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Home/Mattresses/Mattresses/Sherwood Quantum Edge Lux Firm Mattress, Full
Sherwood Quantum Edge Lux Firm,
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Sherwood Quantum Edge Lux Firm Mattress, Full



Don't forget to measure your space and all doorways, hallways and paths before ordering!

SKU #: 000414920

Forget fluffy clouds and marshmallow dreams because the Sherwood Quantum Edge Lux Firm Mattress, Full, isn’t your grandma’s mattress. This mattress represents a sleep oasis carved from the bedrock of unwavering support and cloaked in the velvet whisper of plush comfort. It’s where slumber isn’t just escape, but an expedition to new frontiers of rejuvenation. Feel your worries melt away as you descend into the luxuriously firm embrace of the Sherwood Quantum Edge Lux Firm Mattress, where the gentle caress of pressure relief meets the unyielding strength of a titanium spine. No more morning aches, just the satisfying click of your joints waking up to a world of possibility. Whether you’re a lone wolf or a cuddly koala, the independent coil symphony keeps your slumber undisturbed. Each coil dances to the rhythm of your unique form, ensuring you and your partner wake up feeling like you conquered the night, not each other.

Product Details:

• Compatible with adjustable foundations for ultimate customization.

• Luxurious firm comfort for pressure relief and optimal spinal alignment.

• Build from high-quality materials and expert construction for lasting comfort and support.

• Innovative edge support keeps you safely within your sleep zone.

• Independent coils for undisturbed slumber, solo or shared.

Sherwood Quantum Edge Lux Firm Mattress, Full
Bed Size: Full
Compatible w/ Adj Foundation: Yes
Depth (Inches): 74
Height (Inches): 14
Mattress Comfort Level: Medium Firm
Mattress Type: Spring
Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs): 750
Storage: No
Product Warranty: 10 YEAR
Weight (Lbs): 67
Width (Inches): 54
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