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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/30 Coastal Bedroom Inspirational Pieces

30 Coastal Bedroom Inspirational Pieces

Looking for coastal bedroom furniture?

The coastal theme is hot right now, and the bedroom is a great room for trying out this theme. A nautical bedroom oasis is just what you need to give your home an update. If a luxury beach vacation is not feasible for you right now, then why not turn your bedroom into a glamorous beach resort?

Subtle Beach Vibes

When you imagine coastal decor, you might picture some kitschy throw pillows embroidered with anchors or shells, or maybe you think of the famous set of The Golden Girls. No hate to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, but the coastal theme has been updated since the girls were last chatting over cheesecake in their Miami abode. The beach theme can be très chic! If you peruse decor magazines or check out Instagram, you will see sophisticated takes on the coastal theme that approach this trend with more subtlety and style.

Beach Style from Coast to Coast

The coastal theme includes a wide variety of decor. A Cape Cod beach house might be understated with lots of shades of white and blue while a Hawaiian vacation home might take inspiration from the state's brightly colored tropical flowers with decor that incorporates bright, vibrant hues of pink, orange, and yellow. Both homes can be classified as a coastal or beach theme.

If you want to achieve a coastal look, not every piece has to scream "BEACH!" In fact, that approach can end up looking tacky. It's about finding quality pieces that work together to create a cohesive beach look.

The Coastal Color Palette and Materials

Shades of sea glass, beachy shades of blue, neutrals in white and beige, and pops of bright color in pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds all work well with a coastal theme. Use natural materials such as jute, rattan, and rope, and choose natural, billowy fabrics like linen.

As you pick furniture pieces, stick to more neutral colors and save the pops of bright color for accent pieces. Interior designers often favor white-washed wood for a coastal theme. However, even dark stained wood can evoke a dramatic tropical bungalow. You might choose furniture painted in shades of white, beige, gray, and blue. Even black could work, though you want to be sure that darker furniture does not make the room feel drab.

Bring in plenty of green plants, or if you do not have a green thumb, incorporate greenery through artwork.

Additionally, natural light is a key element to any coastal bedroom. If you already get good natural light in your bedroom, you are well on your way to achieving a beachy bedroom. Even if you do not have great lighting, you can work to create a room that reflects and makes good use of minimal natural lighting. Interior decorators suggest adding mirrors, angling furniture toward the window, painting walls in shades of light gray, and getting a light-colored rug to amplify the natural light in a room.

We have you covered with lots of coastal bedroom ideas that bring all the beach vibes.

30 Coastal Bedroom Inspirational Pieces

You deserve a beach bedroom haven that makes you feel like you are on a tropical island getaway. Let these 30 great coastal bedroom pieces inspire you to create your own beachy bedroom.

Bellamy Panel Bed w/ Storage in Gray, Queen

For a beautiful master bedroom retreat, start with this stunning bed. The gray hue is ideal for creating a bright and airy space full of coastal style. The drawers at the end of the bed provide you with extra storage to keep your space organized. Clutter is not beachy.

Pine Hill Canopy Bed in Oat, Queen

This dramatic canopy bed will make you feel like an island princess. Drape some sheer linen fabric through the canopy for an even more dramatic look. Finish the bed with linen sheets and a light blue coverlet.

Ruff Hewn Dresser in Gray

For a modern beach look, you cannot go wrong with the Ruff Hewn Dresser in Gray. The gray color is perfect for a nautical look. With six drawers, this dresser can store everything. Pair it with the Ruff Hewn Mirror in Gray to complete the look.

Ruff Hewn Mirror in Gray

A mirror is great for making the most of the light in your bedroom. The mirror reflects the natural light and makes the room feel brighter. It matches perfectly with the Ruff Hewn Dresser in Gray. Plus, it is the perfect spot for checking out how you look on your way out the door to your next shindig at the beach.

Calloway Dresser in White

For a classic beach look, you cannot go wrong with this white chest. Versatile and bright, you can style this chest to fit with a coastal theme. Many items in the Calloway collection are available in gray or espresso, which could also work in a nautical bedroom.

Calloway Mirror in White

If you have the Calloway Dresser in White, you need to get this mirror to go with it. Mirrors are the perfect addition to your nautical theme, and you can make sure you are looking great on your way out the door. Imagine the dresser and mirror together with a tasteful piece of coral displayed.

Stelsie Panel Bed in Gray, Queen

This simple but refined bed is a great addition to any understated, tasteful coastal bedroom. The muted gray panels are stunning and make this affordable bed look expensive. Be sure to include a pop of bright color with a few accent pillows.

Dewitt Wood Trays, Set of 2

Having coffee or breakfast in bed is no excuse to forget about coastal bedroom style. These wood trays are big on nautical style and are the perfect vessels for delivering that tropical fruit plate and french press along with the morning paper.

Catamaran Chair in Stone

If you want a chair in your bedroom for reading, meditation, or just draping last night's clothes (no judgment!), this chair delivers while keeping you on theme. To up the beach vibes, pair this chair with a sea-glass-colored throw.

Pine Hill Chest in Oat

The Pine Hill collection is very nautical. The oat-colored wood is a great neutral backdrop, which allows you to experiment and play with bright colors as you select the right accent pieces for your bedroom.

Ruff Hewn Panel Bed with Storage in Gray, Queen

This bed has a charming rustic quality thanks to its rich wood detailing. With two drawers for storage, the bed is as practical as it is beautiful. Available in Eastern King and California King sizes, too.

Anthony Nubby Pouf in Blue & White

Pair this nautical poof reminiscent of ocean waves with the Catamaran Chair in Stone for a seating area with coastal energy. This is the perfect spot for putting your feet up and taking in your beautiful bedroom decor.

Dimtrois Lanterns in Black, Set of 2

Place these lanterns on a nightstand or chest to instantly transport you to the coast. They are the perfect understated addition to your coastal bedroom decor.

Calloway Nightstand in White

The Calloway collection brings a classic beach look, and this nightstand is no exception. The nightstand is a great spot for your morning tropical smoothie.

Dyani Wall Art, Set of 4

Bringing in some plants is a great way to express a coastal theme, but you may not want to commit to keeping plants alive. Maybe your bedroom does not get adequate sunlight for plants. Regardless, this wall art will add some greenery to the space without the commitment.

Bellamy Dresser in Gray

The Bellamy collection in gray offers a range of beautifully crafted pieces in natural wood. The dresser can handle all of your storage needs with lots of space for your clothes and linens.

Pine Hill Dresser in Oat

This dresser offers the beauty of natural wood with ample storage for all your items. Pair it with the Pine Hill Mirror in Oat to complete your Pine Hill coastal bedroom set.

Pine Hill Mirror in Oat

Make the room brighter with this Pine Hill Mirror in Oat that coordinates with the dresser from the same line. The natural wood shade is perfectly beachy.

Devona Vases in Pink, Set of 2

When you need a pop of bright color in your coastal bedroom, choose this trendy set of pink vases. Place a flameless candle or some palm fronds in them to create a beautiful statement piece.

Bellamy 2 Door Nightstand in Gray

The irresistible craftsmanship of the Bellamy collection is on full display in this nightstand. Add it to your coastal bedroom for convenient storage next to your bed.

Sweed Valley Jute Pouf

Jute is a natural material that is big in coastal decor. If you want a seating area in your bedroom, this pouf is the perfect way to put your feet up in your beachy bedroom paradise.

Stelsie Nightstand in Gray

This muted piece evokes nature – think driftwood on the beach – and provides a neutral, elegant backdrop for more vibrant pieces of decor.

Pine Hill 7 Drawer Chest in Oat

This unique piece offers drawers and, when you slide the door across, storage compartments. If you do not have much closet space but want a storage solution that is big on beach style, this chest is for you.

Ruff Hewn Nightstand in Gray

For a clean, natural look, go with this nightstand. Get two for both sides of your Ruff Hewn Bed, and add some lamps with shades in light blue for a breathtaking nautical look.

Stelsie Chest in Gray

If you love the Stelsie collection – and why wouldn't you – but do not have much space, consider this elegant chest.

Donata Mirror

If you want to hang a mirror on your wall, you cannot go wrong with the Donata Mirror. The natural wood is on-trend and can brighten up any room.

Ruff Hewn Chest in Gray

This is yet another beautiful piece from the Ruff Hewn collection. This tall chest is perfect if you love the gray wood of this collection, but do not have the space for the dresser.

Stelsie Dresser in Gray

Ample storage and natural wood in gray shades make this piece a real looker. The gray dresser would look so elegant if you finished your coastal look with some Devona Vases in Pink.

Calloway Panel Bed in White, Queen

This bed would look great in the master suite of any beach house. Regardless of your coastal style, this versatile bed can help you complete any nautical bedroom look.

Bellamy Media Chest in Gray

Sometimes you have to watch movies or catch up on true crime documentaries in bed, and you have every right. Just don't skimp on style, and you do not have to with this beautifully crafted media chest.

Mor Furniture has all the decor you need to make your coastal bedroom ideas a reality. From bedroom furniture sets to rugs to wall art, we have everything you need to furnish the bedroom of your dreams.