apartment of your dreams.

Create More Space in Your Home Using Furniture with Storage

If you’ve already Marie Kondo-ed your space and still need places to stash your stuff, consider creating more space in your home using furniture with storage.

Home Office Design Ideas and Inspiration

Does 2020 have you unexpectedly seeking a more long-term home office? Make the most of your work from home situation with stylish and functional furniture perfect for your space.

5 Ways to Use Accent Furniture

Add the perfect finishing touch to your living spaces with accents that add form and function. Create texture and warmth to make your home inviting and comfortable.

Our Favorite Classic Blue Sofas This Season (Pantone Color of 2020)

Pantone has announced that the hit color of 2020 is Classic Blue! And we have plenty of pieces to keep you up on the trend. Scope out our furniture selection for this year's freshest shade.

Mixing Wood and Metal Furniture

Make the most of your decor with stylish combinations of wood and metal. Whether it's the centerpiece of the room or a small accent, find a charming pairing perfect for your own personal style.

Bedroom & Living Room Furniture Design Inspirations

With a wide variety of styles that are suitable for every space, you're sure to find something that matches both your personality and the functional needs of your family. Additionally, everything you find at Mor will be on-trend, in-style, and available at the absolute best price in town.

Most Popular Furniture Styles in the U.S.

Each city in the United States has popular furniture styles that you can incorporate into the design theme of your home to showcase your style and personality. Learn more here.

Mixing & Matching Your Living Room Furniture

When considering how to mix and match furniture for the living room, there are a few key rules to bear in mind. Here are 4 tips that will help you make it happen.

30 Coastal Bedroom Inspirational Pieces

Explore coastal beach bedroom design & decor ideas that capture the beach's serene environment with Mor Furniture pieces here.

Choosing Furniture for Your Home Theater

Your home theater can be just as stylish as the rest of your home. Whether you want to upgrade your existing home theater or start fresh, we have you covered with our guide to home theater ideas. We help you choose the proper seating, media display, lighting, and accents for your space.

How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs

Our friendly and knowledgeable design associates are here to help you mix and match furniture of different colors, upholstery, and design styles to create a cozy and cohesive look in any living space. Learn more here.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Interior Décor

Learn six ways to enhance your living space with these simple interior design tips & hacks from Mor Furniture for Less.

Maximizing Bedroom Space

Browse beautiful bedroom furniture and learn how to maximize bedroom space to enhance your master bedroom living space and cut down on clutter.

How to Furnish Open Floor Plans

Knowing how to decorate an open floor plan home is essential if you have a modern living space. Here are six great tips straight from our design experts to help make it happen.

Transform your Space with Versatile Accents

Tired of a ho-hum home? Add some vitality, life and style to your existing decor without having to clear out your furnishings and start anew. Adding versatile, multi-purpose accents like a chair or side table or smaller accents like pillows, candles, and mirrors can bring a fresh vibe so you'll love spending time at home.

Designer Series: 5 Ways to Style Boho + Modern featuring Within Reach Style

The bohemian look is a laid-back style full of textures, patterns and colors. Danielle Koelbl of Within Reach Style, goes all in but makes it eclectic and modern. Here are five ways to create a chic, boho modern design that’s all within reach.

4 Tips to Decorate a Bedroom of Your Dreams

Knowing how to decorate a bedroom so that it feels cozy, inviting, and rejuvenating is a fine art. However, it's one that you can easily learn with a few tips and tricks.

Designer Series: Unapologetically Boho with Boho on a Budget

Jordy is a San Diego-based interior designer, with extensive experience in both the housing and interior design fields. Her aesthetically pleasing and meticulously curated feed filled with minimal styling, shapely interior décor pieces and lots of plants had us wanting her to bring this look into our studio.

Placing Mirrors Over Beds - Pros & Cons

Knowing how to to correctly place a mirror above a bed can make all the difference in your sleep space, creating an atmosphere that's elegant, relaxing, and beautiful.

Your Guide to Glam Décor & Home Furnishings

Glam decor is a style of interior design that fuses elegance, sophistication, and a love for all things ornate with functionality and a modern appearance. Here's how to bring the style into your home.

Designer Series: Form and Function with Kristen Dena Design

Meeting Kristen Mullen of @kristendenadesign has made us a believer of a professional interior designer who, not only sticks to the budget, but someone who puts forth the importance of function and flow in a home.

8 Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

Modern living room furniture can elevate your space while also reflecting your latest tastes and style. Here are 7 tips to bring your space into the now.

The Ultimate Checklist to Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving out on your own can seem overwhelming, but it becomes much more manageable when you create a first apartment checklist to help yourself get organized. Here's what furniture items are absolute most-haves.

Accent Colors That Complement Brown

Finding interior design colors that go with brown can seem tricky, but with advice from Mor Furniture for Less design experts, there's nothing to it.

5 Types of Bed Frames & Styles for Every Design

Choosing between the different types of bed frames is a highly personal and individualized experience. Here at Mor Furniture for Less, we have a style for everyone. Here are our top five favorites. Browse our selection today.

12 Types of Metal Finishes for Home Décor

There are many different types of metal finishes used for home furniture and decor. Whether they serve as accents, provide a sturdy base for main pieces, or elegantly frame mirrors, artisans and designers use the element of metal in countless ways. Learn more here.

22 Home Office Ideas for WFH Productivity

Maximize your productivity with our list of tips and tricks for creating the optimal work from home space.

White Bedroom Pieces for Dreamy Vibes

Drift away into peaceful bliss every night when you embrace the dreamy vibes of white bedroom furniture and decor. See our top 7 pieces here.

9 Nightstands to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Having the right nightstands in your bedroom is one of the most quintessential aspects of creating a functional yet aesthetic space. Find modern options, such as nightstands with charging stations built in at Mor Furniture for Less today.

Mor's Wall Art Collection

It can be challenging to find just the right wall art for living room ideas when shopping for your space–but it doesn't have to be. Check out these 8 unique pieces that are sure to spark your imagination and suit your style.

The Guide to Cottage Country Decor

Cottage country decor themes are becoming more and more popular in the world of interior design. Learn how to bring the theme in your home here.

What Is Modern Traditional Style?

When choosing furniture and decor for your home, a modern traditional style selection of pieces is an excellent option to incorporate in your space. Learn more about the style characteristics and options here.