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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/What Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

What Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

If you’re looking to redesign your home with interior décor that has a classic feel while still presenting modern flare, you’re most likely in the market for mid-century modern furniture. These iconic designs made their presence known throughout the mid-20th century as they became increasingly popular around the world. And while these styles have evolved into more minimalist and industrial forms in the present day, nothing will ever take away from the charm and inviting nature of this class of furnishings.

At Mor Furniture, we have a substantial inventory of mid-century modern furnishings for every room in the house, whether you’re redecorating your living room to maximize space or curating your new home office to be a sanctuary. What’s even better is that with our Double-the-Difference Guarantee*, you can be sure you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

In this blog, we’ll examine what makes mid-century modern furniture so timeless, explain how to incorporate it tastefully into your home, and examine the range of pieces in this category.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture 101

At this point, mid-century modern furniture may as well be associated with quintessential Americana. Making its mark primarily from the 1930s to the 1960s, this distinct style of interior décor captivated the nation after homeowners pivoted toward cozier furnishings that allowed for more expression in comparison to the ritz and glamour of trends during the Roaring Twenties. Its iconic shapes and craftsmanship were largely attributed to the Bauhaus School of Art and Architecture in Germany, which pushed the limits of modern furniture design internationally.

This was a contentious time in the world, but the “American Dream” was just being realized, and family homes were beginning to break away from the traditional ornate décor of the past while embracing items with a more sleek feel and enhanced functionality. Though we’re well into the 21st century now, mid-century modern furniture is still an incredibly popular choice in many homes across the country. This is partially because many people still live in homes built during this period, which seamlessly accommodate these pieces into their layouts. 

It’s also because this is an iconic style of design that far outlasts any specific era. It uses natural materials, engaging textiles, and vivid colors while simultaneously being shaped with clean lines to feel as current as ever. Today, mid-century modern furniture rarely stands alone, often being paired with more transitional, modern, and contemporary pieces to help showcase a diverse layering of styles.

Key Features of Mid-Century Interior Style

There are some notable characteristics that are unique to mid-century modern décor, most of which focus on the form and function of these designs rather than their embellishments. Here are some of the most significant features you’ll be able to spot in this era of furniture.

  • Clean Lines – Concentrating on geometric forms, these pieces often institute smooth and defined edges, using curved and rounded edges for a sophisticated feel.
  • Natural Materials – Definitive structures commonly include the intentional use of materials such as wood, glass, metal, vinyl, and, many times, a mix of multiple components to create an unmistakable look.
  • Organic Appeal – Along with a sleek design, these items aim to adapt to their surroundings in a way that feels organic. This means they seamlessly complement the home’s architecture and interior by making the space more functional.
  • Minimalist Aesthetic – Simplistic configurations lead to less bulky furnishings that are more maneuverable and less distracting.
  • Iconic Shapes – Because this type of interior décor originated from an art school, certain styles are credited to the specific designers who created them.

Striking Colors – Mid-century modern design has never been afraid to include bold colors into final products, allowing homeowners to express themselves in their own way.

Adapting Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Your Home

Mid-century modern furniture can be implemented in many types of homes, especially those built during that particular time period. Interior layouts that typically complement this décor feature open-floor concepts, allowing the form and function of each piece to stand out on its own. These styles often fit in well with natural elements, including plants, lighting, and even the materials of other items around the room. This can result in a refreshing use of textures and help accentuate the variety of colors and patterns throughout the room.

Here are some ways you can easily envision mid-century modern furnishings in your home.

Living Room

Your living room is meant to be a space for entertaining, relaxing, and a whole lot more. While you want this area to be comfortable and inviting, it is also a place where you can showcase your personality and allow for the central design theme in your home to shine. With mid-century sofas, coffee tables, entertainment centers, and other assorted pieces, you can incorporate a vibrant dynamic that mixes textures and materials that simultaneously feel naturally accommodating to the interior style you’ve curated.

The Louise Accent Chair is a great example of using gray Sherpa fabric in combination with a wood finish, and the curved armrests really define the era of this seating option.

Another intriguing item that embraces geometric shapes and sturdy composition is the Pure Modern End Table, which comes with a durable wood frame, glass top, and moonstone finish.

Dining Room

The dining area can tend to be a more formal space, but you can still achieve an organic feel by instituting clean lines and fluid shapes into the room. Many mid-century modern tables use wood in some fashion, and sometimes, the tabletop will be made of glass. The idea for these settings is to keep sleek silhouettes with visually appealing décor, which helps facilitate a more friendly atmosphere that feels organic instead of being too busy.

Take a look at the Dapper Round Counter Height Dining Table, which matches its dark wooden base with the acacia wood of the accompanying chairs. The glass tabletop and above-average height allow it to stand out, bringing a casual, yet sophisticated vibe to the space. The polyester fabric adds yet another layer to the texture of the set.

If you need more storage, the Proximity Sideboard can fit all of your cutlery, diningware, and glassware while contributing to the stylish aesthetic you’re going for. Comprised of solid rubberwood and complete with English dovetail drawers and black acrylic accents, this standout piece is sure to draw attention.


Since you spend each night in your bedroom, you want it to be an area that reflects a warm and cozy ambiance — however that looks and feels to you. Whether you’re searching for a bedframe, nightstand, dresser, or an entirely new bedroom set, mid-century furnishings can help your room appear less cluttered. By adding items that contribute to your style and personality, you can foster a look that’s different from anywhere else in your home.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your master bedroom, the Melbourne Canopy Bed, Dresser & Mirror is a fantastic set that prioritizes a brown coloration while offering a modern frame that sits low to the ground. The overhead canopy provides artistry to the overall structure.

This chestnut Cagney Nightstand also utilizes a classic wood finish and streamlined design, focusing on high-quality construction in the joints and hardware of the drawers to improve functionality.

Other Places Around the House

There are plenty of other areas around the house in which mid-century modern furniture can provide elegance, including home offices, entryways, and even the kitchen in open floor plans. The idea is for these items to aid the people in the rooms, but also contribute to the overall interior design of the space. These items often present with classic or modern flare, depending on the other décore in the room.

When considering lighting options, the Taliya Arc Floor Lamp shows how a simple yet artistic fixture can contribute to both the functionality and aesthetic of the room. Not only does it provide light, but it also exhibits a more organic shape, resembling a blossoming flower that also blends white glass with a champagne-colored metal base.

These Cena Nesting Tables are another perfect example of functional furniture items that have a diverse range of uses across the house. Whether you need to place drinks down in the living room, need a place for your tea in your reading nook, or want a side table next to your shoe closet, this set proves to be versatile to fit your objective.

If you’re on the hunt for the best mid-century modern décor items, look no further than Mor Furniture for Less. We pride ourselves on providing our valued customers with the best prices in town, and when you see our extensive selection by stopping by one of our showrooms in person or shopping online, you’ll see why so many people find the perfect furnishings for their homes with Mor.