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Home Organization and Storage

Storage to the Rescue!

That’s right. You can’t toss someone else’s joy, but you can stow it. And do it with as much style as possible. Let’s see how we can maximize the usable space and reduce clutter with storage solutions room by room.

The Bedroom

Storage Beds

Simple. Brilliant. Take all that space under your bed that’s collecting dust bunnies and fill it with drawers! Storage beds originated on sailing ships and were called “captains beds.” On ships, space was a very precious commodity. Combining the bed with the dresser was a clever way to save space. We leverage that same cleverness today in the modern storage bed.

Storage beds come in many styles and finishes, from traditional to contemporary, farmhouse to transitional, and in all sizes from twin to king. Consider using these subtle, but very generous storage drawers to stow away seasonal clothing or bedding that might otherwise be in the way.

Remi Storage Bed


Pretty much all nightstands have some drawer storage capacity, but if you find yours running over, you might want to consider cabinet nightstands. Cabinet nightstands will accommodate taller items, such as lotions or bottles, that might otherwise end up on the floor or cluttering the top and getting in the way, or worse, knocked over.

Nightstand Image

Dresser & Chests

Dressers come in more sizes and configurations than ever before. From the number of drawers to a range of styles, your dresser deserves a fresh look if you’re trying to maximize your storage options.

Chests have a narrower footprint and leave more space in the room. They can supplement or replace a standard dresser depending on your needs and space. They come in standard 4- or 5-drawer models, all the way up to 7-drawer chests with built in shelving or closets and other features like swivel bases and hidden mirrors.

Dresser Image

Kid's Bedroom

The same storage solutions that work for your bedroom will work in your kid’s room as well. There are even storage bunk beds!

Bunk Bed Image


Another easy way to get things off the floor is with shelves. Yes, they hold books, but there are also plenty of colorful cube storage bins that will brighten the room and keep building blocks off the floor.

The Living Room

Media Cabinets & Credenzas

Our media cabinets, which range from 32 to 60 inches wide and around 32 inches high, are a great way to store all sorts of things and can serve as a TV console as well. So, while the need to store a library of DVDs or other media may increasingly be a thing of the past, our media cabinets are great for storing dishes or board games, not to mention wine and spirits!

Small media cabinets are great for entryways as well. Pop a bowl on top and have a handy place to drop keys, lose change, sunglasses, and other small items that you’ll want to grab as you dash out the door.

Media Cabinet Image

Storage Ottoman

Sit back, put your feet up, and relax. Not only are you supremely comfortable, but you’re also an extremely space-efficient organizational genius! Stash pillows, blankets, toys, and more while keeping them all in easy reach.

Ottoman Image

Storage Coffee Table 

The coffee table can very stylishly serve as place to store all those things you love to have in your living room, but don’t want to see all the time. Have coasters, board games, books, and magazines at your fingertips without unsightly clutter. (If Marie Kondo stops by, she’ll be none the wiser!)

Coffee Table Image

Storage End Table 

Stylishly bookending your sofa, end tables have long served as impromptu storage devices catching all manner of objects – the perfect way to keep a deck of cards or a ball of yarn at your fingertips, but out of sight. Some even have built-in USB chargers, which won’t help with storage, but will definitely keep your phone from running out of juice.

End Table Image


Once again, bookshelves come to the rescue. Personalize your room with a thoughtful display of books, collectibles, media, artwork, and even favorite toys (we’re looking at you, nerds) that are meaningful to you. Tuck small odds and ends into decorative boxes, and voila – what was once chaos is now artful and organized.

Shelves Image

And there you have it. We can’t all joyfully discard all the stuff that surrounds us, but we can find stylish and subtle ways to store it. Let us know about your storage stories. We’d love to hear them.