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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Couch or Sleeper Sofa? We Help You Decide

First Things First: Couch vs. Sofa



If comfort is your top priority, like “I want to sink into a cloud resting on top of a marshmallow cradled in the arms of a plush stuffy sitting atop a mountain of gummy bears” comfortable, then you definitely want a traditional sofa. Sleeper sofas—while far more comfortable than you may remember from your grandma’s house—are generally firmer than standard couches, as they rest atop the firm bed structure.


If cost is an issue, once again a traditional sofa will prevail. They are less expensive, so if keeping more money in your pocket is a priority, then the choice is clear. On the other hand, they make for far less comfortable sleeping for those friends and relatives who show up from time to time.


The truth is, you really needn’t sacrifice style or good looks with either a sleeper or a traditional couch. Both offer great options to suit almost any taste. And remember, style counts with a sleeper sofa because most of the time, it will be in sofa form, and hence needs to line up with your style and enhance your room.

A Sleeper meets the need? Great. A few things to consider.

The beauty of your sleeper sofa is its flexibility. It can go virtually anywhere in the house. Just remember, you’ll need to have room to extend the mattress, so measure first to be sure your space will allow for it.

Lucy Sofa in Linen

Studio Apartment

A great way to get more value out of a studio is to have a sleeper sofa in addition to your bed. And if your space is really small, perhaps the sleeper will replace your bed entirely, giving you more entertaining and living options.

Den or Family Room

Your den is a great spot for a sleeper, as it can easily convert to a guest room with little impact on the rest of the family. It will also provide your guest with a measure of privacy not generally afforded in a living room. A sleeper sofa with a chaise is a great option for a den! Super comfy for stretching out and binge watching your favorite show!

Living Room

While the living room is the obvious destination, remember, if maximum comfort is your priority, be sure to visit a showroom and see which sleeper sofa meets your comfort needs.


While a couch in a bedroom is not the norm, once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Great for browsing the news while enjoying a cup of java, while your significant other comfortably snuggles under the blankets. And if it’s a sleeper, the kids can sleep on it when company comes.

So Many Sleeper Sofa Choices

Sofa and chaise with trundle extension: a great looking option with plenty of lounging space (TIP: leave the trundle extended for extra comfy TV viewing and lounging!)

Sofa with gel cushions for extra comfort: some styles come with gel cushions to make up for the lack of spring support traditional couches can provide

Sofa with memory foam mattress: memory foam mattress provides a higher level of comfort and a better night’s sleep

Did you decide on a conventional or sleeper sofa? Let us know by commenting below, and be sure to check out our selection of living room furniture at Mor Furniture for Less!