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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/5 Types of Bed Frames & Styles for Every Design

5 Types of Bed Frames & Styles for Every Design

Choosing between the different types of bed frames is a highly personal and individualized experience. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your safe place. It's where you retreat to at the end of a busy day and where you lounge in comfort on lazy weekend mornings. Your bedroom sees it all–your smiles, tears, and even your favorite books and T.V. shows. That's why choosing furniture, such as your bed frame and style, is so important. You want it to reflect who you truly are and to put you at ease before a good night's rest.

There are countless options on the market when it comes to types of bed frames. From minimalist styles to royal and ornate, low profile to grand statement-making, there are a million ways to go with your choice. Bed frames have come a long way over the years, and it may surprise you to see all the unique options in stock.

At Mor Furniture for Less, we understand its important decision to choose the right bed for you. As the largest family-owned furniture chain on the West Coast, we've helped countless individuals and families to find the style that suits them best. We also know that just because you want to go big on style doesn't necessarily mean you want to break the bank. That's why we ensure the lowest prices in town with our Double the Difference Guarantee.

Keep reading to learn more about our top five favorite styles of bed frames, along with the various types of bed frames, to find your new piece of furniture today.

Styles of Bed Frames at Mor Furniture for Less

Mor Furniture for Less stocks five main styles of bed frames, but that doesn't mean you're limited on options to choose from. While each overarching style shares similarities, there are plenty of variations and details that make each selection stand out on its own.

Bella Panel Bed in White, CA King

Farmhouse Style Bed Frames

Farmhouse-style furniture and decor have been the reigning trend for quite some time. It focuses on rustic features that give off a feeling of warmth and comfort. The style calls for neutral colors and natural materials, such as noticeable wood grain. It's all about bringing some of the outside in. You'll see colors that range from gray to warm beige and maple to espresso browns.

The beautiful Bella Panel Bed featured above showcases a naturally-worn wood appearance crafted from pinewood. The three panels featured on the head and footboard are reminiscent of barn doors, with horizontal wooden slats. It's the perfect farmhouse-style bed frame to add to a modern space that calls for a crisp, clean feel.

panel bed frame in white

Glam Style Bed Frames

"Pretty," "fancy," and "extravagant" are just a few of the words that best describe glam-style furniture. The glam style focuses on more opulent details that add flair to your space. They appear elegant and sophisticated and never dull. Sparkle and shine are often the main features of glam furniture, and it's the perfect style bed frame if you're looking to make a statement.

Glam-style bed frames are a great way to show off for those who appreciate the finer things. The style also features a neutral color palette, with whites, silvers, and metallic blacks taking center stage. Glam style may include classic gold hardware or brilliant mirrored details and luxurious textures like tufted leather or upholstery. The style takes elements of the golden age of Hollywood in 1930s America and brings it into the here and now.

Calloway Bookcase Bed w/ Storage in Espresso, Queen

Modern and Contemporary Style Bed Frames

Modern and contemporary style furniture are similar, yet each features its own distinct qualities. Modern-style types of bed frames feature clean, sleek lines with lots of open space. There are minimal ornate details, making this style perfect for those looking for something a little more understated and practical.

Contemporary style furniture is all about comfort and function. Like modern-style bed frames, contemporary pieces feature open spaces and clean lines. However, you're more likely to see bold details such as unique shapes and geometric patterns. The two styles borrow key characteristics from each other, and you can't go wrong when bringing either into your room.

In these styles, you'll also find slight variations in each bed's general shape and feel. Canopy beds, sleigh beds, and arch panel beds all fall into the modern and contemporary vibe, giving you plenty of options when making a purchase.

The Calloway Bookcase Bed with Storage is an excellent example of modern and contemporary types of bed frames. You'll notice the straight lines combined with the open shelving above the headboard. Additionally, the footboard incorporates geometric details on the storage drawers. Practical, functional, and stylish, this bed frame checks all the boxes.

Sheridan Sleigh Bed in Brown, CA King

Traditional Style Bed Frames

Traditional style bed frames usually feature warm brown hues with significant attention to detail. You're likely to see elements such as crown molding, curvy wood carvings, turned feet, and rounded corners. It's timeless and classic, with a focus on product symmetry. Tradition-style furniture draws inspiration from the European Victorian period and provides a more formal air to your bedroom.

Similar to the glam style of furniture, traditional pieces love opulence. Yet, they steer away from its flashiness and instead provide a more regal and sturdy look. You'll find rich, deep colors and pieces that appear grand and heavy. If you're looking for a piece with upholstery, traditional-style bed frames will likely feature luxe materials such as classic brown leather.

The Sheridan Sleigh Bed in Brown encompasses this style with ease. Just because a bed frame is traditional in style doesn't mean it has to feel old, dusty, and dated. Instead, it makes a vibrant yet elegant statement. With the signature neutral color palette of traditional style furniture, this bed frame matches nearly every color palette in your existing space.

Bellamy Sleigh Bed w/ Storage in White, Queen

Transitional Style Bed Frames

Transitional style furniture is unique because it blends elements of many other styles. You'll notice bits of traditional, modern, and contemporary styles mixed into transitional pieces. It's the perfect way to mesh a classic with a modern appearance.

Less formal than traditional style bed frames and more focused on modern trends, the transitional style brings the best of all worlds into one. It's airy and relaxed and fit for more contemporary spaces as the pieces incorporate more of the sleek, straight lines seen in other styles. There's a variety of upholstery materials included in transitional style furniture and mixed textures, shapes, and patterns. Organic, neutral colors are the hallmark of this style.

The Bellamy Sleigh Bed with Storage is a lovely example of a transitional style bed frame. The headboard features a tufted linen upholstery that brings a natural feel into your room, while the clean lines along the base complement the more rounded headboard with ease.

Types of Bed Frames at Mor Furniture for Less

Once you identify the style of bed frame you're looking for, there's one more thing to consider. There are several different types of bed frames, which affect a few fundamental aspects like set-up, the need for additional accessories, and more.

Here are seven types of bed frames you'll find at Mor Furniture for Less, along with the benefits of each.

Blue Ridge Panel Bed in Rustic Gray, Eastern King

Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames are among the most popular types on the market today. Platform frames are elevated off the ground, yet not by much, and there's no need to add a box spring beneath the mattress. Place your bed directly on the platform and fall right to sleep in ultimate comfort.

This is the ideal type of bed frame for those who perform a firmer sleeping surface as there are no springs beneath the mattress. They have a more streamlined design, which helps your bedroom avoid looking cluttered or overcrowded. It's a low-profile type of bed frame that appears modern.

The Blue Ridge Panel Bed blends transitional and modern styles on a platform base. The wood construction is built to last, and the neutral color is sure to match the design scheme you already have.

Hayden Bunk Bed w/ Trundle in Espresso, Twin/Full

Trundle Bed Frames

Consider adding a trundle bed frame if you're furnishing a youth bedroom. There are two types of trundle bed frames; those that pull out for additional storage and those with an extra mattress for more sleep space. A trundle bed is excellent for kids' and teens' bedrooms as they help store toys, books, and more out of sight in a neat fashion.

Additionally, trundle beds with a pull-out mattress provide extra room for guests. Never worry about finding your children's friends a place for sleepover night again when you can simply extend the bottom trundle for a comfortable slumber.

The Hayden Bunk Bed with Storage Trundle is an excellent choice if you're limited on floor space but need the storage. The bunk bed style is great if you have two kids who share a bedroom or have a child who has friends sleepover often.

Sonora Sleigh Bed w/ Storage in Espresso, Queen

Sleigh Bed Frame

Sleigh bed frames are, as they sound, shaped like Santa's sleigh! Key features include high footboards and headboards and statement-making details and design. They tend to be on the heavier side, making them sturdy and sure to stand up to wear and tear.

This bed frame is ideal for a room with plenty of floor area and won't do well in a compact space due to its expansive and sprawling design. They complement rooms that feature more ornate, glam, or traditional decoration.

The Sonora Sleigh Bed with Storage has six drawers that provide plenty of room for storing out-of-season clothes, electronic chargers and cords, books, and more. The curved metal handles add an extra element of sophistication. There is no need for a box spring with this type of bed frame.

Melbourne Canopy Bed in Brown, CA King

Canopy Bed Frames

Canopy bed frames feature four rising posts on each corner of the bed that then connect well above the frame. They're famous for featuring drapery fit for royalty, but these days they can also lend to minimalist design. If you like to feel all tucked in when you're in bed, a canopy bed frame is right for you.

These bed frames aren't ideal for rooms with low ceiling clearance, but they're an excellent option if you have vaulted ceilings. When you leave the posts bare, it creates an open and airy feel in your bedroom.

The Melbourne Canopy Bed fits contemporary spaces, and you can add privacy curtains or leave the frame as-is, and there is no box spring required with this bed frame.

Veronica Daybed w/ Trundle in Gray, Twin

Day Bed Frames

Daybed frames generally suit twin or full-sized mattresses only. They're the perfect option for spaces that serve multiple purposes as they transform from a sofa by day to a bed by night. These types of bed frames are also suitable for compact spaces, such as studio apartments where you may not have a dedicated sleep and living room.

They're also perfect for areas such as a home office, allowing you to quickly transform the space into a guest bedroom when friends or family stay over. Kid's rooms are also great spaces to place a day bed, giving your child a play and chill space during waking hours before transforming into a cozy sleep space when it's time for bed.

The Veronica Daybed in Gray is part of the Mor Furniture for Less youth collection. It's modern and versatile, with style and function. It even comes with a trundle to pull out an additional sleep space for those weekend sleepovers. It's another platform bed with no need for a box spring.

Duo Linen Adjustable Foundation Bed in Natural, CA King

Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable bed frames are among the most unique types of bed frames. They allow you to control the position of the head, mid, and bottom section of the mattress in a way that's most comfortable for you at any given time. Raise the headpiece to provide extra support as you binge your favorite shows, or lay the mattress flat when you go to sleep.

These bed frames fit well in modern spaces and are great for those with back or joint problems as they allow complete customization.

The Duo Linen Adjustable Foundation Bed has a wireless remote for easy positioning and a low platform style.

Mlily M102 Adjustable Foundation, Full

Box Spring Frames

While many modern beds feature a platform-style frame, many still use the classic box spring style. Beds of any style may require a box spring, which is an important question when making a purchase.

A box spring fits within the wooden frame of a bed, acting as a base for your mattress. If you prefer beds with a little more "give" and less firmness, consider opting for a bed frame that requires a box spring, such as the Milly 102 Adjustable Foundation.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

Mor Furniture for Less has SleepMor experts on staff to help you find the bed of your dreams. No matter what style or type of bed frame you're looking for, you'll find it all right here. Browse our selection online or come into a showroom today and bring home the new bed you've been looking for.

Ask about our SafeGuard protection plans that provide additional coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty, and shop with total peace of mind knowing our exclusive Double the Difference Guarantee.