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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Creating The Perfect Guest Room

Creating The Perfect Guest Room

 At some point in our lives we’ve either hosted guests or been a guest. There have been mental notes made of both good and bad stays, pointers you pick up and welcome baskets you try to emulate. We here at Mor have a few tricks up our sleeves, when it comes to house guests we’ve got you “Mor” than covered.

The Linens

What your guests sleep on is very important, just as important as the mattress. So when you’re looking at linens there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Thread count, for example, has typically been held to a high standard, the higher your thread count the better (softer) the sheets. This statement is kind of true but another factor to take into consideration, one that may be even more significant, is the kind of cotton used. Which brings us to our next item, be mindful of what your sheets are made of. 100 percent Egyptian cotton is the best of the best when it comes to bed linens. Pima is another grade of cotton that is a step down from Egyptian, but still very smooth. One last tip on the linens, opt for something with a poly blend since they tend to last a little longer.

Easy on the Decor

Remember your guests are leaving the comforts of their own home behind, crowding the room with unfamiliar things can be a little overwhelming. Instead, keep side tables and dressers clear from clutter. Adorn the nightstand with a clock and if you know what kind of smartphone device your guest uses it would be nice to have an extra charger on hand for them. The dresser should be just as barren. Maybe a vase with fresh flowers, a candle or two and a welcome note. Keep all accents light, this will give the room an airy feeling making it feel spacious and inviting for your guest. Add extra throw pillows to the bed if you’re itching for that little extra decor or add a throw across the bottom of the bed.

Guest Bathroom, Say What?

Recreate the perfect hotel bathroom, choose plush towels, roll them and place them into a basket. Purchase small toiletry items- body wash, shampoo and conditioner and leave on the counter the same way you’d find it in a hotel bathroom. Small touches like these are always a nice gesture and they let your guest know you thought about them. Another small tip we picked up was to leave a little extra TP out, you don’t want your guest to have to go hunting for toilet paper so throw a few extra rolls in with the rolled towels.


These small touches are sure to impress your guests and are applicable all year round. Be sure to check back with Mor Furniture for Less for “Mor” tips on furniture, entertaining and all things home decor.