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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Tired Today? Your Mattress Could Be to Blame

Tired Today? Your Mattress Could Be to Blame

What are you attributing to your fatigue these days? A long day? Late nights out? There are many reasons why we can feel worn down some days, but a lot of our exhaustion can be traced back to what we sleep on. Sleeping on the right mattress is vital to staying asleep throughout the night and feeling rested during the day. But how do you know if your mattress is the cause of your fatigue? We’ve got some clues that might help you pinpoint the problem.

Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

Pain and muscle aches are all a result of a mattress with uneven surfaces, which keeps your spine out of proper alignment. The pain you feel after sleeping can contribute to the tiredness you feel during the day and can be traced back to your mattress. A firmer mattress might be what you need to combat joint pain and body aches.

Waking Up Tired

If you’re receiving a full night of sleep, but still waking up tired, then your mattress could be the culprit. Chances are, you’re not receiving the proper support while you sleep, causing you to wake up at varying points in the night. Though you may not recall waking up at night, your body will feel the consequences in the morning.

Tossing and Turning

There are times, however, when you are aware that you’re not sleeping throughout the night. If you find yourself switching positions constantly while in bed or have a hard time falling asleep, your mattress may not be right for your body. Tossing and turning is your body’s natural response to relieving pressure points on the body, so if you’re doing it consistently, then your body is lacking the support it needs.

Poor Sleeping Patterns

Insomnia or waking up during the night can be traced back to your mattress, and each of these conditions can cause fatigue during the day. If you’re having trouble falling asleep and then staying asleep, it might be time to purchase a new mattress.


As mattresses age, they tend to accumulate dust and other materials that can cause allergic reactions, and one prominent symptom of allergies is fatigue. If your tiredness is also coupled with shortness of breath, sneezing or itchy eyes, you may want to conduct an allergy test for dust mites on your mattress.