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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Furniture Care & Maintenance/Preventing Stains, Nicks and Cracks on Wooden Table Surfaces

Preventing Stains, Nicks, and Cracks on Wooden Table Surfaces

Wooden tables can add a timeless feel to your home. They are both elegant and valuable, which is why many owners of wooden pieces work tirelessly to keep them like new. With time, though, wood can fall victim to weather changes and accidents at home such as spilled water, dropped utensils and other ailments. Wood can easily become stained, nicked, or cracked.

Fixing these damages can be time-consuming without much promise of remedy. But with vigilance and preventive tactics, you can preserve your table’s quality and functionality.

Preventing Stains

Watermarks are the most common way wooden surfaces become stained, but one benefit for you is that they don’t show up overnight, giving you plenty of time to avert any damage. To prevent water from leaving its mark, place a barrier in between your table and any liquids. Coasters, placemats and tablecloths are all effective ways for keeping watermarks at bay. Other measures include liquid furniture polish or wax that can protect the finish on your wood table.

Preventing Nicks

Nicks and scratches in wood tables tend to come from haphazardly-placed accessories or tabletop items. To protect your table surface, make sure the bottoms of any table accessories use felt pads as a guard against any scratches. If you currently have nicks in your table, polishes like Old English Scratch Cover work to hide these damages in a variety of wood furnishings.

Preventing Cracks

Cracked wood can result from furniture that has been improperly cleaned or cared for as well as weather climates like direct sunlight or excess humidity. To keep your wooden table from cracking, practice regular maintenance like dusting with a damp rag or vacuuming with a brush attachment. This will keep dirt from building up. Homemade cleaning solutions, like those offered by SF Gate, will also keep the wood in your table soft and durable.

It’s also important to place wooden tables out of direct sunlight and to regulate humidity levels in your home. Drastic temperature changes can cause wood to expand and contract, resulting in cracks.