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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Cushion Basics: How to Choose the Perfect Cushion Filling

Cushion Basics: How to Choose the Perfect Cushion Filling

When you’re looking for new furniture for your home, the first thing you probably pay attention to is style. Whether you’re looking for transitional furniture, mid-century décor or sleek contemporary looks, you may already know what size and style you’ve got in mind. What you may not know is what kind of cushion filling you like. Different cushion fillings are used to provide varying degrees of comfort and maintenance depending on the seat depth. All of those different cushions on the market give you choices, but too many options can be overwhelming!

Use this guide to learn more about choosing the right cushion filling from ultra-soft and plush to super-firm and durable.

Sink Into Soft Cushions

If you like falling onto a couch covered in seriously soft cushions, feather fill is an ideal option for you. Down feathers are an exceptional filling material, but they can be costly and often require more maintenance. Down alternatives are becoming more popular and they’re an excellent choice if you're allergic to down or want to avoid spending your whole budget on one piece of furniture. Low-density foam is another option and it tends to retain its shape better than feather-filled cushions. It’s also more durable and typically lasts longer in family settings.


Seek Support from a Firm Seat

A soft seat works for some, but a lot of people prefer more solid support. If you’re one of them, high-density foam cushions are a must-have. Resilient and durable enough to last 10 years or more, high-density foam cushions with a fiber wrap provide serious support. High-density foam is also a no-fuss option when it comes to maintenance since it retains its shape with ease.


Move to the Middle

If your idea of the perfect seat is neither too soft nor too firm, you’ve got a variety of options available to you. Spring down cushions made with a spring core and covered in foam are enticing to many buyers. For a slightly softer feel, feather batting is used to provide a little more comfort. Solid foam cushions with a medium density rating are also an excellent option since they’re durable and don't require regular maintenance. They’re also great for kid-friendly family rooms.


Find Your Fill, Love Your Sofa

Choosing the right fill type for sofa cushions isn’t rocket science. In fact, you’ve probably already figured out if you prefer soft, medium or firm cushions when you’re lounging.

Now you just need to find the look you want to match your cushion type so you can start relaxing in style!