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SleepMor 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Medium Mattress, Queen



Don't forget to measure your space and all doorways, hallways and paths before ordering!

SKU #: 782700188
Escape the nighttime heat and get ready to embrace deep slumber with the SleepMor 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Medium Mattress, Queen. This mattress is ideal for those who toss and turn through the night due to problems with temperature regulation. The innovative hybrid design combines the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam with the cooling breathability of gel and the supportive bounce of innerspring, creating a medium-firm haven for perfect rest.

Gel-infused memory foam actively draws away heat and moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable regardless of the season as you sink into 12 inches of plush comfort as multiple layers of premium memory foam gently conform to your body’s curves, alleviating pressure points and providing exquisite spinal alignment. Beneath the plush lies a supportive innerspring core that offers just the right amount of bounce and lift. This dynamic duo ensures proper spinal alignment and distributes your weight evenly for restful sleep throughout the night.

• Mattress Comfort Level: Medium
• Sleeper Orientation: Back, side, and stomach sleepers

Product Details:
• A soft top layer of memory foam conforms to your body, providing pressure relief.
• Features motion isolation technology for undisturbed sleep.
• High-quality materials and advanced cooling technology offer lasting comfort and freshness.
• Mlily Advanced Technology that helps improve the mattress’s airflow and cooling properties.
• Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant for a cleaner, healthier sleep environment.
SleepMor 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Medium Mattress, Queen
Bed Size: Queen
Color: Black
Compatible w/ Adj Foundation: Yes
Depth (Inches): 80
Height (Inches): 12
Material: hybrid
Mattress Comfort Level: Medium
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs): 300
Storage: No
Product Warranty: 10 years
Weight (Lbs): 79
Width (Inches): 60
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