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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Make the Most of Your Mattress: How to Choose the Right Mattress Foundation

Make the Most of Your Mattress: Choosing the Right Mattress Foundation

Your bed is the centerpiece of your master suite, and in the guest room, it’s the main visual focus of the whole space. While a comfortable mattress is a must-have, choosing the right foundation style is often a matter of looks.

With a variety of foundation styles available, it can be confusing to figure out what you like. Use this guide to learn more about the most common mattress foundation styles so you can pick the perfect option for your home.

Traditional Mattress Foundations

Utilizing a standard box spring, traditional mattress foundations provide elevation off the floor. While they tend to be more traditional in style, you can find beds that fit this mold that are transitional in nature if you want to add an updated touch to your room.
Standard box spring styles provide ample support and a look that’s very luxurious, though perhaps a bit less sleek than its more modern counterparts.

Platform Base Styles

Platform beds are contemporary in style and thus a go-to choice in modern homes. With a platform base bed, you’ll eliminate the need for a box spring altogether. This can make your room look sleek and keep costs down.
These beds tend to sit low to the ground, which some people prefer. Instead of a box spring you’ll get a slat-style system that provides support for you and your favorite mattress.

Low-Profile Styles

A low-profile bed bridges the gap between a traditional mattress foundation and a platform base style. Using a low-profile box spring, these beds typically sit right on the floor, making it easy to get in and out.
Consider a low-profile style if you’re going for a transitional or contemporary look for your home. They’re also great for popular mid-century styles.

Adjustable Base Options

Adjustable base beds are generally the most expensive, but if you want their unique functionality, there really is no alternative.

Adjustable base beds allow you to change the position of your mattress to help you get comfortable. Most models make it easy to adjust the incline of your bed to prop your feet up or read a book before you drift off to sleep.

Simple Frame and Box Spring Foundations

Looking to keep it simple? A simple frame and box spring foundation provides support and gives you a minimal, cost-effective setup. Metal frames are most common, but other styles are available as well.
Adding a decorative headboard can give you a more elegant look that’s very versatile and easy to alter as your tastes change.

Bunkie Boards

Called bunkie boards because of their common use for a low profile foundation for bunk beds, these low-profile foundations aren't strictly for double-decker beds.

They're short in stature but they provide stability and support for lower profile beds, but also are a great addition when you're adding a thicker mattress.

Shop for Your Favorite Mattress Foundation Style Today

Shop Mor Furniture today to find the mattress foundation style and bedroom look you love for your home. Whatever you choose, every style we sell provides ample support for a sound night of sleep.

Locate your look and you’ll be sleeping like a baby before you know it!