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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/8 Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

8 Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

Modern living room furniture can elevate your space while reflecting your current taste and style. If you're taking an inventory of your living room furniture and think that you want to give the room a modern makeover that rivals those seen on home television channels, look no further.

Mor Furniture for Less offers a wide variety of modern furniture, from bold accent chairs to elegant tabletop decor, lighting, coffee tables, and large feature pieces like sectionals and loveseats. Shopping for modern living room furniture doesn't have to be complicated or confusing.

You may be wondering what the newest trends in the interior design world are so that you can create a living room that makes a statement. With a few things in mind, you can easily furnish and decorate a space that's sure to wow friends and family while remaining comfortable and functional.

What Is Modern Style

When you hear the term "modern style" regarding interior design, it has a particular meaning. There are key components to decorating, including choosing the right color palette, incorporating pieces with straight and sleek lines, and using lots of natural elements and lighting.

While there are countless micro-styles and trends that pop up every few years, these can be fleeting. It can be frustrating to decorate your home with the very latest "it" look just for it to go out of style in two or three years. Instead, modern style focuses on overarching trends that remain timeless without losing that updated feel.

Modern interior design style shies away from the ornate, formal elements of the past. It focuses more on minimalism and simplicity and has been the decorating theme of choice since the mid-20th century. However, that doesn't mean it looks outdated. Instead, modern living room furniture looks classy, cohesive, and welcoming.

Here are X ways to modernize your living room today.

8 Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

Whether you're re-doing the entire living room or are looking to replace a few key pieces, you can bring in a modern design with any furniture or decor item you choose. With a few simple upgrades, your living room can look like the ones in the magazines.

1. Consider Your Existing Furniture

With modern interior design, less is more. Take a look at your current living room furniture and decor and decide which pieces you need to replace. Perhaps your leather couch is beginning to crack, or maybe you still have that old TV console from your first apartment.

Cleanse your living room by getting rid of these old pieces that don't meet your family's needs or taste anymore. That old chair that you just haven't been able to part with? Now is the time.

Once you identify which pieces you plan to keep and which you wish to donate or throw away, you can begin re-vamping your space.

2. Pick the Right Color Palette

Modern interior design is all about monochromatic color palettes that evoke emotion. You can go deep with dark greens and blues or keep it light with cool grays and beige. First, pick your base color, which should comprise about 60% of the items in your living room.

These items include wall paint, window coverings, area rugs, and furniture. For example, if you choose gray as your primary color, you can paint the walls in a lighter shade and bring in darker gray or black furniture pieces and decor to provide a sharp contrast while sticking to the palette.

3. Go for Sleek, Straight Lines

Rounded lines are out, and straight lines are very in. That means you may have to relocate your family's decades-old armoire or change out that over-stuffed plush couch. Instead, focus on living room furniture that accentuates your decor with a minimalist style.

You can still get all the drawers, shelving, and storage space you need with a large media console, and it will look much more modern than older, more rounded pieces. Additionally, look at the details on the furniture pieces you're considering. Modern pieces are likely to feature simple geometric patterns and designs as accents instead of the extravagant curvy designs of the past.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Mix Textures

One of the biggest takeaways from modern decorating trends is that mixing textures is entirely okay and encouraged. Instead of focusing on furniture sets that are all leather or upholstery, think about your overall vision for the room and center your choices around that.

These days, mixing leather and upholstered furniture is very in. Similarly, you can choose accent pieces like embellished throw pillows, glass tabletops, and mixed-medium pieces to incorporate many different textures.

The key here is to stick to the same color palette and bring in complementary textures. Soft suede may pair well with fuzzy pillows. Or, a table constructed with industrial metal and natural wood will do the trick.

5. Think Natural

Natural patterns, materials, and lighting are a large part of the modern decorating process. This includes natural wood grain on furniture, elements such as rope and twine accents, and plenty of natural lighting. If you're into the natural wood grain but classic tan or brown doesn't match your color scheme, go for a pigmented piece that still allows the grain to show through.

Choose window coverings that allow light through during the day or ones that are easy to tie back. If your room lacks natural light during the day, consider adding a wall-mounted mirror to make the most of what you have. Mirrors are an excellent way to make a room look brighter, larger, and more natural as they reflect light and make everything seem a little airier.

Add houseplants to the space and art that features nature to bring even more of the outside in.

6. Add Bold Accents

Minimalist and simplistic don't have to mean boring. You can still choose bold pieces that stand out while keeping with the modern interior design style. Use this opportunity to bring in a pop of color, which should make up approximately 10% of the total color in the room.

You can choose as bold an accent color as you like. Consider a deep midnight black if you want to stay neutral while still adding flair to the space. Or, take it to the max and pick bright reds, greens, or blues. Use this pop color for accent furniture, such as chairs, or decor items like wall art.

7. Choose the Right Decor Items

Room decor includes everything from picture frames to wall art, area rugs to end table accents, and everything in-between. The more minor details of the space make it a true personal reflection of who you are as a person and the things you love.

When looking for modern decor pieces, follow all the same rules as when choosing furniture. Sleek, within your color palette, incorporating natural elements and textures and mixed mediums.

This step can be as easy as updating your family photo frames to match the room's vibe or swapping out that worn-out area rug with one that features a bold and abstract design. Or, you can buy more significant pieces such as tabletop statues, decorative candle holders to display on the mantle, and more.

8. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Choosing the right modern living room furniture and decor will be ineffective if the space still looks cluttered and cramped. Now is the time to declutter everything. Throw out old piles of magazines, put away the items accumulating in areas that are not their home, and find storage solutions that help keep everyday things neatly in their place. No matter how much stuff you have, there are living room storage options to help you manage it all.

Look for pieces that have extra drawers, such as coffee tables and end tables. Or media consoles with built-in shelving that provide plenty of space to display the things you care about the most. For sofas and sectionals, pieces with center consoles are ideal for keeping remotes and extra electronic cords out of sight yet easy to reach.

Modernize Your Living Room Today

Upgrade the most-loved room in your home with modern living room furniture today. The living room is where you gather with company, have a family movie night, and relax after a long day. It should reflect who you are now, your family's needs, and a style you love.

An added value is that if you're looking to put your home on the market soon, a modern look is more likely to appeal to buyers. The clean, crisp feel of contemporary living room furniture makes everyone feel right at home.

For the very best furniture, including complete living room sets and individual pieces to complete a look, shop Mor Furniture for Less today. With our Double the Different Guarantee, you can be sure you're getting the best prices without sacrificing quality.