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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Kids/Top Tips to Create an Inspired Space for Your Kids

Top Tips to Create an Inspired Space for Your Kids 

Depending on how much time your child spends in their room, the design elements of the room may have an impact on their development. As a parent, you have an opportunity to create a space that is not only a place for them to sleep and play, but an environment that cultivates creativity and inspiration.  

Use Color!

Experts say that the use of bright colors in a child’s space can have an impact on who they are and how they feel. Children associate colors with emotions in the most basic sense. 

Bright colors usually mean happiness to kids, while darker colors are sad. Don’t be afraid to use the most fun colors available and make a mentally and emotionally inspiring room. Also, use white with bright colors to add an element of peace and cleanliness.

It’s not always a good idea to use the most stereotypical colors in a child’s room. Girls don’t always need a pink room and boys don’t always need blue. Instead, try to help your child with colors that compliment them. An overactive child might need calming earth tones. Greens can be uplifting for a child that is depressed or sad.

Accessorize The Room

This is the classic case of form and function versus style and esthetics. Why not have both? When choosing everything from flooring to wall décor, try finding pieces that are both interesting and serve a purpose.

Every kid’s room could use a rug, so why not find a fun, colorful rug that is spill-resistant and easily cleaned? Why provide a regular desk for homework when there are options for desks with plugs, iPod hookups, storage and places to display artwork? There are even pictures and dry erase boards that are colorful and magnetic, making the walls a fun and functional part of the room.