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Your home expresses your personal style to visitors, and Mor Furniture has you covered with a range of furniture styles – from glam to rustic – to help you show off your good taste. From couches and bedroom sets to stylish accent pieces like wall art and mirrors, our guide to furniture styles will keep you on-trend and on budget. Spruce up your home with these stylish looks today!

You do not necessarily have to purchase entirely new furniture if you want to switch up the style of your home. You can often change things up just by adding some new accent pieces. For example, a leather couch can fit into the decor scheme of nearly any furniture style with the right wall art, throws, and other decorative pieces.

Farmhouse Chic

If a rustic look feels cozy to you, look for furniture and accent pieces that take inspiration from rural architecture and farm life. Incorporate rustic materials like wood, rope, and galvanized metals.

With rustic wood finish, this bed is is the definition of farmhouse style.

This charming wall shelf transports you to a peaceful, quiet farm with its mix of natural wood and galvanized metal.

Modern Style

This furniture style is all about unadorned beauty. To achieve this look, aim for earth tones and natural materials, and avoid excessive decorations.

This earth-toned sofa and loveseat set is ultra-modern and ultra-comfy.

This neutral pouf is the perfect footrest, be it in the living room or a bedroom.

Mid-Century Cool

Mid-century modern style is based on the aesthetics of the mid-twentieth century. This style favors clean, simple lines and minimal embellishment. Juxtaposing contrasting materials is a defining feature, and furniture is designed for functionality.

Mix yourself a highball and have a seat on this sofa straight out of Mad Men!

This mid-century modern end table pairs perfectly with the Draper Sofa. And you'll need a place to rest your highball, right?

Industrial Style

The industrial look is all about no-frills – think a loft with exposed brick and uncovered ductwork. Choose materials that evoke the industrial age.

Even though the industrial look is all about functionality, you can still be comfortable. This beautiful leather sofa is designed for both form and function.

Evoke the industrial era with these cute gear bookends. The sleek, modern leather sofa contrasts with these vintage elements.

Glam Style

Glam is all about extravagance, opulence, glitz, and drama. Bring in luxury materials like fur, velvet, glass, and acrylic for maximum glam in your living room. Choose rich, saturated colors, and do not shy away from gold accents.

Nothing says glam quite like the glitz and glam of mirror and animal print embossed inlays paired with a fabulous built-in touch light.

This ottoman immediately ups the glam in any room and perfectly complementing living rooms and bedrooms alike.

This gold mirror brings the drama to glam up your space.

Costal Living

Any house can feel like a beach house with the right decor. These days coastal style is all about evoking the beach and coastal living in subtle ways. Incorporate materials that reflect nautical elements and colors that evoke the beach. Avoid decor that is too obvious or seems like it would be at home in a dated seafood restaurant.

The natural linen tone of this fabric screams summer.

The blue and white in this pouf remind us of ocean waves on a summer day.

Boho Vibes

This carefree and relaxed aesthetic is about a hodgepodge of eclectic items that convey unconventional living and a love of culture. Do not shy away from mixing bold, bright colors. Beads, tassels, and other elaborate design elements work well with this style.

This bold chair would look great in an eclectic, brightly colored boho room.

This pink pillow with tassels is the perfect accent for the Bennett Accent Chair.