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Mor Furniture furniture for less
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Home/Mattresses/Pillows/Tempur-Pedic ProLo Pillow, Eastern King

Tempur-Pedic ProLo Pillow, Eastern King



Don't forget to measure your space and all doorways, hallways and paths before ordering!

SKU #: 466128397
If you have a smaller frame, a lower profile pillow may be better suited to your needs. The Tempur-Pedic ProLo Pillow, Eastern King supports most sleeping positions and adapts to the shape and weight of the sleeper’s head, neck, and shoulders. A soft exterior and memory foam interior ensures comfort even if you change your sleeping position.

Product Details:
• Low profile supports smaller frames
• Adaptable micro-cushions conform to the sleeper
• Soft exterior feels good next to your skin
Tempur-Pedic ProLo Pillow, Eastern King
Bed Size: Eastern King
Color: White
Storage: No
Weight (Lbs): 3.1
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