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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/How to Choose a Gaming Chair

How to Choose a Gaming Chair

Whether you're an avid gamer or need an office chair to help ease back pain and mobility issues, you might consider investing in a high-quality gaming chair for your office space. After all, sitting for long periods of time can often grow uncomfortable and actually cause more issues in the body — regardless of the activity. Besides, who doesn't want extra comfort? In this guide, we'll discuss the various functions these chairs for gamers serve and take you through the various options we provide in our stores. 

What are Gaming Chairs? 

Although they're technically chairs for gamers, these certainly aren't the only people who can use and, frankly, need these types of chairs in their homes. Originally designed to meet the comfort needs of gamers. The designers have thought through how people who game sit, move, and what they really need out of the chair. They're also designed to allow someone to sit for hours without injury or pain. 

The good news? Pretty much anyone can benefit from using chairs for gamers if they: 

  • Spend hours playing games 
  • Work in an office and want to increase their productivity 
  • Work from home and spend the majority of the time sitting down 
  • Struggle with back pain 
  • Require extra support for mobility issues 

With the market for these chairs expanding, there are a number of options to choose from, no matter your purpose for purchasing these chairs. Some feature more cushion support on the bottom to assist with lower back pain, as well as provide spinal support for the arch of the back, too. Some also have features for neck support so that you can avoid hunching over your desk. Luckily, we have a number of options to choose from that can meet your needs! 

Our Collection

From leather to foam cushioning, we carry multiple different models of chairs for gamers. Here is the guide to what we can offer you!

300 Desk Chair in 301 Black

If you're looking for a new, comfortable, ergonomically designed office chair, then look no further than the 300 Desk Chair in Black. This beautiful model uses cushioning for comfort, sturdy metal framing, and swivel action for arguably the most responsive and versatile chair for gamers you could own. If you want a very professional and clean aesthetic for your office space while maintaining that high-level comfort, this is the product for you! 

300 Desk Chair in 300 Cafe 

The desk chair you choose makes a huge difference in the overall health, posture and comfort of your body — especially your back and legs. The ergonomically designed 300 Desk Chair in Cafe is an ideal choice if you're looking for comfort, improved posture, and a great-looking chair. The swivel, adjustable height, and thick foam padding make your workspace easy to navigate and comfortable. 

300 Desk Chair in Gray 

That work-from-home desk job just got way more comfortable! If you want ultimate comfort, settle into your 300 Desk Chair in Gray and get ready to pivot or swivel your way around the workday and all the tasks it entails. Its comfortable foam seat and padded arms make the 300 Desk Chair in Gray the perfect seat from which to build your great ideas, collect data, run and crush meetings, and impress your boss. Additionally, the neutral fabric color looks great with any type of decor. You can set up your best office space ever and be the boss of your own work world .

300 Desk Chair in Dark Kahlua 

As you know, a comfortable seat is the most important part of your home workspace, so why settle on something plain and simple? You can create your most productive environment while firmly planted in the 300 Desk Chair in Dark Kahlua. You can settle into the foam seat and feel the plush material, while also swiveling in whatever direction you need to go. Padded armrests assist with neck and upper back posture, as well as relieve arm pain to make your work day more comfortable. If you want to look forward to getting down to business each morning, start with your 300 Desk Chair in Dark Kahlua. Plus, the rich brown color looks great and appealing in any home office. 

300 Desk Chair in 310 Black 

Want to feel like your own ultimate boss? In the 300 Desk Chair in 310 Black, you are in complete control of your own professional empire! You will manage your projects in comfort with a great spot to sit. A swivel seat on a metal frame is both strong and supportive while giving you the freedom to turn in any direction so that you can pet your dog while also answering an important conference call. The pad arms and foam seat cushions help create a seat of authority and confidence where you can tackle even the biggest challenges! 

300 Desk Chair in 310 Gray 

Want to be in control of your desk and be the pilot of your own life? Check out the 300 Desk Chair in 310 Gray. It's made with back foam seat cushions that will never move out of place and are styled in a neutral shade. In short, this chair looks like it belongs in your home office. Sitting in a comfortable seat with a strong metal frame gives you extra support and the power to take charge. This way, you can send emails and fill your spreadsheets comfortably.

300 Desk Chair in 317 White 

Lastly, you can make a bold statement with this white desk chair. With its ultra-modern look, the 300 Desk Chair in 317 White presents a progressive style while providing a functional design element. The metal frame allows it to hold up from daily use,  and its ergonomic features — a swiveling chair, all-around back and hip support, and padded armrests — help you work safely.

When you search for your gaming chair, search for something that will give you both comfort and confidence to take on the day! For more information on gaming chairs and selections, visit the Mor Furniture website.