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What Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

At Mor Furniture, we have a substantial inventory of mid-century modern furnishings for every room in the house, whether you’re redecorating your living room to maximize space or curating your new home office to be a sanctuary.

What Is a Chofa?

In this blog, we’ll discuss why chofas are one of the hottest décor trends of late, and how to choose which size, material, color, and functionality to best fit your living space.

Tips for Choosing the Best Space Saving Dining Tables

The majority of people require a space saving table and chairs that can accommodate the specific dimensions of their kitchen or dining room. The more versatile the design and components are, the wider the range of families that can utilize these pieces in their homes.

Sustainable Furniture Guide: Go Green with Eco-Friendly Décor

In this eco-friendly furniture guide, we’ll explore the world of sustainable home décor products and how they’ve begun to push the industry standard when it comes to designing quality items in a resourceful manner. In addition, we'll explore how much of an impact it can make on your budget and lifestyle.

Bringing Nature Indoors: Decorating with Plants for a Green Home

Want to add some greenery to your living space? Bringing nature indoors doesn't have to mean high maintenance or extensive knowledge of gardening. Here are some quick and easy ways to add greenery to your decor.

Five Benefits of Shopping for Furniture Locally

Shopping at local furniture stores has so many benefits. It saves you time and money, allows you to get additional opinions on your selections, and allows you to ask questions and get solid answers.

Why Furniture Delivery Works and What to Expect From Our Services

Would you like to ensure that your furniture arrives at your house safely? And would you like some help with all the heavy lifting and assembly? Then you'll definitely want to have your furniture delivered.

Transforming Your Bedroom into a Serene Retreat

Creating a bedroom that gives you the feeling of a serene retreat is one of the best things you can do. Get a better night's sleep every night, and create a space that brings you a sense of peace upon entering. Check out these tips to learn more.

2024 Trending Dining Room Decor: Achieve Style and Functionality

The top dining room decor trends for 2023 are here, and if you're ready to start refreshing you space to stay and up-to-date, follow these tips and tricks.

How to Choose a Gaming Chair

Whether you're an avid gamer or need an office chair to help ease back pain and mobility issues, you might consider investing in a high-quality gaming chair for your office space. After all, sitting for long periods of time can often grow uncomfortable and actually cause more issues in the body — regardless of the activity. Besides, who doesn't want extra comfort? In this guide, we'll discuss the various functions these chairs for gamers serve and take you through the various options we provide in our stores. 

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Living Room Furniture

Learn how to choose the right living room furniture, turning the space into a functional and cozy spot. Use these 10 tips and get started today.

Creating a Cozy Reading Nook: Design Tips and Bookshelf Ideas

Creating a cozy reading nook is simple and fun, even in the smallest spaces. Use this tips and tricks to beautify your space, turning into a functional, calming area to curl up with your favorite titles today.

Leather vs. Fabric Sofas: Which One Is Right For You?

Deciding between leather vs fabric sofas is crucial when furnishing your living room or den. Each material has a unique set of pros and cons, as well as maintenance needs. Keep reading to learn which is best for your family.

Designer Series: Embodying Modern Clean Design featuring @indieinteriorsco

The month of June brings us new design inspiration as we were joined by the fabulous duo of Leslie Spencer and Katherine Whittaker of Indie Interiors. Based out of North County San Diego, these friends and business partners create incredible spaces with dramatic style.

Designer Series: Embrace the Laid-Back Tropical Boho Style with @tropicali_haven

This month’s designer series collaboration takes us for a walk on the bright side with Sara Caligiuri! We were instantly captured by her unique and playful style and couldn’t wait to have her spend a day in the studio with us.

Designer Series: Farmhouse Modern with @heathermiinch

Our latest designer, Heather Miinch, couldn’t have been a more impressive force in our studio. When asked where she gets her inspiration from for her modern farmhouse style, it’s all a matter of family.

Designer Series: Mid-Century Chic Interior With @savagehouse1970

Laura expertly blends a mix of wood, pops of color, shapely accents and furniture, clean lines and natural elements. Her love of vibrant rugs and wall art is also key to tying a space together. We were ecstatic when she agreed to join us in our studio for a day and share her take on our furniture.

Designer Series: Simple and Clean with @hulovesdecor

Julia Hu creates two room designs with the intention of creating clean, relaxing, and minimally styled spaces made to be practical, functional yet stylish.

Including Ivory In Your Home Design

What color is ivory and how can you incorporate the beautiful hue into your home design? Get all your style tips and view a selection of ivory furniture right here.

What Is Modern Traditional Style?

When choosing furniture and decor for your home, a modern traditional style selection of pieces is an excellent option to incorporate in your space. Learn more about the style characteristics and options here.

How to Choose the Best Desk Size for Your Workspace

Many of us are working from home, at least for part of the week. Whether you're a full-time remote employee or bounce back and forth between the office and your home, you need an efficient and comfortable place to complete your daily tasks. One of the most critical aspects of creating the right space to maximize productivity is, of course, your desk. Finding the right desk by dimensions, height, and style is crucial to designing a space that works for you.

Designer Series: Wallpaper Galore with Raveinteriordesign

We welcome the new year with Melanie from Raveinteriordesign who combines bright colors with retro funk to create amazing unique designs! We scoured through her Instagram and fell in love with her hands-on and DIY personality on interior design. She focuses on fun combination of colors on not just the furniture, but her walls! She loves wallpaper for how easy it is to use and how much it can change a room’s atmosphere.

The Guide to Cottage Country Decor

Cottage country decor themes are becoming more and more popular in the world of interior design. Learn how to bring the theme in your home here.

Mor's Wall Art Collection

It can be challenging to find just the right wall art for living room ideas when shopping for your space–but it doesn't have to be. Check out these 8 unique pieces that are sure to spark your imagination and suit your style.

9 Nightstands to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Having the right nightstands in your bedroom is one of the most quintessential aspects of creating a functional yet aesthetic space. Find modern options, such as nightstands with charging stations built in at Mor Furniture for Less today.

White Bedroom Pieces for Dreamy Vibes

Drift away into peaceful bliss every night when you embrace the dreamy vibes of white bedroom furniture and decor. See our top 7 pieces here.

22 Home Office Ideas for Work From Home Productivity

Maximize your productivity with our list of tips and tricks for creating the optimal work from home space.

12 Types of Metal Finishes for Home Décor

There are many different types of metal finishes used for home furniture and decor. Whether they serve as accents, provide a sturdy base for main pieces, or elegantly frame mirrors, artisans and designers use the element of metal in countless ways. Learn more here.

Designer Series: Mid-Century Modern Classics with Catrina Camp

We’ve come full circle with the last Designer of the Year! It’s been a wild ride of wonderfully creative individuals who’ve expressed their creative talents in our studio. We saved the best for last with Catrina Camp from ASR Design Studio!

Designer Series: The Art of the Design with ASR Design Studio

Another month, another wonderful designer to enter our studio! This month we welcomed Ariel from ASRDesignStudio! She is a soon-to-be mother and a true Californian who loves nature, the beach, hiking and paddle-boarding. She takes inspiration from life and content she absorbs from social media to combine breathtaking designs.

Introducing Mlily: Where Innovation and Quality Harmonize for Sweet Slumber

Specializing in innovative research and superior material construction, Mlily delivers precisely what you crave: a blissful, yet supportive sleep surface that keeps you cool and comfy all night long.

Dresser Dimensions: Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right dresser dimensions can be crucial to making your bedroom feel and appear larger. Learn how to measure and find stylish dresser examples for different room designs here.

5 Types of Bed Frames & Styles for Every Design

Choosing between the different types of bed frames is a highly personal and individualized experience. Here at Mor Furniture for Less, we have a style for everyone. Here are our top five favorites. Browse our selection today.

Designer Series: Modern Classic Comforts with The Renovated Roost

The studio welcomed Jamie Zeppetella of therenovatedroost. She is a mother of 3 and a realtor who loves decorating and creating warm welcoming spaces in the home. Originally from Florida, she has since moved to Southern California and has lived here for 22 years. Jamie oozes positive and down-to-earth vibes that truly transcend into her room designs in the studio.

Differences between a Console Table and Side Table

Learn the difference between a console and side table, to determine which piece of furniture best meets the needs of your home. With endless styles to choose from, Mor Furniture for Less is here to help.

Designer Series: The Natural Beauty of Modern Design with Sarah Joy

Who is our next designer for the Designer Series? It is Sarah Joy Schmidt! We dove into her Instagram and fell in love with the way she can picture the uniqueness and complexity of each of the spaces she designs. That is why we decided she would be a perfect fit as our next stylist for Designer Series.

How to Choose a Living Room Rug

When choosing a living room rug, there are many things to consider. From size to functionality, style and shape, to the many colors of rugs available, find the best piece when you follow these expert tips.

Differences between Chest of Drawers & Dressers

Understanding the difference between a chest of drawers vs dressers for your bedroom can help you pick the best piece to complete your space and provide the ultimate functionality. Learn more here and find your new favorite piece at Mor Furniture for Less.

What Is a Morning Room?

Many modern homes have what historians commonly refer to as a "morning room." However, you may not even know you have one! Learn more about this unique space and how to style it here.

Designer Series: The Effortless Style of Suhohouse

When you think of San Diego you would think of the sun, beach, and the laid-back atmosphere. What if you could harness that into your home? We were thrilled to have Sarah Suhonen into our studio for another Designer Series sesh.

Designer Series: Comfy, Cozy, Creative with Spacesbywen

Have an old dreary room that needs to be refreshed? Need a warm modern look for autumn on a budget? We welcome this new and up in coming interior designer to our Designer Series Wendy Carvalho.

Accent Colors That Complement Brown

Finding interior design colors that go with brown can seem tricky, but with advice from Mor Furniture for Less design experts, there's nothing to it.

Designer Series: Traditional Modern with Leah Rachel Interiors

Traditional interior design is one of the most popular design styles of all time as it continues to be the most effective way to lay out a home. Some may dismiss it as old timey, safe, or bland but what’s so brilliant about the classic look is the way it can easily infuse with other styles transforming traditional rooms into modern spaces.

The Ultimate Checklist to Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving out on your own can seem overwhelming, but it becomes much more manageable when you create a first apartment checklist to help yourself get organized. Here's what furniture items are absolute most-haves.

8 Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

Modern living room furniture can elevate your space while also reflecting your latest tastes and style. Here are 7 tips to bring your space into the now.

Designer Series: Form and Function with Kristen Dena Design

Meeting Kristen Mullen of @kristendenadesign has made us a believer of a professional interior designer who, not only sticks to the budget, but someone who puts forth the importance of function and flow in a home.

Your Guide to Glam Décor & Home Furnishings

Glam decor is a style of interior design that fuses elegance, sophistication, and a love for all things ornate with functionality and a modern appearance. Here's how to bring the style into your home.

4 Best Bookcases of 2022

Discover the best bookcases from Mor Furniture for Less to incorporate in your home library, office, or living room. Shop a wide range of sizes & styles designed for book storage and more.

Placing Mirrors Over Beds - Pros & Cons

Knowing how to to correctly place a mirror above a bed can make all the difference in your sleep space, creating an atmosphere that's elegant, relaxing, and beautiful.

Mattress Buying Guide - Choosing the Best Mattress for You

Knowing how to choose the right mattress can seem daunting. With so many options, how do you know what's best for you? Learn more here and get the best night's sleep of your life.

Designer Series: Unapologetically Boho with Boho on a Budget

Jordy is a San Diego-based interior designer, with extensive experience in both the housing and interior design fields. Her aesthetically pleasing and meticulously curated feed filled with minimal styling, shapely interior décor pieces and lots of plants had us wanting her to bring this look into our studio.

4 Tips to Decorate a Bedroom of Your Dreams

Knowing how to decorate a bedroom so that it feels cozy, inviting, and rejuvenating is a fine art. However, it's one that you can easily learn with a few tips and tricks.

Sofa Dimensions: Choosing the Right Sofa

Getting the sofa dimensions right in your living room or seating area is essential to creating a look that's cohesive and classy. Here's how to furnish your home like a pro.

Leather Cleaning Guide - How to Clean Leather

Mor Furniture for Less is here to bring you the complete guide on how to clean leather properly. Leather furniture is a large investment in your home–here's how to keep it looking it's best.

Designer Series: 5 Ways to Style Boho + Modern featuring Within Reach Style

The bohemian look is a laid-back style full of textures, patterns and colors. Danielle Koelbl of Within Reach Style, goes all in but makes it eclectic and modern. Here are five ways to create a chic, boho modern design that’s all within reach.

Introducing Purple and Their Innovative Sleep Tech

Searching for better, more comfy sleep? Purple is the answer. Seriously. Revolutionizing the world of sleep with its patented super-responsive GelFlex Grid™and superior cushioning and support, Purple has changed the mattress industry forever.

Designer Series: California Cool Interior with Sonam of A Whimsical Retreat

Clean, calm and blissfully beautiful. California Cool Modern style interiors are not only pretty, but they also have a calming atmosphere. Interior designer and home stager Sonam treats us to a trove of design ideas and shows us how to achieve an understated yet harmonious look that is Cali cool.

Transform your Space with Versatile Accents

Tired of a ho-hum home? Add some vitality, life and style to your existing decor without having to clear out your furnishings and start anew. Adding versatile, multi-purpose accents like a chair or side table or smaller accents like pillows, candles, and mirrors can bring a fresh vibe so you'll love spending time at home.

Congrats to our Big Game Winners!

It's time to celebrate the winners of our Big Game tickets!

The Ultimate Man Cave Manual

The appeal of a man cave cannot be denied: Every guy needs that place to unwind away from it all, a haven of comfort, entertainment and escapism. If you're thinking of transforming some of your space into a man cave, we have some great inspiration and advice to help you on your journey.

Designer Series: In Living Neutral with Style It Studio

We invited home stager and interior designer McKenna Lavin of Style It Studio to transform two of our staple collection sets and show different ways to achieve a neutral space rich in multi-dimensional color.

Designer Series: Different Shades of Glam with Heaven Sent Design

San Diego-based interior designer Jenna Lockett, brings her Heaven Sent Design to the studio to enlighten us with her contemporary glam style.

How to Furnish Open Floor Plans

Knowing how to decorate an open floor plan home is essential if you have a modern living space. Here are six great tips straight from our design experts to help make it happen.

Farmhouse Tables Made for Entertaining

Styling your dining area with a farmhouse table and chairs is an excellent way to bring a rustic, yet chic, feel to your space. Learn more about the design style from our experts here.

Maximizing Bedroom Space

Browse beautiful bedroom furniture and learn how to maximize bedroom space to enhance your master bedroom living space and cut down on clutter.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Interior Décor

Learn six ways to enhance your living space with these simple interior design tips & hacks from Mor Furniture for Less.

How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs

Our friendly and knowledgeable design associates are here to help you mix and match furniture of different colors, upholstery, and design styles to create a cozy and cohesive look in any living space. Learn more here.

Choosing Furniture for Your Home Theater

Your home theater can be just as stylish as the rest of your home. Whether you want to upgrade your existing home theater or start fresh, we have you covered with our guide to home theater ideas. We help you choose the proper seating, media display, lighting, and accents for your space.

Designer Series: Serretta Style's Mor

Portland area interior designer Serretta Style joined us in the studio to put her personal touch on some of our classic looks.

30 Coastal Bedroom Inspirational Pieces

Explore coastal beach bedroom design & decor ideas that capture the beach's serene environment with Mor Furniture pieces here.

What Is Counter Height? Counter Height vs Bar Height

What is counter height vs. bar height in regard to kitchen and dining room sets? How do you know which is best for your space and your family's needs? We're here to answer all your questions and more.

What is the Standard Dining Room Table Height?

As the shared space for family gatherings and holiday festivities, the dining room is the heart of the home — and the dining table is at its center. When shopping for a new dining table, you might be curious about the ideal dining room table height.

What is the Standard Dining Chair Height?

If you're in the process of redesigning your dining room, it's essential to know how much space certain furniture will take up, including things like what is standard dining chair height. Learn more here.

Mixing & Matching Your Living Room Furniture

When considering how to mix and match furniture for the living room, there are a few key rules to bear in mind. Here are 4 tips that will help you make it happen.

Most Popular Furniture Styles in the U.S.

Each city in the United States has popular furniture styles that you can incorporate into the design theme of your home to showcase your style and personality. Learn more here.

Bedroom & Living Room Furniture Design Inspirations

With a wide variety of styles that are suitable for every space, you're sure to find something that matches both your personality and the functional needs of your family. Additionally, everything you find at Mor will be on-trend, in-style, and available at the absolute best price in town.

Dining Tables for Smaller Spaces

Looking to furnish a small space and don't know where to start? Here are the best dining room tables for eating, entertaining, and so much more.

Humble Design: What Makes a House a Home?

A house doesn't feel like a home unless there is furniture to fill it. So the non-profit, Humble Designs, decided to fill a niche to help those in need transitioning from homelessness. Mor Furniture had the privilege of partnering with this wonderful organization to help a local family in San Diego.

Mixing Wood and Metal Furniture

Make the most of your decor with stylish combinations of wood and metal. Whether it's the centerpiece of the room or a small accent, find a charming pairing perfect for your own personal style.

Our Favorite Classic Blue Sofas This Season (Pantone Color of 2020)

Pantone has announced that the hit color of 2020 is Classic Blue! And we have plenty of pieces to keep you up on the trend. Scope out our furniture selection for this year's freshest shade.

Bunk Bed Ideas and Inspiration

Believe it or not, a lot goes into a bunk bed decision. What size, what style, what function... but we're happy to guide you through the journey. We'll point you in the right direction and help you decide on the perfect bunk bed for your needs.

Top Furniture for Entertaining Family This Thanksgiving

Plan ahead for next year's holiday season and make sure you have the furniture you need to accommodate the entire family. Your feast will be the talk of the town and you want everyone there to join in on the festivities.

Types of Fireplaces to Cozy Up to This Winter

As temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to enjoy a warm fire with your loved ones. Discover what type of fireplace is going to create the ambiance you seek.

2021 Mattress Buying Guide

There are so many mattress options available these days! Find out what all the lingo means and how to pick the right mattress for your specific needs.

5 Ways to Use Accent Furniture

Add the perfect finishing touch to your living spaces with accents that add form and function. Create texture and warmth to make your home inviting and comfortable.

Home Office Design Ideas and Inspiration

Does 2020 have you unexpectedly seeking a more long-term home office? Make the most of your work from home situation with stylish and functional furniture perfect for your space.

2020 Holiday Furniture Buying Guide

Whether you're searching for the perfect gift or shopping for yourself, our holiday furniture guide features must-haves for the 2020 season.

Create More Space in Your Home Using Furniture with Storage

If you’ve already Marie Kondo-ed your space and still need places to stash your stuff, consider creating more space in your home using furniture with storage.

What is the Best Furniture for Living in a Small Apartment?

If you're searching for small apartment furniture ideas, look no further. Here's how to make the most out of your space. Come into Mor Furniture for Less today and speak with a design associate to help create the apartment of your dreams.

The Perfect Bedroom Furniture for Twins

Shopping for twins can be hard, since you need two of everything. Find the best bunk beds, kids and teens furniture sets at Mor Furniture for Less and give both of your twins the bedroom they've been dreaming of.

Sofa vs Couch: What is the Difference?

Whether someone says sofa or couch, we know they are referring to a place to sit and get comfortable. We tend to use the terms interchangeably. So, is there really that much difference between the two?

What Style Living Room Chairs Are Best?

When decorating your living room, one of the most important, and therefore, the most significant challenge is choosing what type of seating you want to use. Here are a few things to think about when shopping for living room chairs.

Decorative Accents in Unexpected Places

Accent pieces and accessories put the finishing touches on your home décor. If you’re wondering how and where to use decorative accents, you can level up your style with these ideas for placing accent pieces in unexpected places.

Why Is a California King Bed Called a California King?

Learn why a California King bed is called a California king and other facts about mattresses with Mor Furniture, including several reasons why these bigger mattresses began to gain traction.

How to Buy the Right Table Lamp - Tips & Advice

Ever wonder how come pictures in magazines look so good? It's all about the lighting. Buying the right table lamps, and placing them correctly, can transform your living room lighting from basic to brilliant.

Keeping Your Furniture Clean in Summertime

The kids are out of school for the summer, and for you that means there’s more time for them to make a mess in your house. Furniture is always a little tricky to keep clean, so we have come up with 3 tips and tricks to help keep your living room set clean and stain-free this summer.

5 Common Decorating Mistakes & Solutions

Unless you’re a professionally trained designer, it’s hard to figure out the best way to decorate your home. Many times, we’ll overcompensate with too much furniture. Other times, we’ll think that we have too much space when our furniture doesn’t end up filling the room. Simply put, it’s easy for us to make design mistakes while we try to create a space that suits our tastes. And what’s worse is we don’t even know when we’re making these mistakes. That’s where Mor Furniture comes in. We’re here to tell you about some of the more common design mistakes that occur and help you refrain from making them as you decorate.

March is Red Cross Month

In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed March to be Red Cross Month. We at Mor Furniture join the larger community in honoring the Red Cross volunteer heroes who support our neighbors in times of crisis.

Why Buy Leather Furniture

Genuine leather furniture provides unmatched levels of style, comfort, and durability. You will find that the natural materials and unique manufacturing techniques provide superior quality when compared to conventional fabrics.

Understanding Foam Density: What Every Shopper Should Know

If you have ever been furniture shopping, you have probably seen the words “foam density” posted somewhere in reference to the sofa or mattress you’re considering. You might also see corresponding decimals, which sometimes makes the furniture-buying experience more confusing.

Leather Furniture Glossary

With so many leather options available when shopping for furniture, knowing some key terms before heading out to the furniture store will help you become more educated and make informed buying decisions. Try to familiarize yourself with the following terms:

General Mattress Maintenance

A good mattress that is properly maintained should last 10-20 years, depending on the quality of the mattress. The following steps should help prolong the life of your mattress.

Home Organization and Storage

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, then you’ve been living under a home-organization rock. Her philosophy of discarding all possessions that fail to give you joy is a very marketable ideal, but for most of us, life isn’t quite that easy. We’re reasonably certain that there are plenty of things in closets, cupboards, nooks, and crannies around your home that may give your child/spouse/partner joy but do absolutely nothing for you!

Furniture Frame Construction: Why Does it Matter to Me?

A sofa or loveseat may look good, but will it give you a lifetime of use? This is a question you may want to consider while shopping at your local furniture store. The longevity and durability of furniture comes from the bare-bones composition of the piece, which is most commonly referred to as frame construction.

Couch or Sleeper Sofa? We Help You Decide

When deciding between a sleeper sofa and couch depends on the needs. Learn which sofa types is ideal for your situation with Mor Furniture here.

Staging Your Home When it's up for Sale

You’ve finally reached this point in your life- you’ve bought your first home, moved into your very own apartment, moved out of the dorm room or you’re finally downsizing after all of your kids have left the nest. The reason is yours alone, but the same can be asked for each situation, how do you start to decorate when you’re starting out or starting over?

What You Should Know About Recliners

Explore the different types of recliners with Mor Furniture, a leading provider of furniture for less in multiple locations throughout the United States.

Extending Your Living Area

As the weather cools down we’ll finally be able to start on all of those home renovation projects that we’re too taxing to tackle during the warm summer months. With the holidays rapidly approaching those renovation projects may include an extension of your main living spaces, with that in mind we’re sharing our tips for expanding on different living areas inside and outside your home.

The 3 Pieces You Should Be Investing in for Your Home

Finally, you’ve made it. Adulting at it’s finest and you’re ready to start making big kid purchases when it comes to your home. Where do you start? What do you spend the big bucks on first and how do you determine what you’ll spend the bulk of your budget on? All great questions.

American Made

We’re celebrating America all July long! What better way to celebrate than to talk a little bit about a few of our fantastic furniture sets made here in America? Because we deliver more furniture than anyone else, we have great relationships with quality furniture makers and some of those furniture makers are right here, state side! So check out the below sets, made in America and remember the more you buy the more you save!

Bedroom Design Ideas

Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite bedroom sets and let us change your mind about the way you see your bedroom.

Moving Out On Your Own- What You Don't Realize You'll Need

Finally! You’re going to do it, you’re making the move out on your own. It’s so liberating you can hardly believe it’s happening. The day finally comes, you gather a few extra hands to help you with the transition and before you know it everything has been moved into the new digs.

Creating a New Space Once Your Kids Move Out

Now that your children are no longer living at home, it’s time to make use of the empty space they used to occupy.

How Sleep Affects Your Child's Health

There is no denying the importance of a good night’s sleep to a child’s health and growth.

Leather Myths Debunked!

Here are 5 common leather furniture myths that you should rethink before deciding on a new living room furniture set.

Creating The Perfect Guest Room

At some point in our lives we’ve either hosted guests or been a guest. There have been mental notes made of both good and bad stays, pointers you pick up and welcome baskets you try to emulate. We here at Mor have a few tricks up our sleeves, when it comes to house guests we’ve got you “Mor” than covered.

How to Create and Lay Out Your Home Office Space

Working from home can be a freeing experience, particularly when it comes to setting up your office space. Where an office away from home can lack inspiration and creativity, an at-home office can make up for any drab atmosphere by incorporating your own style and personal needs.

Guide To Buying A New Recliner

What style are you going for? Your recliner should match the general theme of your room. The options available to you these days allow you to pick a style that will work with any decor.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress Clean

Top Tips for Keeping Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress Clean

Downsizing? We’ll Help You Decide What Goes

So you’ve decided to move into a smaller place, and now you might be wondering what to take with you and what to leave behind. Though it may seem easy enough to just get rid of stuff, downsizing can be more daunting than you realize.

What Size and Kind of Bed Should I Get For My Child?

What is the right size bed? And when do I buy it? These are all great questions, and we’re going to help answer them for you, and set you on the right path to furnishing your child’s bedroom.

BREAKING IT DOWN: Dovetail Joints

When it comes to cabinet making and furniture or drawer construction, dovetailing is a buzzword thrown around quite frequently. Furniture vendors harp on its durability and salesmen brag about its classic features on a nightstand or vanity. But how much does the word “dovetail” live up to its reputation?

The 3 Major Styles of Bedroom

Traditional decorating incorporates classic, timeless furniture and the elegance of simple, non-fussy elements. Contemporary interior designs can range from sleek and cool, to bright and cheery. Eclectic styling does not mean decor is arranged at random, it refers to a very purposeful and carefully planned mixing of styles.

Taking Care of Your Leather

There are various types and grades of leathers, each serving a different purpose. Some require a bit more maintenance than others, but all follow a set guideline of care to ensure a longer life.

Make the Most of Your Mattress: How to Choose the Right Mattress Foundation

So you’ve bought a mattress, but have you chosen the best foundation for it? In the past, you only had one foundation to choose from, but thanks to technology and the power of personal preference, new and improved foundations exist for your individual comfort! But how do you determine which foundation is right for you? We’ll help you sort through your options here.

Updating a Kid’s Room to a Teenager’s Haven

At some point, your child may want to update the décor in their room to reflect their evolving tastes.

What Does Your Furniture Say about You? A Guide to how Different Furniture Styles Speak to Certain Personality Types

Maybe we’re stating the obvious here, but your home is a place where you should feel comfortable. And you can achieve comfort by furnishing and decorating your home in a way that represents your style and taste. But have you ever considered which style you’re naturally drawn to?

Top Tips to Create an Inspired Space for Your Kids

Depending on how much time your child spends in their room, the design elements of the room may have an impact on their development. As a parent, you have an opportunity to create a space that is not only a place for them to sleep and play, but an environment that cultivates creativity and inspiration.

Different Types of Recliners

Mor explored the most common types of recliners and styles you can choose from. Learn which recliner is right for you and your home here.

Preventing Stains, Nicks and Cracks on Wooden Table Surfaces

Wooden tables can add a timeless feel to your home. They are both elegant and valuable, which is why many owners of wooden pieces work tirelessly to keep them like new. With time, though, wood can fall victim to weather changes and accidents at home such as spilled water, dropped utensils and other ailments. Wood can easily become stained, nicked or cracked.

Moving in Together? Here’s How You Can Consolidate Your Furniture

Moving in together can be a challenge, especially when you have to determine what furniture to keep and what to get rid of. In order to help you and your roommate or partner compromise (and keep your peace of mind) we’ve compiled some suggestions that might make the moving process a little easier.

What Should You Do with Your Old Mattress?

It’s been over ten years, and you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a new mattress. You’ve spent hours at the retailer and found the best mattress for you. Now you’ve got to figure out what to do with that old eyesore in your bedroom!

Tired Today? Your Mattress Could Be to Blame

What are you attributing to your fatigue these days? A long day? Late nights out? There are many reasons why we can feel worn down some days, but a lot of our exhaustion can be traced back to what we sleep on. Sleeping on the right mattress is vital to staying asleep throughout the night and feeling rested during the day. But how do you know if your mattress is the cause of your fatigue? We’ve got some clues that might help you pinpoint the problem.

The Essential Pieces Anyone Needs for a New Home

There’s no question that moving into a new home is stressful, and when it comes to setting up your space, the scene can be quite overwhelming – you may not know where to begin! Whether you’re moving into a four-bedroom home or studio apartment, there are certain pieces you’ll want to have available right off the bat.

Leather Care Tips from SafeGuard

Leather furniture is beautiful, durable—and comfortable! Routine maintenance can keep it looking and feeling like new for years to come.

Torn Between a Conventional or Sleeper Sofa? We Can Help You Decide What’s Best

If you’re in the market for furniture – particularly living room furniture – you might be debating whether or not you should invest in a sleeper sofa. There are certainly benefits to owning one, but their placement in your home depends on a few criteria. Before you begin shopping, ask yourself these questions and determine whether you should purchase a sleeper sofa or a conventional couch.

Finding the Best Mattress at Mor Furniture for Less

At Mor Furniture for Less, we believe in sleep quality. We know that quality sleep surfaces are critical to comfort and in achieving the healthiest and most satisfying rest. That is why we have selected the finest mattresses available from top brands like Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, Serta, Sherwood, and Laura Ashley. We carry mattresses in a variety of comfort levels so we are sure we have one that will meet your needs.

Releasing Static from a Microfiber Sofa

Microfiber is a versatile and durable fabric choice for your new sofa, but sometimes can build a static charge. If you are experiencing an unusual amount of static cling to your microfiber furniture, try any of these simple steps to release the charge.

Decorating When You're Starting Out or Starting Over

You’ve finally reached this point in your life- you’ve bought your first home, moved into your very own apartment, moved out of the dorm room or you’re finally downsizing after all of your kids have left the nest. The reason is yours alone, but the same can be asked for each situation, how do you start to decorate when you’re starting out or starting over?

Keeping Your Child’s Room Organized

If your child enjoys playing (and what child doesn’t?) then chances are their room is not the neatest.

How to Clean Microfiber Furniture

Microfiber is not only an attractive and comfortable alternative to leather or typical fabrics, but also one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain for a number of reasons. It has completely changed the way people are taking care of their Living Rooms and sofas.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). And there is no denying the importance of a good night’s sleep. It can affect your health, productivity, and happiness. A good night’s sleep improves concentration, memory and learning. It helps maintain a consistent mood, avoiding mood swings that come with insomnia.

How to Create Contrast and Depth with Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture comes in all styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Use these three tips to coordinate your Leather Furniture with the rest of your room and use contrasting design elements to create a great look.

Measure, Measure, Measure!

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying new furniture is not preparing before heading down to the furniture store by measuring the space the new furniture will go into. Taking just a few minutes with a tape measure in your home can save you from hassle and headache during delivery and possibly from years of living with the wrong proportions in your room.

How to Choose the Best Living Room Set for Your Family

Living rooms can be tough to furnish. Sure, in theory, it seems simple- you’ll need a couch, maybe a loveseat, definitely a side chair and a coffee table. Simple, right? Not so fast. Choosing a living room set can be one of the trickiest rooms to furnish and that’s because it’s the heart of the home, the epicenter so to speak, the pulse of the house. This is where we fall asleep watching our favorite movies, children take their first steps and where families grow up.

Cushion Basics: How to Choose the Perfect Cushion Filling

Different fillings are used in sofa cushions to provide varying degrees of comfort and maintenance. We’re here to help you determine the best stuffing material for your couch, from the softest to the most firm!

Working With Color

Let’s face it adding color to our homes can be a challenge. First where do you start? What color do you want to go with? Do you only choose just one? How do you make sure you’re not going to regret this a month from now?


Let’s be honest, the inner workings of the drawers in your furniture probably never crossed your mind. But that’s not to say it isn’t important. Today, we’re here to talk about drawer slides – the wood or metal rails that allow your drawers to open and close. Although built to be discreet guides for your furniture, they play an integral role in overall function.

Get to Know the Different Types of Beds

While the number of bedroom options out there may seem staggering, it’s easy to pare down the list of choices by looking at some of the more basic bed styles available.

Making the Most Out of Your Kid's Old Bedroom

Mor Furniture has come up with a few clever ideas to get you from moody teenage sanctuary to blissful rooms of opportunity.

How to Buy a Sofa

For any renter or homeowner, the sofa is almost always a high involvement purchase, if not the most emotional investment next to the actual home itself. As one of the most central pieces in the house, purchasing sofas has often been the cause of much conflict, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few things to consider before making that big purchase.

3 Step Bedroom Design Guide

Here’s a simple yet sure-fire list on coming up with ideas and kicking off your design bedroom plans.

How to Better Utilize Space in Your Dining Room

Use a server for holding extra plates and bowls of food while you are eating instead of crowding the table. This allows guests convenient access to seconds, without the annoyance of passing hot plates over each other or playing Tetris with your dishes.

How to Create an Allergy-Free Home

If you or your children suffer from indoor allergies, then you are probably already aware of the many allergens to avoid, such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, etc. What you might not be aware of, is that many of the household cleaners you might be using to rid the room of these particles can have chemicals and allergens that are just as harmful.

How is Leather Furniture Made?

When shopping for Leather Furniture it helps to know a thing or two about how leather is prepared before it becomes the beautiful sofa you are about to sit on. There are 5 basic steps to processing leather:

Creating Your Very Own Bedroom Sanctuary

The bedroom, a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Or for some of us, it’s that room that we keep the door closed to because it’s busting at the seams with laundry, books, important and unimportant papers, unhung photos and what not. Today we’re sharing our top four tips for creating your very own bedroom sanctuary.

What’s the Deal with Seat Depth? A Primer for the Uninitiated

We’ve all sat in uncomfortable chairs, and it doesn’t take long to notice the discomfort we feel once we get situated. Many factors contribute to how we feel when we sit, but one vital factor is seat depth, here's what you need to know before you take a seat.

Removing Pet Hair and Odor from Furniture and Keeping it Off!

Many times, we become so absorbed in our pets that we begin to absorb their messes too.

What is Leather and What Isn't?

Discover the different types of leather you can purchase for your reclines, sofas, and other furniture at Mor Furniture for Less.

Spruce Up Your Entryway

The entryway to a home is the equivalent of a first impression, but it’s typically neglected and left for last when it comes to decorating. However, when we eventually get around to doing something with the space we’re all tapped out of ideas. This is where we come in, we’re helping you spruce up your entryway with several, fun and fresh ideas. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, right?

Does Your Living Room Furniture Need Replacing?

It’s natural to become attached to your living room furniture – you probably spent time researching the sofa and loveseat you wanted, and debated the design style you thought would look best in your home. Or maybe furniture was passed down to you that’s now of sentimental value, and you have a hard time justifying spending the money on something new.

Come Together: Combining Your Lives and Your Furniture

So, it’s finally that time! You’ve decided to either move in with someone else or have them move in with you. Whether it’s your spouse, significant other, friend or someone else, the act of cohabitating is oftentimes nerve-wracking. You probably have a dozen questions in your head.

Keep Your Mattress Clean

A good mattress that is properly maintained should last 10-20 years, depending on the quality of the mattress. The following steps should help prolong the life of your mattress.

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

A recent survey found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, and sleep difficulties visit 75% of us at least a few nights per week.

Decorating with Black Leather Furniture

Black leather furniture can fit within many different home-decor styles. These styles can range from sleek and modern to retro. Achievement of a look merely requires the right combination of elements to work with the black leather furniture. These might include other furniture pieces, accessories, materials and colors.

Cozy, Comfy and Clean: Tips for Cleaning Your Leather Recliner

Leather is a natural material. Follow these steps and you can maintain the look and feel of your fine leather furniture for many years.