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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Kids/Keeping Your Child’s Room Organized

Keeping Your Child’s Room Organized

If your child enjoys playing (and what child doesn’t?) then chances are their room is not the neatest. Organizing their room can be a challenge, and you may feel stuck trying to figure out the best approach, but we have some proven solutions that will ensure your child’s happiness and your peace of mind. Check them out here!

child storage

Get a Child's-Eye View 

First, you should determine where the storage will be located in your child’s room, but choosing storage options for your child isn’t always the best option since their concept of structure will differ from your own. It’s best to sit down on the floor and decide, from your child’s vantage point, where your child is likely to place their toys. Afterwards, you’ll be able to base all storage options off of your child’s specific needs.

Lower Storage Options

It’s easy to overlook this, but your child will be less likely to put their toys away if the storage bins you’ve set up are out of their reach. Lower hanging rods so that your child can properly hang their clothes. This goes for shelving units too. You can also invest in storage bins that you place on the floor, which can create easier access for children as they pick out and put away their toys.

Label and Designate Everything

Organization will be easier if you have a designated spot for all of your child’s things. Place labels on storage bins and drawers so that your child may easily find what they need in their room. Designated storage areas will also make clean-up easier since children will know exactly where items go, which will make them spend less time putting things away.

label maker

Interchange Toys

To limit clutter, take toys away and store them elsewhere when you notice your child doesn’t play with them any longer. Either donate the older toys or use them again as a replacement for other toys later on. Store these toys in another room to keep from overcrowding your child’s room.

Make a Game Out of Clean-Up

When your child’s room gets messy, set certain times for clean-up to lessen the headache of re-organizing their room. To keep them engaged, turn cleaning into a game by setting a timer to see how fast they can put away their toys. This way, they’re likely to view cleaning as a fun activity rather than a chore.