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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Kids/Updating a Kid’s Room to a Teenager’s Haven

Updating a Kid’s Room to a Teenager’s Haven

As children grow, so too do their interests, which means they are bound to get tired of the cute wallpaper you put up when they started crawling. At some point, your child may want to update the décor in their room to reflect their evolving tastes. In order to turn a room makeover into a fun project for you and your teen, we’ve compiled a list of steps to help transform a dated kid’s room into a refreshing teen space.

Choose a Theme

A theme helps tie a room’s décor together, and it can also give you a better idea of what to shop for when you’re re-decorating. If your teen knows they want to update their room, but is unsure of how they want to make changes, have them find inspiration by collecting online images or magazine clippings that reflect their style. Plenty of design blogs are available with style suggestions, or it might even be helpful to have your child choose the furniture they desire and design their room around it.

Go Shopping!

Based on your new theme, you’ll now have a better idea of what furniture you’ll need to create the right space. Your theme will also help you organize a budget for shopping. Make a list of the furnishings you think you will need and get started! Be on the lookout for online promotions or garage sales that may have trendy furniture for an affordable price.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Once you have an idea of what you’re going to redecorate with, get the messiest part out of the way and start painting! Paint swatches from hardware stores can help you decide which color will look best, and you can also sample the paint beforehand to make sure it’s what your teen likes. If there’s wallpaper to remove first, use a putty knife to lift up the edge of the paper, then lift and pull the bottom of the strip until it comes off completely. Afterward, you can apply a coat of primer to begin the painting process.

Rearrange the Furniture You Have

You’ll be surprised at how much rearranging furniture can create a completely new vibe in a room. So before you go shopping for something new, see what old furniture you can incorporate into your child’s design plan by moving it to a different location or updating it with more current accents. A nightstand from your teen’s childhood days may look as good as new when dressed with a modern lamp, for instance.

Do You Need New Lighting?

Something as simple as new light fixtures can really update a space without creating a huge expense. Replacing child-like table lamps with café string lights can add a mature ambiance to your teen’s room, along with floor lamps that offer a unique design element. If there’s a desk in the room, a table lamp can still be used for homework or reading.

Add Childhood Accents

Although your teen may want a complete room makeover, they’ll still want a room that’s personally their own. You can personalize a room by keeping some childhood furnishings and using them as decoration. Baby photos and stuffed animals may no longer be the focal point of the room, but they can certainly be used as a decorative accent throughout.