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Building Beds for Kids with Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Build Day with Mor Furniture & SHP San Diego North County

In collaboration with the Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) San Diego North County chapter, the Mor Furniture corporate division joined forces for a Build Day dedicated to constructing beds for children. The Mor Furniture Miramar showroom parking lot served as the venue on a sunny Saturday morning, witnessing the local SHP chapter's arrival with their self-sufficient team of volunteers and partners. The collective effort was truly remarkable — from the seamless setup of workstations to the guidance provided to volunteers in building bed components, and the thorough cleanup that left no traces behind.

A special acknowledgment to the Teen Volunteers in Action group for their valuable contribution, resulting in the construction of a total of 25 beds on such a successful day. This partnership proved to be both triumphant and deeply fulfilling.

Visit the Sleep in Heavenly Peace San Diego North County chapter page for upcoming build or delivery days, and for more information on contribution opportunities.

The SHP Mission

With the mission to provide a better night's sleep for children in need, Sleep in Heavenly Peace believes that every child deserves a safe and comfortable place to lay their head. Across the United States, countless boys and girls find themselves without a bed or even a pillow to rest on. These unfortunate children often resort to sleeping on couches, blankets, and even bare floors, impacting their overall well-being and happiness.

Enter Sleep in Heavenly Peace — a dedicated group of volunteers committed to crafting, assembling, and delivering high-quality bunk beds to children and families facing such hardships. This organization has experienced consistent growth over time, fueled by the collective passion to make a difference. With a vision that transcends geographical boundaries, Sleep in Heavenly Peace is actively working on establishing additional chapters in various states, aiming to extend their reach and support to more individuals in need.At SHP, the belief is firmly held that a bed is not just a luxury but a fundamental requirement, providing essential physical, emotional, and mental support crucial for a child's well-being. Recognizing that the need for beds transcends local boundaries and extends to a national scale, SHP proactively seized the initiative. As a national organization, it responds to the widespread issue, standing ready to address the national problem of children lacking adequate beds and bedding.

Continued Expansion

The organization boasts over 270 local chapters across the nation, and its reach is expanding with a recent foray into Canada. Facilitated by a devoted team of community volunteers and supported by donors ranging from individuals to school shop classes and numerous local businesses, the organization has successfully constructed thousands of beds. Through these collective efforts, they are spreading joy by providing children with safe and warm sleeping spaces.

For donation or volunteer opportunities, visit Sleep in Heavenly Peace to find your local chapter.   

Help spread the SHP motto:

If a child needs a bed, we want to make sure they get one.