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What Is a Chofa?

If you're sitting back on your couch and wondering, "What is a chofa?" You're not alone. However, despite not knowing the term, you're probably familiar with what one looks like. This is actually a portmanteau for sofas that feature a chaise lounge on the end, and these adaptable furniture items have become increasingly popular in homes of all types.

In this blog, we'll discuss why chofas are one of the hottest décor trends of late, and how to choose which size, material, color, and functionality to best fit your living space.

The Rise in Appeal of Chofas

Chaise lounges have long been considered a stylish and relaxing form of seating, and they have evolved from being found exclusively in luxury places to becoming a mainstay in living rooms everywhere. Because they come in a variety of shapes and designs and are able to adapt to a wide range of spaces, it's not hard to see why they're so attractive. But that's not the only thing that makes them versatile. Some chofas even come with the ability to be rearranged, even occasionally offering a storage option in the chaise lounge portion.

The real appeal of a chofa is its comfort — because what would a satisfying sofa be if not snug and inviting? With a combination of regular couch seating and a chaise lounge attached at either or both ends, you have the ability to seat a lot of people without cluttering the room. Alternatively, anyone who wants to really stretch out doesn't have to turn to a recliner or ottoman to put their feet up. All in all, these furnishings are extremely stylish and applicable in many contemporary settings, making them a common sight in modern interior design.

The Oracle chofa comes in numerous customizable designs to fit your home's color scheme. It comfortably seats four and includes oversized cushions and easy-to-clean fabric.

Chofa Styles and Designs Available

A signifying quality of the chofa is that it acts as a traditional sectional, meaning it's comprised of multiple components making up the larger furnishing as a whole. The key piece is a chaise lounge, which can be added to as little as a loveseat or as much as a full-size sofa, where occasionally, in homes with bigger spaces, you may even find a chaise on both sides. Some chofas will come with reclining capabilities on the opposing end if they don't feature a dual-chaise, and for those who really love multifunctionality, there are even certain models which come with a pullout bed built in. 

While chofas typically adhere to a general form and function, there are quite a variety of styling options to choose from. Traditional pieces tend to consist of microfibers, soft cushioning, and higher seat backs. More modern and contemporary pieces lean into sleek shapes and minimalist designs, often featuring more high-quality textiles like expensive fabrics and even vegan leathers. 

This Maderla chofa in walnut showcases a sophisticated look and seating space for the whole family. Its strong wood frame and durable polyester fabric make it primed to withstand years of repeated daily use.

It's also important to consider the seat composition, as some people may be allergic to down cushions, so you'll want to elect foam, gel, or another material to ensure maximum comfort. The same goes for the type of seat back you prefer. Loose back, loose cushion, semi-attached, and tight back frameworks are the most common, but some chofas come with customizable options as well.

Implementing the Perfect Chofa in Your Home

Picking the right chofa for your home begins with choosing the appropriate size for your room. Once you figure out just how much space you're working with, the next step will be to determine whether a right- or left-facing arrangement will work best in your given area. This will largely be decided by considering the part of the room it will be set in and where the traffic flows in and out of it. 

The next crucial factor you'll need to contemplate is the functionality you're hoping to have in your home, whether it's maneuverability, storage, reclining, or pullout sofa capabilities. Some furniture companies will offer multiple models of chofas that include at least one or more of these features, while more cost-effective styles will come in a standard structure that emphasizes comfort above all else. 

The Cavala chofa is an example of a power-operated model that features reclining back and leg functions for the two seats. The chaise lounge can also recline its seat back, with all movement adjusted with a simple remote control.

The Pasadena full pullout is an excellent example of a stylish piece that also doubles as a functional bed when guests come to visit. Not only is the Brimfield Denim fabric upholstery easy to care for but there's even additional storage underneath the chaise lounge.

A final point that everyone shopping for a chofa should examine is how the furniture correlates with the rest of the living room. By this, we mean how it fits in with the overall interior design, its role as seating, and its proportions in relation to other furnishings in the surrounding area. The more cohesive style and feel you're able to pull together, the more inviting an atmosphere you'll be able to facilitate. A great balance between comfort and aesthetic design always makes for the ideal lounging space.

If you're in the market for a stylish chofa to help complete your living room, den, or other entertaining areas, shop with Mor Furniture today and see our wide selection of inventory both in-store and online. With our Double-the-Difference Guarantee, we can assure you won't find a better price on a chofa anywhere else.