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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Furniture Care & Maintenance/Keeping Your Furniture Clean in Summertime

Keeping Your Furniture Clean in Summertime

The kids are out of school for the summer, and for you that means there’s more time for them to make a mess in your house. Furniture is always a little tricky to keep clean, so we have come up with 3 tips and tricks to help keep your living room set clean and stain-free this summer.

Vacuum Regularly

And we're not talking about the floor. Keep your couches and chairs free of dust, crumbs, and dirt by frequently taking the time to vacuum them. Doing so every one to two weeks will keep your furniture feeling clean all the time, even with the kids home! Use the upholstery attachment and sweep back and forth all over your furniture. And if you are worried your might vacuum up small toys, coins, or anything else that seems to fall in between your cushions, throw a pair of old tights over the nozzle to ensure nothing is sucked up that could break the vacuum.

Know What Solvent To Use

Do not cut the tags off your furniture! There are too many fabrics types to know which cleaning solutions are safe to use, and which are not. When a spill occurs, take a few seconds to check the tag before grabbing a random cleaning solution. There will be a big letter marked somewhere on the tag: W, S, WS, or X. The W stands for a water-based solution, and the S stands for a water-free solution. The WS means either a water-based or water-free solution will work, and the X means it must be professionally cleaned. Knowing what these letters mean will not only help keep your furniture clean, but keep it lasting longer! This is also great to know when purchasing furniture, as the pieces with an X on the tag will be a little more demanding.

Whining & Wine

With the kids home more often in the summer, there can be a little more stress in the house. This may call for a glass (or two!) of wine. But while they run around the house, spills can easily occur. The first thing to remember when there’s a wine stain is not to rub it. Blotting will help soak up some of the liquid without spreading around. After blotting, pour a generous amount of salt on top of the stain. This helps absorb the liquid faster than using another piece of fabric. Keep the salt on as long as it continues to soak up the red wine. If you’re able to wash the fabric, then do so. If not, go over the area with a mixture of dish soap and warm water.

With countless opportunities for spills and accidents this summer, it’s hard to keep up! Mor offers a simple solution to this problem with our Safeguard Furniture Protection. Keep your furniture stain free, and your life just a little bit easier. Come by Mor Furniture today to hear all about it!