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Home/Mattresses/Mattresses/Sherwood Quantum Edge Extra Firm Mattress, Eastern King
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Sherwood Quantum Edge Extra Firm Mattress, Eastern King



Don't forget to measure your space and all doorways, hallways and paths before ordering!

SKU #: 594256880
For those who prefer a supportive, no-nonsense sleep experience, the Sherwood Quantum Edge Extra Firm Mattress, Eastern King is the ideal choice. Offering a firm foundation for a deeper sleep experience, this mattress is all about providing unwavering support for your back and spine. It features a dense, extra-firm comfort layer that minimizes sinking and keeps you comfortably aligned throughout the night. You can also bid farewell to backaches and morning stiffness as this mattress helps maintain proper spinal posture, reducing pressure points and promoting a restful, pain-free sleep.

The Sherwood Quantum Edge Extra Firm Mattress also offers advanced motion isolation and durability. No more being jolted awake by your sleep partner’s movements. The independent coil system effectively isolates motion, ensuring undisturbed sleep for both of you. Best of all, this mattress is constructed with high-quality materials and backed by a 10-year warranty, making it an ideal investment in your long-term sleep health.

• Mattress Comfort Level: Extra firm
• Sleeper Orientation: Back and stomach sleepers

Product Details:
• The Eastern King size offers ample space to stretch out and truly unwind.
• Ideal for individuals with back pain or discomfort who need proper spinal alignment.
• A breathable comfort layer promotes airflow and prevents overheating, keeping you at an ideal temperature for deep sleep.
• Easy-care, low-maintenance.
Sherwood Quantum Edge Extra Firm Mattress, Eastern King
Bed Size: Eastern King
Compatible w/ Adj Foundation: Yes
Depth (Inches): 79
Height (Inches): 13.5
Mattress Comfort Level: Extra Firm
Mattress Type: Spring
Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs): 1000
Storage: No
Product Warranty: 10 YEAR
Weight (Lbs): 104
Width (Inches): 76
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