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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/The 3 Pieces You Should Be Investing in for Your Home

The 3 Pieces You Should Be Investing in for Your Home

Finally, you’ve made it. Adulting at it’s finest and you’re ready to start making big kid purchases when it comes to your home. Where do you start? What do you spend the big bucks on first and how do you determine what you’ll spend the bulk of your budget on? All great questions. Mor Furniture is streamlining the answers for you and we’ve got our top three suggestions for you on what you should be investing in for your home.

Investment Number One: The Armchair

It doesn’t matter what your living situation is, studio apartment or house in the burbs, a great armchair is an essential investment piece in the game of life. If you live in a smaller space it can stand in for a sofa and easily be moved into a larger home without having to worry too much about space.

When you’re choosing the right armchair for you, comfort is key! You’ll want to purchase the best armchair you can afford. Keep in mind Mor offers amazing deals on financing so you’ll be able to get a great chair that will last your from downtown apartment to family home. When you’re choosing the right option for you, it makes sense to stick with neutral upholstery.

What’s your style? You’ll want to decide if you like more of a traditional design or something a little more modern. It’s also nice to think about longevity, is your armchair in a style that will easily transition from one life phase to the next? If you’ve got more of a traditional style we’ve got a few tips for choosing an armchair that will last. Look for a chair that feels heavy, this is a sign of quality construction. Welting or piping where the upholstery meets the legs is another way to ensure quality in a chair as well as turned wood legs and a kiln-dried hardwood frame.

Investment Number Two: The Sofa

While there's a time and a place for the infamous craigslist sofa, that time is not now. You’re putting the starving college days to rest and Mor Furniture is getting you a sofa you’d be proud to show off, sans the duct tape and loose screws. Since the sofa tends to be one of the larger pieces in your home it’s smart to play it a little safe. You’ll want to stick with the classics here, think shape, high-quality construction and, again, a neutral color.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you’ve got to invest in an uptight sofa, just don’t go for todd shapes in a metallic velvet. A couple of things you CAN choose from- do you want a tight back or loose cushions? Take your time and test out different options, see what style you’re most comfortable with. The tight back will look a little more formal while the loose cushions give a more relaxed vibe.

Next, it’s time to think about what shade of neutral you’re after. Do you want dark or light upholstery? Remember, the lighter the color the more maintenance; however, if you get something with removable slip covers this really simplifies things and reopens your options.

A word of warning, beware of sofas that are too site-specific. Meaning, think twice before spending a ton of money on something that may not work or fit in another home or apartment. And above all, make sure you’ll be able to easily clean the sofa. Accidents do happen.

Investment Number Three: The Dining Room Table

In some cases, the dining room is the center of the home. This is where meals are had and good conversation occurs. Choose something that is right for your lifestyle. You can never go wrong with a farmhouse style table unless you’re living in a downtown studio. Then you’ll want to opt for something that scales a little better with the space you’ve got, but don’t mistake us- just because you have a small space doesn’t mean that a dining table is out of the question. On the contrary, you could always invest in a table with removable leaves. This way it will fit in with your current situation and when you upgrade to a larger living space you’ll be able to take it with you and voila, functional table.

Mor Furniture will not only set you up with a great table, but our deals get better when you purchase in sets. Sometimes that means you’ve got to take the chairs that go with a table. If you’re really loving the mismatched chair look that’s so popular right now we recommend our Meadow Rustic dining room not only does it have leaves like we talked about above, but there is the option for bench seating. It’s the perfect way to accommodate many guests at the table while still staying on trend.

So if we had to choose what three pieces of furniture to invest in, it would have to be the armchair, the sofa and of course the dining room table. But as we said above, Mor Furniture offers better deals when you purchase in sets. So that means you can afford to get the entire kit and caboodle. Lucky for you because the armchair usually comes with the sofa. So head to your closest Mor Furniture or go over to and get shopping.