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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Transforming Your Bedroom into a Serene Retreat

Design Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom into a Serene Retreat

Creating a bedroom that gives you the feeling of a serene retreat is one of the best things you can do. It helps you relax, release stress and tension, and ease your mind at the end of a long day. On those rainy days, you'll feel cozy and at peace, surrounded by everything meant to soothe. Of course, ensuring you get a good night's sleep every night is also essential. Having a relaxing environment is the key to this experience.

Taking into consideration things like furniture, decor, lighting, temperature, and the noise level in the room are among the most important things to keep in mind. This is how you design a truly serene retreat in your bedroom.

According to the American Sleep Foundation, these elements connect directly to other aspects of your life. They can affect your overall health, mood, and concentration level throughout the day. Your bedroom is truly the room that sets the tone for how you'll live day to day.

Here are six things you can do to turn your bedroom into a serene retreat.

Adjust the Lighting as Necessary

By now, you've probably heard that you should put down and turn off all electronics, like the television, at least an hour before going to bed. Many bedrooms feature overhead fixtures, like fans with harsh bright lights. While this may not come to mind initially, these bright lights can also affect your circadian rhythm and lead to poor sleep.

Instead, there are other options to add lighting to your room without the intense shine of the TV, phone, or overhead lights. Using softer table lamps on your nightstand or dresser can help soothe you in the evening as you read or relax. This charming Magan Table Lamp, for example, adds an excellent decor element to your space while also giving off that soft hue of lighting you need.

You can also choose a floor lamp if your space allows, like this Joplin Floor Lamp that has calming light shades.

Consider the Temperature of Your Room

Many people find themselves tossing, turning, and waking during the night due to overheating. Whether you're constantly turning your pillow over or kicking off heavy blankets, we get it. Waking up sweaty and uncomfortable just doesn't have a serene oasis vibe.

If you find yourself in this position, it can be complicated if you have a significant other or kids in the house who prefer the warmer end of the thermostat. One solution is to keep a throw blanket on hand that you can use instead of a heavy down comforter on the nights you need it.

The Leonita Throw Blanket in Black and White is a great option. A polyester and chenille blend makes it soft and elegant, and spans 50 inches by 60 inches. When you're done using it, fold it at the foot of the bed as added decor or drape it nicely over a chair for easy storage.

Make Sure Your Mattress Meets Your Needs

Not all mattresses are the same. They range in firmness level from ultra-soft to ultra-firm. If you frequently wake up with back or neck pain or stiff, painful joints, you may not have the best mattress for you. It's also important to note that all beds have a lifespan. If you find that your mattress is beginning to sink or become lumpy, it's time to replace it.

At Mor Furniture for Less, our SleepMor department is here to help you find the right mattress. Determining factors can include chronic health conditions like arthritis or even your preferred sleep position. For example, some mattresses are better than others for side sleepers versus stomach sleepers.

Check out our line of brand-name mattresses, and find one that suits you best. We even have products like the Malouf Sleeptite IceTech Pillow protector, to help with the constant pillow turning.

Bring In Decor That Speaks to You

One of the most essential parts of creating a bedroom that's your serene retreat is to pick the right decor. You want items like accent pillows, duvet covers, tabletop decor, wall hangings, curtains, rugs, and greenery that make you feel relaxed and happy. Choose a color palette you love, whether it's a selection of pastel hues or deep emeralds and greens; whatever colors soothe, you are right for your oasis.

Stylists do recommend that you stay away from colors that may be overly bright. For example, lime greens, bright reds, and oranges may not promote a relaxing space.

Add Plush Accents

But bedroom decor goes far beyond your bedding and paint colors. If you have hard floors, adding a plush rug in the appropriate size can make a huge difference, as your feet touch a soft surface upon waking. Take this Luxe Shag Rug in Ivory. Neutral enough to blend in with virtually any color scheme, it gives off a luxurious look and feels like you're placing your feet on cloud 9.

Hang Wall Art

Wall hangings also add to your style. If you're into nature, soothing landscape canvases, or eye-catching abstracts, choose one that puts your mind at ease, and you love to look at each night. This Shaydunn Sun Wall Art is great for glam rooms, rooms with nature elements, and for those who appreciate abstract art.

Incorporate Nature

Bringing greenery into any space can make you feel more at ease. The feeling of bringing nature inside and within reach makes many feel happier and more in touch with their roots. A great way to do this in a bedroom you're turning into a serene retreat is to use faux greenery that doesn't require maintenance. This Glory Orchard accent is a fan favorite that you can place anywhere in your room.

Succulents are popular more now than ever, but their care can seem overwhelming. With this Alverio Succulent, you can stay on-trend by simply setting and forgetting it while it remains looking brand new and fresh.

If you want to be even more bold, add this Tree Topiary Preserved Boxwood that stands nearly three feet tall. It's great to place in corners or next to large pieces of furniture like armoires or vertical-stacked chests of drawers.

Declutter and Re-Organize

The number one source of room sense is how much clutter tops surfaces and objects that look disorganized and thrown wherever instead of carefully placed. A cluttered area can overwhelm your eyes and mind, leaving you feeling stressed about having to clean up all the time.

Instead, make sure that every object has a home. You can do this in many ways. Find a bed frame with under-bed storage drawers, add a shelving unit to the room, or get nightstands and bedside tables with cabinets and drawers.

Try this Elea Wall Shelf to place trinkets, books, and photos in an organized fashion. Not only does it accomplish the goal, but it adds a fun accent to the room.

If you need more than a few small shelves and are looking for more substantial storage, you can add this Costa Del Sol Nightstand with two storage drawers. It even comes with a built-in USB port for easy electronic charging.

Still, you may need more closet space and need something much larger to hold clothing, extra bedding, and more. If that's the case, consider adding an armoire or standing chest, like the Calloway Chest in White, to meet all your needs.

Have Fun with It

Now we've covered the basics, but you can do more to turn your bedroom into a serene oasis if you have space. Try adding a piece of decorative furniture, like the Adelphie Pouf. Use it as a place to sit or just as decor. It's warm and inviting and adds a nice element of texture to your space.

Adding accent pillows is another fun way to make your room comfortable and can tie the space together. Accent pillows can make the room look more personal and cohesive. Choose one that matches your area's color and decor scheme to complete the look. Try this Janah Pillow in Pink if you love pastels, or the Emmy Accent Pillow in Cadmus Ivory if you love fun shapes in a neutral color palette.

Order two to create a symmetrical pattern on your bed.

At Mor Furniture for Less, we're dedicated to bringing you the most stylish furniture and home accents at the lowest prices around. Turn your bedroom into a serene oasis with a few simple changes and additions for a space you really love. Experience the ultimate sense of relaxation every time you enter, and get the best night's sleep of your life every night.

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