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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Furniture Care & Maintenance/Leather Care Tips from SafeGuard

Leather Care Tips from SafeGuard

Leather furniture is beautiful, durable—and comfortable! Routine maintenance can keep it looking and feeling like new for years to come.


Smart leather care starts the day your leather furniture is delivered.

Protecting your leather with SafeGuard Leather Protector when it is new will extend its life by shielding it from daily exposure to the dust and soil that are a part of normal life—just as important, it provides a protective barrier against potentially damaging penetrating stains that can happen, no matter how careful you are!

SafeGuard Leather Protector never changes the look or feel of leather, and because it improves stain and soil resistance, even routine cleaning is easier and more effective. When applying to leather that is not new, clean first with SafeGuard Leather Cleaner, allow to dry, and follow up with SafeGuard Leather Protector after each cleaning.

When cleaning and protecting your leather, be sure to follow usage instructions carefully. Leather finishes show significant variation based on the type of leather and the type of finish on the leather, so test in a hidden area before applying any leather product to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Always use a light circular motion and avoid rubbing.


To keep leather looking its best, routine cleaning is important. SafeGuard Leather Cleaner contains no dulling waxes, oils or additives—the kinds of materials that are often present in "all-in-one" cleaner/conditioners—which can interfere with cleaning, and even cause dirt to become trapped in the leather. SafeGuard Leather Cleaner is strong enough to handle even serious stains and spills, but gentle enough for routine maintenance. SafeGuard recommends cleaning your leather 6-12 times per year. After each cleaning, always re-apply SafeGuard Leather Protector.

SafeGuard Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector are available in either a convenient, resealable, 20-wipe pack, or in an 8.5 oz. bottle. For even greater convenience, SafeGuard Leather Care Kits include everything you need to keep your leather looking its best for years to come!

Basic Leather Care Tips

Rotate cushions and pillows. Daily wear and tear, and especially sun exposure, can cause leather to fade or wear. Rotating cushions regularly helps ensure that leather "ages" evenly.

Leather needs dusting, too! Just as it does elsewhere, dust settles on leather surfaces. Over time, dust can etch or scratch the finish on leather upholstery. It is important to dust often, especially between applications of cleaning and protection products. SafeGuard's Ultimate Dusting Cloth is ideal for routine dusting of leather furniture. It is specially treated to pick up and hold onto dust without the need for dusting sprays. Soft and 100% cotton, it's washable and reusable—it's gentle on the finish, and leaves no lint or dust-attracting residue!