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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Eight Dressers for Women to Maximize Storage and Add Style to Their Space

As much as we all love an organized and spacious closet, sometimes we just need more room for our clothes and accessories! Have you ever spent 20 minutes filing through all your clothes in your closet just to find that one pair of jeans? That's when you know it's time to purchase something else for storage. A high-quality dresser for women is equally helpful to a closet and can also hold your jewelry, makeup, and even personalized trinkets to decorate the space. Also, is there really a better home for your socks and undergarments? 

Not only are dressers multifunctional, with storage space for various items, they can also be fashionable furniture pieces that bring your bedroom to life. They'll get you excited to wake up, pick out an outfit, and look in the mirror before you take on the day. Now, you might wonder, "how do I pick out the right dresser for me?" With so many options and styles to choose from, dresser shopping can feel quite intimidating, but we're here to guide you on some basics to keep in mind when you're looking for one.

What to Look for In a Woman's Dresser

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right dresser for women. You'll want something that fits into your space. You'll want something that matches your aesthetic and complements the room's color scheme. You'll want plenty of storage for your clothes, undergarments, and maybe even some accessories. Lastly, you need to think about purchasing a sturdy piece that can hold a decent amount on top of it and in it.


For starters, when looking for a dresser for women, you'll want to take measurements and figure out the maximum dimensions you can fit into your space. This will save you the headache of it being too big or small. You also need to factor in how much you'll be putting on top of your dresser. Will you hang a jewelry stand? Will you keep a space for makeup, perfume, and lotions? Do you want decor items like flowers, crystals, or little figurines? If the answer is "yes," then you need to consider a dresser that will have plenty of room on top to fit these things. 

Storage Capacity

This sounds obvious, but if you have a lot of stuff, you'll need a lot of space. Some people underestimate how many drawers they'll need or even the size of each individual drawer they'll need in order to make everything fit. You also don't want to have to squeeze things into a drawer; the best way to organize clothes is to have them visible and neatly folded, so it's easier to find what you're looking for! For example, if you know you'll just want drawers to keep things like workout clothes, pajamas, T-Shirts, and thin blouses, then smaller drawers might work just fine for you. But, if you want to store thick sweatshirts, sweaters, and jeans as well, then you'll need to find a piece with more drawers or more space within each drawer. We also recommend designating one category of clothing to each drawer so it isn't confusing!


Are you looking to spice up your space with a vintage or antique piece? Or, do you want something sleek, chic, and modern? Do you see your dresser as the main accent piece in the room, or do you want it to match the color of all the other furniture? It's important to note your vision of the space's aesthetic when searching for a dresser for women. You must also take color scheme into account when looking at the color of your walls, blankets, cushions, pillows, and wall decor in the room. It's important to have pieces complement each other and not clash!


The sturdier, the better! A solid dresser for women should be able to hold not only many clothes in its drawers but also plenty of items on the top surface! Consider investing in pieces that are heavier and built with thicker cuts of wood — these types of dressers can usually hold more and will also be able to support a mirror on top. After all, you certainly don't want something that will collapse. 

Our Collection 

Check out our variety of dressers made in different styles and finishes! 

Bellamy Dresser in White

Whether you want an antique or transitional style, the Bellamy Dresser in White will match your aesthetic. Its tasteful transitional style with a washed wood finish makes it the perfect piece for a vintage vibe. It also includeseight8 drawers to give you all the space you need to store your things. Note how the contrast drawer pulls highlight the details in the dresser and look fantastic, too. One of the best parts? It can go with any accent color!

Versailles Dresser in White

A simple yet elegant welcome piece for any bedroom, this Versailles Dresser in White brings a refined, classic aesthetic to your space. Not only does it have a highly sophisticated style, but also it can store plenty of clothes and more in the six drawers and even includes a versatile center cabinet. Note the soft curves, full return moldings, wood and brass hardware, and bracket feet that make it a standout piece.

Joanna Dresser in White

If you're looking for a piece with some color contrast, check out the Joanna Dresser in White! The light and dark shades of white and brown enhance this dresser's simple design. This dresser for women contains seven drawers with side-mounted ball bearings and molded panel fronts. A brown slab top and bronze-shaded metal pull handles on each drawer contrast nicely with the dresser's white finish.

Glendale Dresser in Platinum

Can't make up your mind between style versus function? You don't have to! Classic beauty and modern functionality meet in this stunning six-drawer Glendale Dresser in Platinum. The dresser is the perfect choice for anyone looking for that combination of fashion and function. This piece also works well for any bedroom or dressing room for any age and pairs perfectly with other pieces from the Glendale Collection in Platinum.

Valentino Dresser in White

Are you looking to modernize your bedroom with crisp, clean pieces? With the Valentino Dresser in White, you'll get a transitional look that's modern leaning and totally of the now. Along with great style, you'll get a great deal of storage whether it's for one person or a couple sharing the storage space.

Tamarack Dresser in Cherry

The Tamarack Dresser in Cherry has beautiful details and plenty of storage space! This piece will make your bedroom feel complete with a stylish place to store your clothing, linens, or accessories. The flat top surface is perfect for displaying photos, trinkets, or jewelry, while the touches on the drawer pulls and legs add a touch of elegance and timeless style. Your room will look more organized when everything has a place!

Anastasia Dresser in Antique Bisque

Looking for an antique piece with simplicity and style? The Anastasia Dresser in White is crafted with elegant touches, premium hardwood, and a washed wood finish. With seven drawers of storage space, it'll hold all the appropriate clothes and accessories. For a complete look, pair this dresser with the Anastasia Mirror in White. 

Stelsie Dresser in Dark Charcoal

Looking for a simple modern piece with a dark shade? The Stelsie Dresser in Dark Charcoal will look right at home in your room. With a shiny black finish and sleek drawer pulls, it looks classy right from the start. It includes six drawers that offer plenty of storage space and a smooth flat top that is perfectly built to hold a stack of books, a jewelry stand, some candles, and even a lamp. It's ready to make your room look fabulous.

Dressers for women are easy to find as long as you know the style, function, storage space, and look you want in your bedroom. Once you make that purchase, you'll have more space for all of your belongings, and you'll have a great talking piece in your bedroom. For more information on dressers, visit the Mor Furniture website to look at your options!