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Lifehacks & Tips

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Living Room Furniture

Learn how to choose the right living room furniture, turning the space into a functional and cozy spot. Use these 10 tips and get started today.

Dresser Dimensions: Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right dresser dimensions can be crucial to making your bedroom feel and appear larger. Learn how to measure and find stylish dresser examples for different room designs here.

How to Choose a Living Room Rug

When choosing a living room rug, there are many things to consider. From size to functionality, style and shape, to the many colors of rugs available, find the best piece when you follow these expert tips.

Differences between Chest of Drawers & Dressers

Understanding the difference between a chest of drawers vs dressers for your bedroom can help you pick the best piece to complete your space and provide the ultimate functionality. Learn more here and find your new favorite piece at Mor Furniture for Less.

What Is a Morning Room?

Many modern homes have what historians commonly refer to as a "morning room." However, you may not even know you have one! Learn more about this unique space and how to style it here.

The Ultimate Checklist to Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving out on your own can seem overwhelming, but it becomes much more manageable when you create a first apartment checklist to help yourself get organized. Here's what furniture items are absolute most-haves.

Moving Out On Your Own- What You Don't Realize You'll Need

Finally! You’re going to do it, you’re making the move out on your own. It’s so liberating you can hardly believe it’s happening. The day finally comes, you gather a few extra hands to help you with the transition and before you know it everything has been moved into the new digs.

Creating a New Space Once Your Kids Move Out

Now that your children are no longer living at home, it’s time to make use of the empty space they used to occupy.

Downsizing? We’ll Help You Decide What Goes

So you’ve decided to move into a smaller place, and now you might be wondering what to take with you and what to leave behind. Though it may seem easy enough to just get rid of stuff, downsizing can be more daunting than you realize.

Moving in Together? Here’s How You Can Consolidate Your Furniture

Moving in together can be a challenge, especially when you have to determine what furniture to keep and what to get rid of. In order to help you and your roommate or partner compromise (and keep your peace of mind) we’ve compiled some suggestions that might make the moving process a little easier.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). And there is no denying the importance of a good night’s sleep. It can affect your health, productivity, and happiness. A good night’s sleep improves concentration, memory and learning. It helps maintain a consistent mood, avoiding mood swings that come with insomnia.