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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/6 Easy Ways to Improve Interior Décor

6 Easy Ways to Improve Interior Décor

Looking for interior design tips?

You want to create a living space that reflects your preferences, personality, and experiences. That sounds easy enough, but as you tackle designing your room, it can be overwhelming. Get practical tips that will help you think like an interior designer and create a space you take pride in. Whether you need to furnish an entire home, update a room, or want some inspiration for a quick refresh to your apartment, we have six interior design ideas to get you started.

1. Know What Is Not Your Style

Figuring out what you do like can be difficult. It is much easier for most people to start with what they do not like. Eliminating options will help you narrow down what you like and make the interior design feel less intimidating. Perhaps there's a color or type of furniture that evokes bad memories for you, or maybe you just think a particular decor style is ugly. That's okay. It is all part of defining your tastes and interior design style.

2. Figure Out Your Style

How do you want your space to feel? Try to think of a list of adjectives that best describe the decor you like. Formal? Elegant? Trendy? Casual? Modern? Fun? Functional? Let your list guide you as you select furniture and decor.

Another tactic is to think of a space that inspires you. Think back to any stylish places you may have visited. Perhaps there was a glitzy hotel or trendy restaurant that can serve as design inspiration. You can also check out Instagram, blogs, magazines, and books on interior design to get creative.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you probably already know what you like. You can try to translate your personal style to your home. Just take a look at your closet for inspiration for the rooms in your place. What adjectives would you use to describe your look? Is your clothing comfortable and loose, or do you go for a more fitted look? What colors and patterns do you like best?

3. Select the Right Furniture Pieces for Your Space

Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Too often, people do not consider the size of their space. Using too large or too small furniture for your space can significantly impact how the space feels. Having a big sectional in an apartment living room or a king-size bed in a cramped bedroom can be functional, but big furniture pieces are not the correct scale for a small space and will always feel "off." You need adequate negative space or the space between two pieces of furniture to make a room feel bright and airy. If you have large furniture that does not fit your space, consider selling your furniture or putting it in storage.

Big spaces can pose just as much of a challenge as smaller spaces. For larger rooms, you can section spaces by creating different activity zones. You could establish a seating area for games and conversation, another for viewing television, and another for work.

Consider your storage needs as you plan the space, too. Storage is a necessary concern. The right storage can help you keep your space uncluttered. The right ottoman or coffee table with storage can pull double duty by looking great and serving a function.

4. Sample Your Paint

Picking a color palette for your home starts with paint selection. You can certainly pick different colors for the rooms in your home, but you do not want a disjointed feel between the rooms. Think about paint colors that work well to create a pleasant feeling in your home. Color can impact your mood, so think carefully about your choice.

Get some paint samples to try rather than immediately committing to a specific color at the paint store. What looks good in the paint store may not necessarily look right in your home. You will not know for sure until you see some sample paint on your wall. Give yourself time to view the sample paint in different lighting at different times of the day. The outside surroundings can impact the quality and color of light that you get in your home, which is why paint that looks great in your friend's house may not translate to your home. Even from room to room, the light can be different, so it is not a bad idea to try out sample paints in every room you will be painting, even if you plan to use the same color.

If you want to incorporate a fun design trend into your home, consider hiring a local artist to paint a mural wall. Ocean hues are also on-trend right now.

5. Everything Does Not Have to Be Expensive

You might feel like a beautifully designed interior must use only pricy furniture and decor. Actually, that approach can result in a look that feels soulless and lacks a personal touch. Blending objects together from different price points is a great way to achieve a meaningful look. Often the items that we feel most attached to are inexpensive and have value to us for emotional reasons. Surrounding yourself with decorative items with soul and meaning will help personalize the space and make you feel at home.

6. Start with Flooring

When it comes time to start making decisions for your interior design, start with your flooring. Flooring sets the stage for your furniture selections. You might consider practical concerns as you select the flooring but consider the aesthetics, too. Hardwood floors, for example, may not work as well as other flooring types if you want to create an industrial design aesthetic. Still, they are an ideal choice if you're going to make a home with French country style. If you have not yet picked an aesthetic for your home or like to change your home's decor frequently, opt for neutral flooring. That way, you have more options when it comes time to select furnishings.

You may want to get your home furnished as quickly as possible, but it is best if you can take your time and make decisions in stages. Think about furnishing your home in layers, starting with flooring and rugs. Based on those choices, you can proceed to decide on actual furniture that complements the flooring. Then you might begin looking for decor that puts the finishing touches on your new space. Making all the design decisions at once can be overwhelming, and often you will start to feel decision fatigue. You might make choices simply because you want to rush to get it over with, but that is more likely to result in a room that does not have a cohesive feel. Taking your time will result in a room with a unified look.

Mor Furniture is here to keep you on-trend and on budget, with all the furniture and decor you need to keep your home looking stylish. We take inspiration from the latest design trends, from table to accent pieces, and offer them to you at unbeatable prices because we want your home to look great.