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Bedroom Design Ideas

The best trend is always to do what makes you happy and comfortable when it comes to your home décor, and most especially your bedroom. Whether you are planning for an overall redesign or adding in individual elements into your bedroom, style inspiration is everywhere and you’ll be sure to find it here. We came up with a few – among many - room designs to consider and we think there’s something on here to match anyone’s style.

Midcentury Modern


Midcentury design was at its height from the 1950s through the 1970s. Clean lines, low and long furniture with thin legs, and an overall streamlined appearance are the key features of this style. It also incorporates modern elements such as geometric patterns, brass, chrome, and pops of bright color. The overall look can be described as uncluttered and chic. Adding accents to your room such as pieces of colorful wall art, vibrant colored decorative pieces, a rounded butterfly chair, or nightstands perched on skinny chrome legs will help wrap up the look. Say hello to the midcentury modern style with these accent pieces.

Glam aka "Hollywood Regency"


The glam look is not for the modest and reserved – it’s full-blown Hollywood glamour. Taken from the glamorous heyday of 1930s Hollywood it represents the glitz, opulence, and the expensive sensibilities of the period. Rounding out the luxurious feeling includes oversized upholstered headboards, chandeliers, furry accent chairs, beaded lamps, and cushy, thick area rugs. You’ll also find luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, satin, lace, suede, and fur. Incorporating mirrored or lacquered furniture is also an essential part of the look for the shimmer and shine. The look of glam is achievable with the Anastasia Bedroom, Valentino Bedroom, and Bellamy Bedroom collections.



Calm, orderly and predictable a traditional designed bedroom is not wild and chaotic. Furniture and accessories match and are consistent. The look is calculated but classic. There is nothing out of place or of a different style. Everything goes together and attains a somewhat casual feel. It is functional, structured, and restful to look at. Furnishings for a traditional room often have smooth and soft edges that blend into the whole furniture piece. Gentle curves are seen in pillows and accessories; fabrics in plain colors, understated stripes, and small all-over patterns are common. This style is comfortable for any age group and many consider this look for its longevity and simplicity. Check out the Richfield Bedroom and the Sheridan Bedroom collections for a glimpse of traditional design.

Modern Farmhouse

In case you were wondering, this isn’t a rough farmhouse, classic country-style look. This style has a different take on farmhouse design and works well in all other rooms in your home. It showcases a combination of classic country, such as distressed wood and finishes and painted wood-clad walls; incorporated with touches of contemporary style such as the use of industrial accessories, soft color schemes, lack of clutter, metal framing and handles. If you are into the traditional country look but also get excited at the thought of modern design, consider the modern farmhouse style with the Salida Bedroom.


Whether you’d like to achieve a dramatic or slight change to your bedroom, consider making changes around your existing furniture. The use of decorative accent pieces, warm metals, strong colors on walls and ceilings, or light fixtures holds a lot more promise with making small changes but with a huge payoff that will completely transform your bedroom aesthetic.

Wood Plank Walls – This on trend wall accent is all the buzz. The look calls for distressed wood paneling with wide boards that look like they came straight from a barnyard. It’s perfect for a focal wall in a rustic modern room filled with contemporary furniture. The result is a bedroom style that is warm and peaceful.

Bold Walls – Another focal-point-inspired trend is painting walls with a strong color such as indigo blue, deep navy, dark gray, or rich browns are what’s currently on trend. Another oldy but goody is a nicely textured or geometric designed wall paper to compliment your bedroom. Strong, bold walls make a strong statement but ironically create a soothing and relaxing environment because of its subdued consistency.

Warm Metals – Copper and gold are having their time in the spotlight with its warm metal look. You may not want to overdo the metallic trend in your bedroom for a little shine goes a long way. Go with a desk lamp, picture or art frames, curtain rods, drawer handles, furniture trim or decorative pieces for pops of metal in your bedroom.

Lighting Fixtures – Another beautiful way to liven things up in your bedroom is adding lighting fixtures. Be it a large or small lighting decor, this look is of a contemporary nature and screams statement piece for its boldness and effect. Style it up by way of a dramatic chandelier, hanging shade, industrial Edison lightbulbs, sculptural fixture, or simply something fun and whimsical.