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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/2024 Trending Dining Room Decor: Achieve Style and Functionality

2024 Trending Dining Room Decor: Achieve Style and Functionality

If you're looking to update a room in your home this year, let's take a look at the dining room. For dining room decor ideas, 2024 trends are in, and we're ready to tackle the project with you. You can get a complete matching furniture set or replace a few pieces to make a huge difference. It's all about style, functionality, and choosing unique pieces this year.

Some people utilize formal dining rooms as a dedicated space in the home, while others prefer a nook in their eat-in kitchen. No matter what style or size of space you're looking to upgrade, it's time to start with trends that will carry over to the new year and beyond.

Your eating space is one of the most crucial areas of your house, condo, or apartment to decorate and furnish. It's the spot where everyone gathers for great conversation and delicious meals in a cozy and inviting space. You want to stay on trend and match the feel of your overall home design scheme while maintaining a welcoming and attractive presence.

At Mor Furniture for Less, we bring you affordable furniture without ever sacrificing style. Our knowledgeable design associates are always standing by to guide you throughout the shopping process. But it's never too early to start browsing and envisioning your updated dining room before it's time to purchase.

Let's start by reviewing the top dining room decor 2024 recommendations from style experts.

1) Antiques Are Back In Style

The past few decades have called for newer, brighter, and more minimalist dining rooms, but that trend is headed out the door. Now it's all about bringing unique pieces back in. But not everyone can head to a good antique store or shop online–because antiques can get expensive quickly.

If this is the case, search for items with that distressed finish that may look like they're from years past but are actually brand new. A great way to incorporate this trend is to look for small accents like centerpiece decor or serving trays that bring the element into your space.

Try something like this, a set of three Elke Antique Cans to arrange in the center of your table. The antique brown and green finish features just the right amount of distressed appearance without looking run-down.

2) Natural Wood Dining Sets Are Taking Over

Glass-topped tables and metal finishes made a blip on the radar for a while. However, to stick with more of an old-time feel, natural wood dining sets are gaining popularity once again. Instead of all-white tables and chairs with straight lines and a sterile feel, deeper colored sets can make the room feel warmer.

You're not limited to wood color, as there's everything from lighter natural grain to deep espresso, so find what speaks to you. Check out this dining room and table set, the Stone Extendable Dining Table, with six chairs. The more ornate curvature design of the table legs and chair backs counter that minimalist trend of the past.

3) Bar Carts Are Making a Comeback

Bar carts were a famous dining room staple during the 1950s, and today people are bringing them back. Excellent for rolling out extra glasses and bottles of wine and spirits and serving as a focal point to add more home accents to the room, they're multi-functional and stunning.

With two shelving levels, the Kailman Bar Car in Gold adds shine and sophistication to your space. Check out the classic martini bar you can create, extra dishes you can neatly store, and more.

4) Greenery Remains Timeless & Stylish

Adding greenery to your space, whether real or faux, is timeless. People have been bringing the outdoors in for many years, as the nature-y feel brightens spirits and makes many feel at peace. It's also a great way to add pops of color to the room. Stylists say this trend is here to stay, but if your plant accents look dull, you can replace them with something fresh and different.

There are countless vases you can use to match your style, where you can DIY your wonderful arrangements or place faux pieces available in stores. For something a little different, try this set of two Mohsen Vases that perfectly complement the Kailment Bar Cart above.

5) A New Trend of Adding Gallery Walls

Creating gallery walls is another relatively new decor trend, and they're a great way to add a feel to your space that's entirely yours. A gallery wall uses different pieces of hanging wall art and decorative shelving that can serve as a focal point, compared to more traditional mirrors people tend to bring in.

The best part about gallery walls is that they're entirely customizable. You can use different shapes, sizes, and themes of hanging pieces to create your arrangement. Whether you prefer to showcase your favorite family photos, landscape images, or prized items you've collected throughout the years, this is an organized yet totally creative way of doing so.

If you're looking for fashionable wall art, we have endless options. Try adding a multi-piece, matching collection like this four-piece Dyani Wall Art with an antique and natural feel.

6) Circular Tables Are Now In for Formal Spaces

Circular tables have been a major trend for compact spaces and eat-in kitchens for quite a while. There are many benefits beyond the design element that draws buyers to them. They tend to be more intimate, as everyone faces each other when sitting, creating a better sense of togetherness and fostering conversation.

Now, they're also making their way into larger, more formal dining rooms, too. Of course, they remain popular in smaller spaces. Try this Hudson Round Dining Set with four chairs to refresh your eat-in kitchen with an airy, light refresh. It incorporates the feel of natural wood and textured upholstery that is on-trend.

6) Benched Seating Continues to Rise

Benched seating in dining rooms first became popular in the early 2000s, but it looks like for this dining room decor, 2024 is keeping it going. There are plenty of options, ranging from distressed wood and with or without backing to match the rest of your room.

Benched seating goes best with square and rectangular tables and is excellent for larger dining rooms with plenty of space. If you're sticking with more natural tones, look at this Roxy Dining Bench that features a classic curvy style and natural-looking, comfy upholstery.

7) Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

When you think of a dining room mirror, you likely envision one large straight-lined piece. While that particular style is on the way out, a different type of mirror is taking its place. Going with the gallery wall theme, adding a collection of funky-shaped, different-sized mirrors in one area ensures your space stays modern without totally letting go of past trends.

You can add different finishing textures, unique frames, and more with this dining room decor idea. Try this Carine Large Mirror as a centerpiece and add around it as you wish. You can still arrange photos and decor as part of the wall, which is the most fun way to create a new style.

This particular piece serves more than just a reflective surface, but also brings an artistic element into the room.

8) Create Statement Lighting In a New Way

Instead of ornate chandeliers, floor lamps, and recessed lighting, try wall sconces in your dining room as a new form of statement lighting. It serves as an excellent accent and provides function at the same time. Turn the scones on with your main lighting for ultimate brightness in the space, or use them alone for a more toned-down feel.

Buy this lighting in sets to place evenly throughout your dining room. They can remain on a new gallery wall or stand-alone. Versatility is a great thing. If you're in the market for wall sconces, this Donnica Wall Sconce is one for consideration–it also matches both the vases and the bar cart for a cohesive look.

9) Playful Color Pops Are Always In

The use of color is one that's held throughout the decades. From the yellows and greens of the 1970s to the pale pinks and blues of the 1990s, people love on-trend colors. You can go bold and paint your walls or dip your toe in by adding small pops of color here and there. A general rule is to ensure the hue of the colors matches (such as navy blue, sky blue, and beige), and pop colors should be used somewhat sparingly to avoid an overwhelming look.

You can add pops of color by using colored placemats, centerpieces, curtains, a colored floor lamp, or vases for your updated greenery. This is another great thing to consider when adding pieces to a gallery wall. For a great color pop, try adding a rug under your table.

This 5-foot by 8-foot Napa Rug presents matching hues of charcoal, black, light blue, and a beige scheme.

For dining room decor ideas, 2024 trends offer some great options to revive your space. Whether you want to take it back in time a little, add some timeless trends, or implement something new, there's no way to go wrong. Envision the dining room of your dreams, and let's bring it to life at Mor Furniture for Less.