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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Tips for Choosing the Best Space Saving Dining Tables

The Best Space-Saving Dining Tables

The dining table is the ultimate furniture piece in every home. Not only does it serve as the quintessential gathering place for both eating and socializing, but it often serves as a space for additional activities such as homework, arts and crafts, and board games. Because it's one of the few foundational items in your house that receives repeated daily use, you want your dining table to fit your needs, both functionally and in relation to the size of the room it's in.

Many homeowners would love to be able to purchase the dining table of their dreams based on its décor style and features alone, but the reality is that there is a lot more that goes into selecting a suitable option than just your personal tastes and preferences. The majority of people require a space-saving table and chairs that can accommodate the specific dimensions of their kitchen or dining room. The more versatile the design and components are, the wider the range of families that can utilize these pieces in their homes.

We know you can find the space-saving dining table you've always envisioned for your room with Mor Furniture. When you have a look at our extensive inventory, you'll begin to see why so many people are looking to upgrade their furnishings shop with us. We offer the best prices on premier brands and styles, and we're so certain that you'll be getting the lowest cost with us that we offer each customer our Double-the-Difference Guarantee. This means if you find the same item for cheaper at a local competitor within 30 days, we'll not only match the difference, we'll double it.

In today's furnishing guide, we'll explore the various dining tables we offer at Mor Furniture, and all of the factors you should consider before upgrading your existing piece to one that suits your taste and needs. With these insights, you'll be able to choose a stylish and functional table that checks all your boxes.

The Appeal of a Space-Saving Dining Table in Your Home

No two households are ever the same, so whether you're considering the number of people who live with you or the amount of space you have to work with, a dining table with versatile capabilities can make all the difference. You'll want your selection to have a harmonious feel in relation to the room dimensions, but you'll also want to factor in the range of uses your table may serve.

If you have a larger family, multiple roommates, or just enjoy entertaining regularly, chances are that you will be looking for a table with a larger seating capacity. But what if you don't really have the square footage for an eight-person table? Fortunately, many furniture companies have heeded this all-too-common request, incorporating ways to adjust their dining table to fit the requirements of the particular circumstance.

Another fairly obvious reason that space-saving tables have become increasingly sought after is that many of us live in smaller living quarters. Due to a limited amount of surface area to fit into, these dining tables generally have to be a specific length at their longest, but having the ability to reduce the size to create even more room in the area is highly beneficial for many.

A final and extremely practical reason to switch to a dynamic table in your dining area is so that it can serve multiple purposes — sometimes even at once. A dining table is often a place where projects are accomplished, mail and bills are evaluated, kids do various activities and much more. You may even work from home and use your dining table for that, in addition to setting up for dinner without moving your equipment. We all desire a solid table in our home, so let's examine the most important things you should be looking for in a quality piece.

Qualities to Look For in a Versatile Dining Table

There are at least five components to a dining table that you'll want to evaluate before making a purchase. 

Construction Material

Dining tables can be pretty substantial pieces of furniture, both in their weight and overall size. Depending on the material it's comprised of, they can be hundreds of pounds, especially when they're constructed with high-quality solid wood or contain multiple pieces such as a marble tabletop. 

Depending on your design theme and the color scheme of the room you're placing your table in, you may be limited to a certain type of material that matches your aesthetic, but luckily, many construction elements now come in a variety of textures and finishes that can help embolden a space.

Another aspect to consider when deciding on the makeup of your dining table is the care and maintenance that are required over the course of ownership. This can be determined by factoring in the wear and tear you envision your table undergoing, as an expanding family with young kids will certainly have different expectations and needs than that of a single bachelor or retired couple.

The Lakeview Dining Table shown here combines a natural wood base with a swirling marble tabletop for a clean, modern look. However, you can tell just from its stature how sturdy it is, while also boasting mixed materials to bring character to your space.

Shape, Size, and Stability

While most homeowners tend to have a preferred shape in mind for their dining table, some particular details and variations can provide additional flair that switches things up when upgrading your fixture. For instance, you may love the length of a rectangular shape for your room, but want to avoid sharp corners to ensure the safety of some family members. In this case, you can elect for an elongated oval shape instead, helping you accomplish both goals.

Whether you're contemplating square or circle, rounded or sharp edges, or height from the ground, you'll still need to assess the size of the table. If it's adjustable, remember to factor in the full extensions as well. It's important to make sure you leave adequate space for chairs, and you will want to be able to navigate around the room comfortably, so don't forget to measure other furnishings to get a better idea of the full surrounding area.

Not only is this Bixby Oval Dining Table complete with beautiful solid wood veneers, but it also comes with a fully removable 18" extension slat and additional storage shelves below. Its traditional style and espresso color allow it to integrate into many homes, but the leaf insert gives it flexibility in size.

You'll also want to consider how sturdy a dining table will be in regard to the particular types of legs and feet that it stands on while also factoring the type of flooring in. Having a level, balanced surface is one of the most vital requirements of a great dining table, so you don't want to make the mistake of choosing an item that's too light or can't support your needs.

Design Style and Finishes

Interior design has different levels of importance to everyone, but making sure your décor aligns with the overall style within your home is a pretty common principle to follow. Some people prefer a classic configuration and natural finish, while others lean toward more contemporary options that offer sleek outlines and unique details. Each of these styles transforms the room in a different fashion, but the greater aesthetic in the layout of your home may dictate your choices.

In the category of versatile and transitional dining tables that can fit in with more than one décor theme, look to rustic, industrial, or mixed material designs. These pieces often transcend a specific era or blend characteristics from a few different trends, but ultimately, these can be some of the more stylish designs you will encounter.

Adjustable Capabilities

Perhaps the most crucial component of a space-saving dining table is its ability to be adjustable to suit your needs. These include the ability to extend or retract in length using removable or drop leaves or other alterable mechanisms. It could also mean they go up and down in height, which can be particularly useful when you enjoy a style and are able to set it at the optimum level from the beginning.

The beauty of features that adjust is that they give you the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to accommodate various amounts of people depending on the occasion. Sometimes, you will need the extensions just so you can serve your food buffet-style and other times; it will keep you from having to pick up your entire craft project just to eat dinner yourself. On the contrary, when you're hoping to maximize your space or need to adjust to a new room after a move, these tables can help make life easier.

The Meadow Extendable Dining Table is a perfect example of a modern fixture that boasts straight lines, but you almost hardly notice it has extendable capabilities at first glance. With 16" retractable leaves on each side, you can easily unveil one or both ends to achieve the surface area you need. The grey, natural acacia wood also fits with many styles, from transitional to minimalist.

Additional Storage Options

A final aspect to think about when searching for an efficient dining table for your home is additional storage capabilities. While these features won't be quite as common as many of the others, built-in storage can be incredibly helpful and a great way to consolidate the items you frequently use in your dining room. If you don't have space for a buffet to store cutlery or tablecloths, drawers, shelves, and different compartments in the base of your table can provide a refuge for these household items.

If you're looking for ultimate versatility, look no further than the Bay Creek Dining Table. Not only does it have expansion abilities up to 80", but it also contains a four-door storage compartment for all your extra dishware. There are even wooden slats above that make an ideal spot for keeping wine you plan to use for entertaining. With numerous colorways available, from a crisp white to a grey and nutmeg finish, this dining table is as much a statement piece as it is an efficient fixture. 

Shop Space Saving Tables at Mor Furniture for Less

If you're hoping to upgrade your home's dining room to a more stylish and functional piece that fits your dynamic space, shop the dining tables at Mor Furniture today to see our extensive collection. We guarantee to offer designs and features that will complement any home and budget. Visit one of our showrooms, or shop online today with Mor Furniture for Less.